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  1. Let me start off by giving my stats. I was 330 lbs day of surgery in April of 2012. I wore a size 30/32 top and wearing a tight sz 26 pants, and my all time high was 350+. Currently I weigh 163.4 lbs wearing a size 9 pants and L- XL top (got a wide back lol) Oh, and I'm 5'6. So here's my thing and please chime in if you're going through the same or have words of wisdom. I'm absolutely without a doubt happy with the weight that I am now, and get loads of compliments and praises for my dramatic change. I'm told to not lose anymore and to stay where I am, but I feel like I'm at a numbers game with the scale. I try to see just how far I can push this tool. How low can I get my weight down to. Testing the waters of this surgery so to speak. I honestly don't know where to stop. I remembering saying "Once I get to a sz 12 I'll quit and be happy with that." Well sz 12 came and went a long time ago and now I'm down to a 9 and still itching for more weight loss. I know I'm okay where I am, but I just want to see how low numbers wise I can go. I've never known a low number a day in my life! As a young child I was chubby and that soon become overweight and that become obese and then morbidly obese. I've never know average or underweight...Not that I'm going for underweight by any means. I guess I just want to test my tool out to the max. At one point I thought I was done losing bc I hadn't lost for 5 months or so and accepted where I was. Then I realized I was snacking too often (not on wrong foods) and when I stopped the lbs started to come off again. And at this point I was content with where I was, but now....... It's a no holds bar kinda thing. I want to get as low as possible and that sometimes scares me. I don't know when I'll be satisfied with myself anymore. When I can truly live as a normal human being without jumping on the scale every morning. It's as though I've traded one obsession for the other. Over indulgence of food being my first and seeing how "low" I can weigh being the second. I don't know how to get a handle on this. So if anyone reading have ways they overcame this mindsight please share. So sorry for the lenght
  2. nikki82

    TT and thighs at the same time?

    Hi Freespirit Do you mind telling me what other procedures you had done at the same time? I'm considering surgery in Mexico or D.R and I'll be needing to get multiple procedures as well. I heard some surgeons arent' willing to do so.
  3. nikki82

    13 lbs more to go...

    You and me both! I have about 15 lbs to lose for my goal weight of 165. I've come a long way (346lbs) and I'm happy where I am now (180lbs) but reaching my goal number wise is what I'm striving for. So congrats for being near goal! Much success to you.
  4. nikki82

    Breast lift!

    Yes a couple of ladies are using Dra Robles, but she's very conservative with how many procedures she'll do at once. Which is a good thing, but if your health checks out ok and you're prepared for the healing and down time then I say get the works done if you can. The three doctors I'm looking into are Dra Yily de los santos (her sculpting skills and TT are sick!) but I don't like her boob work so much. Then there is Dra. Duran, She sculpts your body like no bodies business and is the queen of BBL She knows how to give you a nice rump if that's what your looking for, but her breast work is satisfactory. Nothing for me to scream and shout over. And then there is Dra. Bello. She gives great TT's her sculpting skills are great but not on par as the other two surgeons, but I like the look of her Breast lifts and she offers an all inclusive package with her surgeries. Though I would love for Duran or Yily to work on me as far as giving me a knock out figure, Bello can give me the same but with the breast that I'd like as well.If you haven't check out Realself.com Tons of info about these doctors and ladies who've had work done by them.
  5. nikki82

    TT and thighs at the same time?

    If I may ask, Was your thigh lift the groin incision only? Or the extended one down the leg? I need the extended thigh lift, but surgeons in the U.S are too costly. I'll be heading out the country for my PS. Just don't know which Doctor to choose.
  6. nikki82

    Homemade Whey and Homemade Cottage Cheese

    Awesome! I've done this before, but forgot about it. Thank you
  7. nikki82

    Breast lift!

    Ughhh wasn't finished writing my post! lol back to what I was saying...Me too! I'll be having Surgery in D.R sometime in the Spring. I have a couple of Doctors in mind, but am not concrete on anyone just yet. A
  8. nikki82

    Breast lift!

    Me too!!
  9. Jason I think that's very doable. I started out day of surgery weighing in at 330 lbs in April. My goal weight is 170 lbs. And right now I've lost 83% of my excess. Today I stand at 195.8. So I'm here to tell you that, yes! It's very doable. Just always make healthy food choices and exercise, exercise, exercise!God bless you on your journey.
  10. nikki82

    Height, Weight, And Size Poll

    I'm 5'6 started at 330 April "12. Size 26 pants 30/32 top. Today Feb "13 I weigh 198 a size 16 pants xl top
  11. How beautifully put, Jeannine. Thank you, and you'll be that butterfly as well. That's what this surgery does...It helps molds us to our best physical potential, and I'm so thankful for it.
  12. I'm 5'6 so we're about the same... And your dream will become a reality soon enough. Enjoy the ride!
  13. I drink 4, 28oz bottles of water a day. I just keep refilling it with pur water and I buy the flavored water packets from Walmart.
  14. I take in about 800-850 cals a day. 300 coming from my protein shake, and I hardly ever go above 40 g of carbs.Much luck to you

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