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    2 years ago today

  2. I am posting in this in 2 seperate places in order to get a variety of opinions. I am just curious why it is that doctor's post-op diets vary so much from doctor to doctor? I am on clears still and going CRAZY, 7 days out. I notice the Cornell program discharges people on soft foods? Huh? Any insight, just for my own knowledge would be great! Thanks so much.
  3. I am posting in this in 2 seperate places in order to get a variety of opinions. I am just curious why it is that doctor's post-op diets vary so much from doctor to doctor? I am on clears still and going CRAZY, 7 days out. I notice the Cornell program discharges people on soft foods? Huh? Any insight, just for my own knowledge would be great! Thanks so much.
  4. Enjoy your time there! Make the most of your time in the hospital relaxing and getting sleep. Once you are home, the work begins, but it is all good and all so worth it. Best of luck to you. Enjoy the ride!
  5. What an experience. Congrats on having it behind you!
  6. Congratulations. So glad to hear all is well and that you are progressing so nicely!
  7. momof3girls

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Hi all! I am new, just sleeved on July 2. I weigh in on Thursday and hope it is ok to post on here for a weigh in on a day other then Monday! Surgery Weight: 208.6 Week 1 weigh in : 203.6 - down 4.8 Week 2 weigh in (today): 196.2 - down 7.6 I couldn't be happier. Now if I could just find a protein powder that doesn't make me want to gag! Thank you for letting me share. Goal #1: 188 (10%) Goal #2: 169 Goal #3: 152 Goal #4: 140 Goal #5: ?
  8. momof3girls

    Meal Replacements

    I tried them. I ordered them from Diet Direct and I am sure they are same thing. I actually ordered about $75 worth. I can't stand them, they make me gag.
  9. I am a worry wort by nature. Is there a time frame when you can lay your head on the pillow and think to yourself "I made it, I no longer have to worry about a leak"? I know I read recently of someone developing a leak 3 weeks out. Any insight or thoughts on this. Of course, it is something that I think about every day. Thanks.
  10. Aww girls, you are so sweet. Kelly, you couldn't have been more of a dear and I thought your run down of the process was spot on. I, too, had a wonderful experience down there. Ally, you too are sooo sweet. I think I am only a day behind you, my surgery was on 7/2. Anyway, I think the experience down in Mexico was a piece of cake compared to the 10 days of clears. I am on day 8 right now and I just can't take it anymore! I am not sure full liquids will be any better, but I might just get very creative. Someone told me full liquids count as anything you can get through a straw, right? I am hoping for a lot fits through a straw! ;0 So glad everyone is feeling well! xoxo Jennifer
  11. Ally - I want egg drop soup so bad. OMG! We won't talk about cheating. Since I have started having NOT clear Protein shakes. I couldn't cut it otherwise. I was starving. I had a bite of low carb, sugar free yogurt tonite. Surprisingly, it didn't do the trick. How is the gurgling in your stomach. Mine is better but by no means gone.
  12. momof3girls


    Ally! I am starving all of the time too!!! I sent an email to Dr. Aceves' office and they suggested that I start taking the nexium 2x per day morning and evening. It seems to have helped just a little. Egg Drop soup sounds good, I will have to try that. I told my husband today I am craving a scrambled egg and cottage cheese. Oh how times have changed!!!
  13. momof3girls

    Dr. Aceves - departure/arrival dates; info

    Wow. I never get involved in spitting matches on this website but this one is just so upsetting, Steph I just have to say something. I lived in a border town for over 4 years, (Tucson, Arizona) and I just got back from Mexicali, Mexico last week. I think you need to research Mexicali and then you will understand that the issues to which you speak are not present in that town. Your words aren't very helpful to people doing research on Dr. Aceves and unless you have met him and been to Mexicali, I would keep your "opinions" to the border towns and surgeons you personally know. As to Mexicali and Dr. Aceves you are flat out wrong. I am blonde, blue eyed and totally American looking and felt more then comfortable walking the very safe streets of Mexicali. Would I do that in Juarez? Absolutely not. But Mexicali, you betcha.
  14. I am 4 days post op, 1st day home and trying to get organized and wrap my brain around my sleeve! I am on clear liquids right now. So, I am drinking Isopure and Nectar protein drinks. Since these are all water based, do they count towards the 64 ounces of water I need to drink every day? I can't imagine trying to get my protein in and trying to get an additional 64 ounces of water in, but, alas, is that what I need to do? Let me know anyone's thoughts. Thanks so much. xoxo
  15. momof3girls

    Dr. Aceves - departure/arrival dates; info

    I just left yesterday and they were all going on vacation for a week. Nina said my flight needed to be in by 11 on day of arrival. Oregondaisy is right that they picked us up at the hospital at 7am. We crossed the border in record time but it can often take a few hours. I think Nina suggested flights after 1230. My flight was at 130 and I had to wait around the airport forever. It was kind of miserable. There was a Canadian traveling in our group and she did come down the day before pre-ops and spent the night again in San Diego again they day we returned. I agree you should call Nina. You can't bother her. She is a doll and very busy and likely misses some emails/calls, etc. She will hold your hand via the phone. Take advantage of it.
  16. momof3girls

    can anyone tell me...

    7 pounds lost! Yay for you. I am so happy for you. I obviously cannot tell you when the gas goes away but am so looking forward to finding other's replies. I will tell you I complained to Dr. Campos about the same thing. Told him I was starving and my stomach was grumbly. He said it was gas and would last 7-14 days. Holy moly! I am so proud of you weight loss so far. I have nothing but I blame it on the lack of a bm and all the gas. I am so excited to watch your progress. xoxo to you, and your beautiful family!
  17. I leave for Mexico in 2 days to have sleeve surgery with Dr. Aceves. I can't lie....I am very scared. I keep looking at my youngest daughter and think, "am I going to leave her without a mother?" I know that is so morbid. I just can't seem to help it. I am leading such a bad example right now for my 3 girls being overweight, that I am truly confident that this is the right decision, but I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. My husband is extremely supportive and knows where I am going and what I am doing. I have told my mother that I am having sleeve surgery but lied and said I was having it in San Diego instead of Mexico. She would not approve of me leaving the country. My father and sister I have totally lied to, I know I am awful lying to my family , and told them I was going to a weightloss clinic (Ha, maybe not totally a lie!!!!). I guess I am just feeling broken up over the fact that if something happened to me, I would be going out a liar. I need to do what is right for me and really don't want anyone giving me any doubts or second thoughts. I know this is the best thing I could do for myself and I want this, bad. Sorry for all the rambling, I just needed a place to get it off my chest. Thank you all so much. Hopefully, I will keep you all posted as to my journey.
  18. momof3girls

    Leaving in 2 days....

    HI all! Kelly and I have gotten to chat. I found her (or maybe she found me?) yesterday on one of my first walks after my surgery. I was up and about in the hallway waiting for her to come back after her surgery today and last I checked she was doing well. She is a pretty girl and so sweet. My surgery went fine. Yesterday was pretty easy, today (Day 2) has been a little rougher. My neck and shoulders are quite tight and painful. I am sitting on the nice relciner in my room with a heating pad and it helps. Brittu: thanks for advise on the pain meds. I am going to do as you say, especially since i already have the pain to which you referred. Papillon: Youll be on the bench with us before you know it!!
  19. momof3girls

    July Surgeries

    Hello everyone! I am sleeved! Surgery yesterday went fine. I really am amazed at the organization and efficiency of this hospital. My only main complaint so far is that most of the nurses do not speak english. Big deal really, they are all so sweet and nice that we have worked out every issue! By the way, the people of Mexicali are gorgeous. I don't know what is in the water here, but wow! Today I didn't feel as well as I did yesterday post-op. Everyone said that was to be expected. The gas settled in my neck and shoulders and that has been pretty painful. I am taking my Gas X and it is getting better. The biggest highlight of the day was when they brought me a cup of water! Then a bottle of water, then chamomile tea, and apple juice. Wow, how good that all was. CKNorte: I think your packing list looks great. I brought a pair of pjs/yoga pants for each day and I am glad I did. The hospital gowns are short and everyone feels comfortable with pants under them. I am glad I have more then one pair b/c my first pair got wet after my shower. I also brought a sweatshirt b/c my room got a little chilly. Gas x is a must!! Good luck to all the up and coming surgeries.
  20. I am in hospital right now with nothing to do waiting for surgery so I will do it. Be right back.
  21. momof3girls

    July Surgeries

    In my hospital room waiting. So far they have 2 people to surgery and there are 2 of left to go. I am hoping I am next!!!! Hospital is beautiful and everyone is so nice. I was hoping for some alone time with one of the doctors to go over some of my fears but that hasn't happened. So....I guess I will have the surgery and have the questions answered after..... Getting, thirsty, hungry and excited. Jennifer
  22. momof3girls

    Leaving in 2 days....

    Kelly, I can't wait to see you, perhaps on Friday!! I'm the blonde with the really big butt and flabby belly. You can't miss me! Carla....thank you. You are so sweet and kind. I just feel so much love for all those that take the time to say hello to me and wish me well. Isn't it such a good feeling to know that there are wonderful people out there? Thanks so much. Much love to all, leaving at 530am, my time tomorrow. See ya!
  23. momof3girls

    Leaving in 2 days....

    Hey Rose. Good luck in your research. If I were you, I would start a new message thread as I think very few people will find your message in this one. I would hate for your question to go unanswered. By the way, I have never heard of that group.
  24. momof3girls

    Leaving in 2 days....

    Thank you all so much. Of course, today, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do. My husband isn't the best at being able to take care of the kids without written instructions, so I am working on that and some laundry and haven't even thought about packing yet. I guess I don't really need that much, do I? I really love all you ladies and appreciate your words. I am so excited to put the obese part of my life behind me and claim a fresh start. I will keep you all posted. Happy Birthday Angie!! xoxo

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