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  1. This is Hilariously Awesome!!!!!!! Go Donny!!! you rock!!!
  2. Hey i am in the middle of doing my check list i need done... and i have the last of all the appointments scheduled this week and next week.... but the only thing i am confussed about is the last check list which ask "Letter Of Support from your family MD." Now is this the same as a referral request? she did write me a referral reguest to another surgeons office but those surgeons no longer take medicaid so they told me to call this other hospital close by and i have been working with them ever sense. so they said they need the check list to send into the insurance company. so will this referral request do as a letter of support and also work with another hospital name on it? i mean the insurance can see that obviously my pcp wanted me to get surgery done with a referral request.
  3. Oh..... My pcp is like pulling out teeth to get her to send me info and stuff.... very frustraiting!... I will call up there tomrrow and see what I can do. ughhhhhhh Thanks for your respone that helped me out alot!!!
  4. AnnaBanana

    Nervous - I Begin My Pre-Op Diet Today

    You can do this girl!!!!!
  5. I just had my sleep study done last week and I got my results back and they diagnos to me with severe sleep apnea. I went 53 seconds without breathing at one point. Anyways so my question was for anyone that has had severe sleep apnea would your surgeon perform surgery on you to get the sleeve or no or were they to scared too?
  6. AnnaBanana

    Just Got Approved By Bcbs Of Texas

    Congrats to you too! Lol
  7. AnnaBanana

    Just Got Approved By Bcbs Of Texas

    Congrats!!!!! How many days did it take to get approved?
  8. Lmao I laughed soooooo hard on this comment. I KNOW Exactly what you mean!!! ♡
  9. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    This is my xbox360 gammer pic I made for my facebook wall. lol This is showing me as i am all sweet and nice but when i am playing my Call Of Duty Game this is my GAME FACE!!! Rawr lol
  11. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    ugly fat photo of me just trying to show everyone how much weight i have/need to lose.
  12. AnnaBanana

    3 Months. 60 Lbs ( Pic)

    awe, That is sooo awesome... You look Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going your a knock out. I know i will need a tummy tuck after i get surgery and lose weight. you look like your belly went flat!!
  13. AnnaBanana

    Old pants

    I know you dont know me lol But i wanted to tell you that you are looking fantastic!!!!
  14. AnnaBanana

    My Family.

    Pictures of myself and my husband and my 3 kids. :)
  15. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    my sweet darling Abigail.
  16. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    my 2 boys hamming it up for the cam. lol
  17. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    this is me and a friend at my sisters wedding.
  18. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    yuck, lol
  19. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    Myself trying to look pretty.
  20. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    My Twin sister Aimee... (YES TWIN) lol
  21. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

  22. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    my little family,
  23. AnnaBanana


    From the album: My Family.

    My handsome country Hubby Kevin

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