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  1. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Depression After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    I think it is interesting, that the decreased Ghrelin secretion after surgery, can induce depression. What will make the appetite go away, can also give us a depression?
  2. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Surgery next week... HELP with Protein!

    A trick My Surgery is on the 30th November :-) One of my tricks is, to hold my nose when drinking it. When the smell is gone, it tastes better. Smell has a lot to do with the perception of taste. Good luck to us
  3. I do not think there is anything wrong with me. I am having surgery th 30th of November and haven't been scared yet. I am so convinced, that everything will go well - and if anything is wrong, like a leak, they will fix it. Perhaps I am too positive and not realistic. On the other hand, it will make my operation experience better not being afraid. I just give myself to it. I am not looking forward to it either. Maybe fear will come to me:-) It's OK I KNOW there will be good food in the future, just in small amount. The Protein thing is just a short face in a long life. And those protins are my little friendly helpers. They are repairing my tissue, and building my muscles. Muscles that will be used as aq machinery using my fat-tissue. :cheer2:YAY! And Proteins will help my neurons ad amino-acids, so I will keep my brain in shape. Proteindrinks and Water will be my best new friends in recovery after surgery.:hug::sign46: Greetings from Copenhagen
  4. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Surgery next week... HELP with Protein!

    A trick My Surgery is on the 30th November :-) One of my tricks is, to hold my nose when drinking it. When the smell is gone, it tastes better. Smell has a lot to do with the perception of taste. Good luck to us
  5. Filosophia Scandinavia

    The Brain in the gut

  6. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Sleeveorbust's Story!

    Thank you for your story! It makes me feel, that I have made the right decision!
  7. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Low BMI

    Fantastic, Ladybee!
  8. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Low BMI

    I have a "low" BMI as well. I will be operated in Arhens in 9 days. My surgeon told me, that http://www.ifso.com/ does not have the same retrictions on a VSG as a bypass operation. There fore many surgeons outside USA will operate at a BMI of 30 - Sweden and Greece in Europe, and a lot of other places. Cross m fingers for you.
  9. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Milestone reached!!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations
  10. WOW - what a post. And what a cool strong woman, you are. You are doing so great - congratulations on how far you have come already. And with that attitude, you will do soooooo great! I am sure, that next summer - you will have come a loooooong way. Proove the haters wrong. Love yourself the right way. What a great feeling it must be, next summer, when you BMI has climbed even further down, and you are standing proud - glowing of health and beauty!. HUGS from Denmark
  11. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Boyfriend just got back from the store....

    Sabotage.... In so many strange ways. People are afraid of change:blink:
  12. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Spider Sleeve 4 month Surgiversary!!! YAY!

    Thank you and congratulations
  13. Filosophia Scandinavia

    An NSV worthy of a post.

    This is wonderful
  14. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Cant believe it I have reached my goal

    Congratulations, Hottie! What an inspiration to mee! 7 months - and wow - from a BMI on 42 to 25 - that is fantastic! WOW :llama:
  15. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Four months out and reality has kicked in

    Hi Jane I am so glad to hear, that it is possibel for some to breake their bad eating habits. INTO a MILLION PIECES. Fantastic. If I just could reduce half of my crappy intake of crappy carbs after my operation, I know I will never get overweight again. I have come a long way - but know, that I must be aware of my eating the rest of my lie. But it will be so much easier. Thank you - inspirational! Hugs from Copenhagen . 13 days!
  16. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Pregancy Test Before Surgery

    I really hope, you got your surgery today!
  17. Filosophia Scandinavia

    New Years Day... What will you weight???

    Thank you so much for answering, mp8btpc Oh, yeah, it depends on how much you have to loose to start with. If 25 is not out the the question, then 17 is a fine choice, I think. :-) Being a "lightweight" already. ANd yes, I have been looking on some of you girls, who had an BMI like mine is now - before my operation. I feel so much INSPIRATION from you girls. And a warm feeling from thinking about my coming non-fail-friendly-and-helping-sleeve. I will try to do all the right things, and get succes with my 17 pounds. We will all do GREAT!
  18. Filosophia Scandinavia

    New Years Day... What will you weight???

    I have no idea, what I will loose in one month. Will be sleeved a month before New Years day. Maybe I will loose some before surgery. I have heard that many people will loose most pounds pr. week the first month. Is 17 pounds in a month realistic, my fellow sleevers?
  19. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Lost Only 60 Pounds

    A lot of fine things have been said already. I havent been operated myself - but it is so great, that you write this and ask for others. I hav a theory, that a lot of people retract from a forum like this, when they are not all succes. You are 35 pounds heavier than your goalweight. Glad to hear about your pouch test! Even though you haven't followed your diet perfectly -well, a lot of people have been "cheating" a bit, and still lost their excess weight. Maybe your body doesnt want to be thinner? Or perhaps just not at the moment. Perhaps you can go down 5 pound at a time later on and still reach you goal weigt in a year? Slow but sturdy. PLease keep us informed.
  20. I am glad to hear, that everything went so well. Will be sleeved in 17 days, so its so nice to read your story. Congrats
  21. Filosophia Scandinavia

    15 weeks post op! With PICTURES!!!!

    SO pretty!
  22. Filosophia Scandinavia

    Pictures of my progress thus far!

    I think you are looking great on the before picture too! And totally normal, I se no fat or flabs. Amazing hot girl. But maybe I would look at it different, when I loose a lot of weight myself. And yes, please clone that ass, and send me one - I will have it installed at the same time with my sleeve-operation In a non stalking way also
  23. Filosophia Scandinavia

    5 Month update with photos

    A NEW WOMAN!!!!! WOOHOO Thanks for sharing!

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