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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. FoxyRoxy

    loosing to fast?

    Had my surgery oct 2012 was 293 down to 160 my vitamin d is low but other than that everything get no longer need my diabetes med listen to your body and make sure you are getting your protein my weight loss has slowed now
  2. My same surgeon that preformed my sleeve removed my gall bladder 6 months post sleeve lapro not open go to another surgeon that knows what the sleeve consists of
  3. FoxyRoxy

    October Sleevers!

    Thanks still more to go but not sure what I want my goal to be just grateful for where I am today
  4. FoxyRoxy

    October Sleevers!

    Hw 293 Sw 280 Cw 171 Down 122 pds Dos Oct 1
  5. Dos Oct 1 Hw 293 Sw 280 Current 175 Just had my gall bladder removed today so far doing good at home resting Yolo
  6. FoxyRoxy

    Pain on the right side

    Gall bladder is right side Yolo
  7. FoxyRoxy

    White light scan

    Yes by email Yolo
  8. Anyone else have this? They do a scan of your body and turns into a 3-D image on the computer. I had one before surgery and one this week at my six month check up they put the images in top of each other so u can see your progress I will continue to get these till 18 months post op its a great way to really see the difference and give all your measurements head to toe Ask your Dr. about it. Yolo
  9. Congratulations awesome work Yolo
  10. Reached six months on the 1st had my appointment with surgeon today HW 293 DOS 280 CW 184 BMI 31 under 30 is just overweight I am 5'4 Yolo
  11. How did u get it covered did u need any documentation of rashes etc. Yolo
  12. Highest weight 293 Date of surgery oct.1 280 Current 199 Finally in onederland Total loss 94 Yolo
  13. I am 4 1/2 months out and have a bug was wondering if i can take like anti diarrhea medicine and what about sinuses what meds r ok? Yolo
  14. HW 293 SW 280 CW 201 surgery Oct 1 Almost to onederland Yolo