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  1. Spatters3

    Why is this forum even here?

    dot check donut disrespecting - they are ga-rosssss ! paleo food truck ? wow..... "missus boyfriend" ? - you poor thing OP - it will be ok. truly. I have inoperable carcinosarcoma and it is amazing how unimportant most things are these days.
  2. Spatters3

    Worst Case Scenarios

    being diagnosed with some other life threatening disease/disorder brought to light because of so many pre-op tests or because of becoming accutely self-aware of how your body is functioning (mine is cancer, and because of the latter reason).
  3. Spatters3

    favorite NSV's/most anticipated NSV's

    Went to a restaurant last night and didn't have to ask for a table, just sat right down in a booth - no problemo. Went to granddaughter's 4th grade orientation "blow out" at school and didn't even think about scouting out a place I could sit and rest. Went shopping and playing and then more shopping and didn't feel like I needed to lay down to recover. I think the key word here is "went" . I have been able to do so much more of everything !
  4. Spatters3


    Yes, I sometimes regret that I can't eat a lot of food like everyone else. Which is exactly why I needed the VSG
  5. wow ! Just imagine how you'll feel and look by this time next year! Your parents have given you the gift of life - twice. God bless them and you !
  6. Spatters3

    Piece of cake!

    SeriouslyChange: there's a reason it's called "the miracle of birth" - squeezing something the size of a cantalope out of your body whether vaginally or via c-section is incredibly painful. One part of the miracle though is that, atleast for me, after I gave birth, there was no pain and no real memory of the pain. I guess that's a gift from God; otherwise no sane woman would ever get pregnant a 2nd time
  7. Spatters3

    What am I a walking scale?

    Most of my co-workers are happy for me. Some think that WLS is the "easy" way out. One guy that always greeted me with "hey hey hey" (if you're old enough, you'll remember that's from the Bill Cosby cartoon Fat Albert) is no longer greeting me at all (probably because he hurt his foot and has gained atleast 80 lbs in the past few months). So, everyone is different. Still doesn't affect how I feel about me. OP: your supervisor is either not interested in your project or not interested in you. I don't know how you can fix that.
  8. wow. Some remarkable transformations. I won't be doing this to myself 'cause ain't nobody gonna see me nekked except for my husband or medical personnel and I am 57. Now, if I were 30 or 40 ? Yeah, for sure. I really just want to be able to move and do more like, well, a normal human. I don't want to be disabled until or if I am disabled for a reason other than body mass. Does that make sense? I'm not really vain and the older I get the less vain I am. Now, if my loose skin prevents me from doing the things I want to do then yes, I would get it removed. Just for looks? No. I have heard that it is a horrendously painful and dangerous operation.
  9. Spatters3


    nut girl !
  10. Spatters3

    The apocalypse!

    I dunno... the normal-sized stomach humans would all be miserable and hungry and we'd be happily munching away on locusts and what-not and getting satisfied.
  11. Spatters3

    Is it weird that I am scared of losing weight

    and it's not just us that has to adjust. My adult daughter told me, "But Mama, I've never known you not-fat. How will I relate to you?" It is a big change and although GMan is right, we are not our fat, we are going to change. I think a big part of remaining true to oneself is being aware of how we are changing. Be conscious.
  12. Spatters3

    We give certain things up after WLS...

    wow. That is a lot of truth packed into 15 simple statements. Thanks for posting! I think I should read it several times a day over the next year
  13. Spatters3

    MY 521LB LIFE part 3

    I wish we were close geographically so I could just hug you. *HUG*

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