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  1. I suddenly seemed to crash into Menopause. I of course had heard about it but it was not anything I expected to have a problem with. All the sudden I have hot flashes several times a day. I can't convince myself to go to the gym. I eat and eat and eat...just a little bit at a time. It's not good and I am concerned I will fail. As I know in the past, I have won and then lost again.
  2. Made it to the gym today, walked three miles...slowly. It is a beginning. I have been in a stall for a few weeks but feel good. Would like to move forward but I will need to learn to eat more protein and very little carbs. I need to stay away from anything too sweet because it yells my name when I remind myself how much I love sweets. Five weeks out and getting energy back, lost a size or so. Sometimes I feel like I am not going to lose weight any more, I guess it is just my brain wondering...

  3. verysoon

    Pre-Op Two Week Liquid Diet

    Interesting, that is the same diet I have been on since my surgery three weeks ago. I still want a burger. Soon, very soon, I should be able to have at least a piece of one. It is all for the good and the weight does fall off... so do your clothes. Been a long while since I needed a belt. It's all good. Keep up the good work, it is really worth it.
  4. Hiya verysoon... how things? Just thought I'd give you a quick shout! =]

  5. Doing real well, healing well, looking forward...

  6. Doing real well, healing well, looking forward...

  7. Everything is good and on track. I had my staples taken out on Friday. Healing well and losing well. Cleared to fly, which is good cause I'm flying to CO. for a few days in the morning. I am still on clear (somewhat clear) foods. I go to puree at the end of next week. Another then a larger then planned scar the beginning of the event is almost out of my mind. Other then the need sometime during Lent, I would like to take the time to sit down and reflect on what I learned from almost losing my life. The surgeon said it has never happened to her before. She also said that if I hadn't been stuck in recovery waiting for a room (for a long time) that it might have cost me my life. Once on the upper floors, they treat you more like someone in good health waiting to go home. Anyway, the story ended well and I am on the right path. Went out to a resturant for my sons birthday last night. Called several restaurants to find out who had the best Soup of the day and found someone having Lentil soup (not exactly clear) but I asked them if they could blend it. It was great, lots of Fiber and taste. Strangely enough, I felt like I was going to weigh more today, just because of fancy soup. ;0) Didn't gain an ounce, lost a few.
  8. verysoon

    My Story

    I have been sleeved a week and all is going well. I wish you the best. I think you will do great. It is hard to own up to never getting the lost time back but going forward life will be wonderful and you will be truly yourself again. My prayers are with you. Ree
  9. How ya doin' there? You ok?

  10. It's a good day and I am on my way...to being the me...I always believed I was...healthy, fit, thin.

  11. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and support. I really appreciate it. I am happy to have had this surgery. And I will be extremely happy with the results that will come from it. It was very very hard to have put my life in danger, choosing to have surgery. But like with all things in life, there is much to be learned from it. Just this evening my husband and I were talking about the choice I made not to tell our family. They don't live near us, they won't see me for the next five months. And it will be fun to see them at that point. But if I had died last Thursday... I am excited that tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. I have a whole lot to reflect on. But it is all good. Surrounded by prayers and love, surrounded by Angels in heaven, the outcome was good and the journey will be very productive. I was looking for life changing... now I have a very large scar to remind me - it was life saving, in all ways. (...happy to no longer be a diabetic) Let us march on and be glad for the courage and conviction to become who we were created to be. Thanks again.
  12. Posted as a topic: Sleeved Thursday 2/16 Did Not Go As Planned, Was In Icu For Three Days. Home Now.

  13. Sometimes when you read that someone is going to be sleeved really soon, you wait for them to write there first post. Sometimes that takes a little while, while they are trying to figure out what they can and can not eat or drink. This is my first full day home. I came home yesterday afternoon. We had planned for my hospital stay to be 23 hours, but things didn't go as planned. On Thursday at 9:30am I had my surgery. I was in a great mood. Needed the waiting to be over. An hour and a half after surgery, my surgeon went to the waiting room to tell my husband and two good friends that I was fine. They heading up to the recovery floor to wait for me, two hours later the surgeon called my husband to tell him something had gone wrong and they were taking me back to the ER for a Trama Emergency. I did not have a leaky stomach, but somewhere I had lots of interal bleeding. My blood pressure was falling fast and I could hear everything in a room suddenly filled with 20 or more people talking, working, hurrying. No time for anything to be done laparoscopic, they just needed to open me up, give me blood transfusions and stop the bleeding. When I finally remember waking up in the ICU, I was tied down and incubed. I never had such fear in my life. The good news is, I was in a good hospital with a good trama team and they moved quickly. It was very hard on my husband, who suddenly was scared he might lose me. In the ICU they took very good care of me. I wanted so much to have ice chips or Water, but they couldn't allow it until after my sip test. My priest came up to see me, but there were too many people in the room to actually say anything. Plus, I was on a lot of pain meds. They moved me from the ICU on Saturday and allowed me to come home last evening. I have a lot to learn, i.e. three sips is too much. The stairs going up feel okay, when I get to the top I feel like I just ran around the block. Car rides feel like being out at sea during a storm. Other good things: It was good that I decided to drive up to church and receive a blessing from my pastor, the evening before surgery. Micro waving a heating pad/towel. Having the cat sit with me. Relaxing but moving often so not to get stiff and taking very short walks out side. Something hard: not having told many friends. Cause suddenly I needed a whole lot of prayers and some extra love. Looking forward to healing and embracing my new sleeve and the health it will bring to me. I am thankful to be home and feeling good. Thanks for your support and prayers. ...thinking about changing my name from Very Soon to Blessed! ;0)
  14. Heading to bed. Up in five hours. The day and time have come. May all be well and good. There is no looking back. If I could have done this myself, I would have done it long ago.

  15. Tomorrow is the day. Looking forward to being on the otherside of all the pre-surgery thinking. If you are a pray-er...please say a prayer for me.