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    cbowman reacted to cynthia boykin in Sleeved March 27   
    Hi, having a great recovery. I had my procedure done at Kaiser. Gained about 8 lbs post op, a little head hunger and minimal pain. Wishing all my sleeved buddies a good journey too.????????????
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    cbowman reacted to LaKimmie in Post op march sleevers   
    Yikes. It finally happened. I took the one bite too many and ended up throwing up.
    I KNEW when I ate the last bite when I was hurting I was making a mistake and I did it anyway. HUGE mistake.
    Lesson learned.
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    cbowman reacted to BigDogVSG in Post op march sleevers   
    Hello, fellow March Sleevers-
    I was sleeved on March 11th, two weeks ago today. I thought I would post and tell you that this morning was the first day since the surgery that I woke up feeling something close to normal. Even last night I had some bubbling and frothing that I haven't had since the day after surgery, but finally I feel like I'm getting clear of the body aches and the whole post-surgical blah. Maybe I'm also pretty excited about transitioning in one week from high-protein liquids to something closer to real food like a soft-boiled egg. I am pretty sick of Protein shakes! Anyway, I've lost 20 pounds since the surgery, and 34 pounds since the decision to do it, and I'm excited for both scale and Non-Scale victories. I'm just so glad that a day has come where I don't feel like yesterday's garbage. Light at the end of the post-op tunnel!
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    cbowman reacted to kimkai75 in Any March Sleevers?   
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    cbowman reacted to PeacockMama in Any March Sleevers?   
    I think there is a part of our brain, maybe subconscious or maybe you are aware of it...I think we get surgery and expect to wake up skinny in the next week. We focus on the numbers bc we expect to be losing in huge chunks every few days. After all, we DID get our stomachs cut out. Its discouraging to not see the scale moving as fast as we thought. Im not losing as fast as I thought I would...but I know that every little bit adds up, esp over say a 6 month period. It took me YEARS to get this big...so if I can un-do in months what I did in years I will be happy. We all need to keep the BIG PICTURE in mind. 6 months is NOTHING in the scheme of life, and when it comes we will all be totally different people. Just hang in there, stay off the scale so much, and do what you're supposd to be doing. It WILL happen. How could it not???
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    cbowman reacted to kimkai75 in Any March Sleevers?   
    Wow people are really focused on numbers....is this a race???? IJS....Just do what you need to do and let it happen....
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    cbowman reacted to caglefan69 in Any March Sleevers?   
    Well I think what we have to keep in mind is that people who have more weight to lose will lose weight faster. The closer they get to goal the slower it will come off. So unless you are the same weight, age, and gender you should expect things to be different. And even if you are, things will still be different. We are individuals and that's what makes us beautiful and unique. Embrace YOU. This is YOUR journey to a healthier you and you are doing GREAT!!
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    cbowman reacted to onelessfatgirl in Any March Sleevers?   
    Hey all! I've lurked and liked a lot but haven't posted in a while. I was successfully sleeved Tues 3/12.
    I went home the next day. I have been doing great! The first few days was pretty routine : wake up, use my "breathing game" as my boys call it, walk around my house at least 15 minutes (I worked in loads more to include light chores and lifting 3lb weights), sip on my Water the whole while, take more psin meds, sleep for a few hours, repete. By the weekend I was awake more, moving more, and drinking more including my Protein.
    Yesterday I went a full day with out pain meds. And today I drove! I took myself to the store so I could buy some things for the pureed stage. I also met my friend for "lunch" and got a few things for Easter. I'm having my one week follow up now (in the waiting room). And boy am I glad because the incision sites are getting itchy! No other symptoms though so I think I may be allergic to the strips.
    Anyhow, I know there's a lot of anxiety and excitement that goes along with this surgery. Especially in light of the tragic passing of lifesaveremt. But let me just say this, we all know there are risks. Shoot one could die from a blood clot that broke free while flying. Everyday we live there is risk. Everyday we are dying. For me, it's a matter of how can I live the fullest life possible in whatever time I have. Despite my best efforts there were lots of things that my "fat self" prohibited me from doing. I have been on a mission to break away from the chains that hold/held me back.
    I started my pre op liquid diet at 258.6. Today I weigh 235.1.
    This will take work and it involves risks but to have much you must risk much...nothing ventured nothing gained. There so much I want to gain....
    My health back
    The ability to run, jump, bend, etc without knee pain
    Confidence in myself and so I mo longer feel ashamed for looking this way
    The ability and desire to go dancing, shopping, traveling, etc with my friends and family
    What's in it for you? What are you going to gain?
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    cbowman reacted to angelaet in Any March Sleevers?   
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    cbowman reacted to newgrandmother in Not where i want to be, but damn i look good   
    this dress fit like a to little shirt before the surgery. now look at me i wore it out last night and danced in it all night long. :wub:

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    cbowman reacted to PEvette in Stuggling, need help with head hunger!   
    Hi, I had someone suggest to me before, but its difficult for me to eat small meals during the day, because I'm a teacher and my planning period isnt until 11:45am....so I have to go from 7:45am to 11:45am just drinking.....and drinking just goes straight through me....I'm now trying to keep turkey Jerky at my desk, but now I think I will keep nuts now.....I need things easy to get to, sneak and munch on without refrigeration....
    life of a teacher
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    cbowman got a reaction from UPRR Wifey in At the ER   
    Prayers sent.....In the name of Jesus!!!
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    cbowman reacted to sungbyrd in My Texas Sleevers   
    Cedar hill...had my sleeve June 27th by Dr Michael Greene.
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    cbowman reacted to BigFatLoser in I just farted.   
    It was glorious.
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    cbowman reacted to amytug in Hungry   
    I am tired of reading about how hunger is just in our head. I appreciate you on the boards Amazon, but sometimes ya gotta let others be different than you.
    Some wake up from surgery and are never hungry again. Some are hungry after a year or two. Some are starving a week into it.
    I'm going to say that (for now) I'm stinkin hungry. It could be acid but I've been on this Dang antacid for 5 or so days now and I'm really not noticing much of a difference. This feeling comes and goes just like hunger did before. I'm pretty sore I've read that it can take a month or so for all or the grehlin hormone to leave our bodies as well.
    I just hate seeing newbies come here saying they are hungry only to be shot down. It's true that some people REALLY ARE hungry after sirgery.
    (Hugs for the hungries)
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    cbowman reacted to NikkiV1986 in RIP livesaveremt   
    I'm not really sure if I should post this; for the most part this site is positive and offers great support for those of us that need it.
    Many people on this site have made connections and have talked away from the forum. I am definitely one of them.
    With a heavy heart I'm sad to announce that someone that has become a great friend in a short amount if time, livesaveremt, passed away Monday. He had his surgery at the end of February. So far, they are saying he had a blood clot (a known complication from the surgery) that traveled up into his heart and lungs.
    Fred, you were a great guy and will be missed. You were always a positive support system and a rock to lean on.
    God Speed. We'll take it from here.....
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    cbowman reacted to dixiejuju in Had surgery on Monday and starving!   
    So I had surgery on Tuesday, March 12th, and this is post-op day #4. I am hungry too. Like my stomach feels empty. I didn't have any feeling to eat the first few days. Yesterday I started feeling hungry and it has been really bad today. Anyone know why??
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    cbowman reacted to heavensray in Any March Sleevers?   
    My procedure was yesterday and I'm glad to now be on the post-op side.. I'm still experiencing soarness, gas pains and nausea although it is much better than yesterday.. I've been moving a lot, whether its swithing sides in bed or walking around the floor. Hopefully I'll be going home this evening! Please, keep me in your prayers!
    Good luck to all other 3/15 sleevers.. I hope you all are feeling better than I
    have at certain points today!
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    cbowman reacted to DestinyIsWaiting in Any March Sleevers?   
    Ok y'all... I am beaming with excitement!!!! Just got my surgery date for March 28th!!!! Woot woot!!!
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    cbowman reacted to newat52 in Any March Sleevers?   
    Good luck to all of you tomorrow! I will be one week post op tomorrow and I have to say the relief of having it done and looking forward to the future and even the healing is SO much easier than the anticipation of the surgery it's self!
    Speedy recovery!
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    cbowman reacted to ginamaria in 1 day post-op   
    I am 2 days post op, going home today. Pain is tolerable today, was much worse than I had been yd would be but the worst is over now!
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    cbowman got a reaction from It'sNowOrNever in Post op march sleevers   
    I was sleeved on March 12th, that was my hardest day for pain. Each day gets better and better. Some gas but walking helps. If I had to do it all over again, I would. I lost 12 pound and gained 2 back therefore Im staying off the scale.< /p>
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    cbowman reacted to newat52 in Any March Sleevers?   
    Best wishes to all of you getting sleeved this week of March 11th!
    Speedy recovery and safe travels for those traveling!
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    cbowman reacted to jilliemay in Any March Sleevers?   
    I am enjoying reading all these messages, especially those who were recently sleeved. It helps me to hear the details and various opinions of what post-op feels like. Does anyone actually feel hunger? Or is it just emotional cravings?
    Welcome back to all & i'm still laughing about Leo's sexy body comment!
    I am on pre-op diet now. Lost 3.5 pds in 2 days, which amazes me. Surgery is 3/13. I am a bit scared. Not so much about what could go wrong, or the pain. I'm scared about the unknown. I don't know what it will feel like to try to swallow anything. Will it hurt? I know i will miss chugging cold Water when I'm thirsty. Will there ever be a day when we can swallow more than a sip?
    Okay, this is long enough. You are all in my prayers.
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    cbowman reacted to PeacockMama in Any March Sleevers?   
    Ayla there's a secret group on fb for only female sleevers in their 20s. If you want to join, message me your fb username and I will tell the admin to add you.
    So, I've been on my high protein/low carb diet since the 1st. I lost like 5 pounds but now I've gained hoping the weight gain is no indication of my liver not shrinking. Please please please let my insides be good for surgery Tuesday!!

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