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  1. Valentina

    Hair loss

    Just like some folks lose more hair regardless of what they do or take, there are those ---like myself who never experienced ANY hair loss. We are all individuals and like everything else---WLS wise----we react differently. Try not to stress yourself about impending hair loss. It just may not happen. Stressing itself may exacerbate and bring hair loss on.. Wishing you a joyful journey and an hairy head!
  2. Valentina

    Had a REALLY bad day yesterday

    Prayers going up for you and your father---if you think an offered prayer might help. This is my mantra: "Yesterday was the past." "Tomorrow is a goal yet to be reached". "Today is called, "The Present" because it is a GIFT. We get to "open" it new every day and make it our own. Leave the past behind, look forward to the future and being able to "be there" for you father, but for today--concentrate on the Lord's gift to you----The Present. Make the most of what you have and the least of what you haven't. Be kind to yourself. Listen to your sleeve. It will help you get through if you learn to listen to and work with it. Take the time to take a deep breath, pause and THEN step off into your future. PS: I live in Upstate NY. If there is any way that I can help you and/or your father do NOT hesitate to ask. Again, prayers offered.
  3. Valentina

    Who's over 50 crowd

    63 yrs here--64 next Valentines' Day. I tried on my wedding dress a few weeks ago---the dress I wore 43yrs ago---and it just hung on me. I am now wearing a smaller dress size than I did when I was in the seventh grade. Is WLS during my "golden years" all sunshine and rainbows? Hell no! Are the struggles insurmountable? Nope It's all about "balance" and your expectations of a fuller, happier and healthier life. "TO THY OWN SELF BE TRUE."
  4. Valentina

    Medicine/ Medicare verses with ins.and work

    Whatever gave you the idea that people who receive Medicare have not worked????? People who receive Medicare worked for many years and paid into the Medicare system in order to recover their hard earned money when they reach retirement age--or sooner if disabled. Make me really upset that people with Medicaid and Medicare pay less than the people who work Hard with insurance !!! System all messed up. Sent from my SM-G928T using the BariatricPal App Please stop and think before posting such a hurtful statement. (MHO)
  5. Valentina

    Hello from an oldie but goodie

    Welcome! Most definitely, Welcome. BP needs all the supportive members we can get. One thing I can guarantee you is a diversity of opinions. We seem to have an over abundance of enthusiastic and hopefully well meaning opinions. Conversation can get quite----"lively" from time to time. I had my sleeve surgery in 2011 and mine, too was considered "experimental". Now the balance is turned 180 degrees. Most WLS are sleeves where way back when, the bypass was considered, "The Gold Standard of all WLSs." How times have changed. I was born and raised on a dairy farm. I can still not think of any other or any better place to learn life's lessons. My father caught his arm in the PTO of one of our tractors during corn chopping season and broke his arm 13 places between shoulder and finger tips. Anyway, my entire senior year of high school, I was responsible to milk our 90 head of Holsteins twice a day . (I always made it a point up until then to stay as far away from the barn as possible). I had to and did learn each and every cow. I also learned much respect and responsibility. The general populous needs to acknowledge that without the farmers we would all starve---especially in times of war. I apologize for my babbling. I just wanted to share that with you. I LOVE Holsteins!---and the farmer whose job is the most dangerous job in the country. Again, I welcome you and encourage you to "Post in with both feet". Best wishes.
  6. Valentina

    Left leg weakness

    Exactly----what they ^^^^ said. Please post and let us know what you find out. We care! Feel better, my friend.
  7. Valentina

    Keep food hot?

    I use a large coffee mug warmer. I found a beautiful antique Victorian cheese plate that fits onto it perfectly. I hate eating cold food!
  8. 5yrs plus out and still feel no hunger. I eat on schedule----each day-----every day------365days/year.
  9. Valentina


    Crunchy Cheetoes are my "demon food". Grrrrrrr! I can sniff them out if the neighbor three doors down has an unopened bag! (slight exaggeration). I have had to learn just NOT to have them in the house. I am of weak constitution where Crunchy Cheetoes are concerned. I don't crave them, but if they are around I WILL snarf them down. That's how I cope with slider foods. Whatever works, right? Good luck!
  10. "Sometimes, hopefully, maybe, in most cases, many times, probably, etc. etc" are all wonderful and sensible words, but when all is said and done, they are just that----words. In order for words to make sense, they have to be "heard". When a SO or friend is not at a place where they are capable of hearing them, the words might as well be spit into the wind. One thing that I am absolutely convinced of is that WLS changes people. EVERYONE who has WLS changes. That's what it all about, isn't it? MHO? One should NOT have WLS until their main support (SO, spouse, bbf,) has had every opportunity to come to terms with all of the ramifications. I strongly suggest therapy---separately, and then together. "They" don't "always come around". I have been obese since the third grade. Waiting a year while having therapy would be a exercise of great joy , understanding and acceptance of me "changing". Given the choice of twenty less years but with John in my life or living longer alone, there would not be a nano second's hesitation. More understanding on MY part and NOT listening to those who said, "Go ahead---he'll come around", and maybe, just maybe John would not have swallowed 120 Vicodins while I was on the operating table. Maybe. Just maybe. Just think, pray, consult, talk, discuss and then repeat a thousand times if need be. Take a deep breath and consider all of the consequences.
  11. Valentina

    No support from boyfriend

    Take the time to: think, pray, think, pray , think and then pray some more. Are you prepared to continue your life without one or the other? (WLS vs SO?). When you are totally confident that you are, then and only then are you truly ready to make the decision. Until that time, please talk to a therapist who is bariatric friendly----therapy for you alone---for your SO alone and then for the two of you together. WLS changes everyone who has it. Whether physically, mentally and/or emotionally---there WILL be a change. To think otherwise is unrealistic. I truly hope that all of your wishes come true. I hope that your SO can be supportive. My warning is just make sure that you are committed enough to "walk your journey" alone is he finds that he can not be. Take the time to just breathe and think, please.
  12. Valentina

    Cold before surgery

    Call your surgeon's office . He/she is the ONLY person to advise you on this. You haven't come this far in the process to stop being smart now. Give them a call. All will be well. Keep posting and let us know how you're feeling. Feel better, friend.
  13. Valentina

    2016 Fall TV Season

    I've been watching, "Bull" and "Rosewood". So far I'm enjoying them----Of course, "Rosewood" was on last season. "Bull" is supposed to be based on Dr. Phil's life experiences. I find it fascinating.
  14. Fibro Folks: The over active nerves that are the cause of Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue can certainly be "aggravated" by cutting into one's skin and being NPO from one's fibro meds prior to surgery. My advice? Just don't wait until your fibro pain and fatigue "control you". Be sure that your surgical team and as well as recovery room and hospital staff are aware of your fibromyalgia----yes, you may have to keep reminding staff as the shifts change. Keep ahead of the pain/fatigue. It is much easier to tolerate if one can keep the pain/fatigue at bay instead of waiting until it becomes unbearable before asking for medication. Do NOT try to "be brave". Ask for pain medication when you are "uncomfortable--because if you have fibro, you KNOW how bad it can get. Stop the pain before it becomes your only focus-before the devastating fatigue sets in. You need to be able to concentrate on getting your fluids in and walking. I am by no means a medical professional and my advice is not to be taken as such. I simply want to share my experience with WLS and Fibromyalgia. It's well worth preparing for and wrapping you head around the possibility. Best wishes for you having a joyful journey! I hope my experience and observations have helped.
  15. Touche', my friend. Much respect...

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