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  1. Thanks for asking! I got to my surgeon and he said an abundance of scar tissue built up on my main incision site! I ended up getting 5 shots in and around the site! Still feel some pulling but the pain is now minimal! Yay
  2. The last few days ive been having severe pain in my main incision site! I'm 5 months out and haven't had a pain there before, but it started coming an going but it's so severe I double over. Has anyone experienced this before? I thought they were healed by now! Please help
  3. Jessielynn

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    Happy anniversary nov 5 th sleevers!!! My preop weight was 240 I am currently 188 and in a stall, but very happy with my sleeve! Oh and my hair is falling out like crazy!!!! Kinda getting concerned, but I knew coming into this, it would happen! Lol How is everyone doing???
  4. Jessielynn

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Everyone is looking great! I am finally in onederland ...whoo.hooo I am at 193 with a starting weight of 240! This is the best thing I ever did! If I new how to post a pic from my iPad I would;)
  5. Jessielynn

    Local Y, or Curves?

    I did curves for a few months and never lost any weight! Lol, I feel like I'm getting a much better workout at the gym! Just my opinion
  6. Jessielynn

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    We are not to far apart:) I was sleeved 11-5 at 240 and today I weigh 199;) I do kickboxing every day for an hour. I hope to look as good as you at your weight;)
  7. Jessielynn

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    You look awesome! When we're you sleeved, what are your stats? do u do much excersizing?
  8. I am 5-5 and my goal is 150! Yes this is probably a higher weight for my height but I chose this goal because I don't EVER remember weighing that much! I'm sure it will change as I get closer but that's my reasoning! Oh and by the way, lol, I've had many goals leading up to that weight, my very first goal was to weigh less than my husband, that was a glorious victory;)
  9. Jessielynn

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    I was sleeved nov5th;) Day of surgery 240 January2013...204 Total loss of 36 lbs Onederland is so close! I've been here for a couple weeks so I'm dying for a big loss
  10. You can also get them at SAMs club!
  11. Jessielynn

    How often?

    I went to Maurice's this weakend and they were having75% off there clearance! I got 2 pair of jeans and 2 shirts for $22.00! Might want to check it out! Oh and I bought from the non plus side.....yippee;)
  12. Jessielynn

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    I loved it....hehe I was wondering what it looked like;)
  13. Jessielynn

    November 5Th Sleevers?

    I'm down 40 lbs and went from a size 20 to wearing 14s yesterday! Woohoo I'm working out hard core and constantly so wondering if maybe wight has slowed cause I'm building muscles( that I did not know I had..hehe)

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