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  1. 18 months post-op and I'm loving the healthy new me! had a blast at the park today with my munchkin and even made it across the monkey bars a few times!

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    Post-Op Progress

    Random pics from various times post-op
  4. The simple answer is.. yup! The important thing to remember is that your stomach is still healing. Its still swollen and sensitive to being filled. Also, you should be sipping fluids regardless of how far out you are.
  5. You're quite welcome!! The general consensus on caffeine restriction is that it can promote hunger and lead to over eating, and can also cause dehydration.
  6. About 30% of sleevers will regain the weight. According to one surgeon (mine) those are the patients who don't follow the program, don't go to their checkups, and don't have a solid support system. I'd say everyone here should be pretty safe
  7. Goaaaalllllll! Finally! It took me 13 1/2 months but I finally did it!

  8. The noisy tummy is totally normal - I think mine "talked" to me for a good 2-3 months post op and even now it talks to me occasionally, especially when I eat something it doesn't like. The always hungry issue you're having could be any number of things. It could be head hunger, acid reflux, or even thirst. I'd start by taking an antacid and drinking a glass of Water - if that doesn't take care of it the most likely culprit is head hunger. Hope that helps! I would definitely go back to your surgeon if you're having sleeve related issues. I know my surgeon's office is super busy as well, but if I call super early or email the nurse I usually get a faster response time, have you tried that? Your surgeon has been specifically trained to deal with any bariatric issues you may be having, and while I'm sure your PCP is great, they're not always aware of the minute details and intricacies of our new tummies.
  9. Thanks for picking up my slack! Apparently VST has decided I no longer need to know when someone posts another question in this thread
  10. Sorry to hear you're having so much difficulty! I hope things have improved since your post! Typically you should stick with bland foods for about 6 weeks out, or until you feel your sleeve can tolerate it. Essentially your stomach is like a baby's stomach: when they first start eating solid foods their little tummies can't tolerate spices so we give them plain meat, plain veggies, or mildly spiced foods until their stomach becomes more accustomed to solids. You slowly introduce more flavors and spices, and when you find something that doesn't agree with their tummy, you put it on the "not yet but soon" list. I know this isn't the list you were looking for, but hopefully by following the theory you should find some relief. And don't worry, you won't be eating this way forever - eventually your tummy will be able to tolerate most all the foods you used to enjoy, just in much smaller portions.
  11. Well that's great that your surgeon had no restrictions! I know many who would kill to have such a lenient Dr. As stated in the disclaimer, this FAQ is in no way intended to undermine or replace the advice of your surgeon. It is merely for informational purposes and answers were compiled from multiple resources. That being said, isopure is pretty good! Tastes a bit like unsweetened kool aid! For those that can't tolerate their powder-based or rtd protein supplements, its a great alternative. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Lilee84

    Alcohol and 2 weeks post op!

    I smell a muddy troll... No doctor in their right mind would sleeve someone with only 20# to lose, and at two weeks out your sleeve can barely tolerate water and protein shakes, let alone alcohol. If this is what you do for entertainment is start drama on a site intended to support those who need it I feel sorry for you.
  13. 5# to goal as of this morning.. Sweet baby Jesus I can almost taste it!

  14. 115# down, 13# to go!! It's been a wild ride but so worth it!

  15. Try calamine lotion or benadryl... Even oral benadryl applied topically should relieve the itch. Try not to apply it directly to your incisions but rather around them - you don't want to do anything that could risk infection.

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