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    I had more first feel and I felt more restriction immediately. I stop whatever I'm eating when I get the stuck feeling. It usually happens more in the morning than any other part of the day. However, during my TOM, it gets so tight, I get stomach spasms when I try to eat. So I go on shakes and jello/pudding during that time. I asked the doctor, and I was informed that fluid retention throughout the body can cause band tightness. If you've had a problem with fluid retention in the past, may be something to look into. If like me, it happens only once a month....well we know the answer to that.
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    My first Fill 8/8/2013

    Update: my first fill was completed last Thursday. It wasn't bad at all. BUT, the doc did have to dig around a little to find the port. Wasn't really painful as much as annoying. I definitely feel more tightness.
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    Can you all eat chicken. I thought chicken was hard to digest?
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    My Journey Towards a Better Life

    Pictures of Me Along my Journey!!!
  5. Hunger/Cravings/Emotional/Habitual: [ FEEL FREE TO RELATE AND LAUGH WHILE READING ] If you have lived as a human on this planet we like to call Earth, you have experienced these different forms of eating habits. For some us, we have mastered the eating maze and are healthy and happy individuals. For some of us, we were just blessed with good genes that kept and continue to keep us skinny. Others may choose other methods of dealing with hunger and/or engage in habits that keeps them thin (but are in no way beneficial to their health): anemia, bulimia, drugs, even smoking (so I have been told). And then there is the rest of the world, the majority, who simply eat. Well as promised, I stated that I would share as I learned. So here we go. Three days ago, I started to have a strange craving for salt. I figured I just wanted something salty: French fries or something. The first day, I tried saltine crackers- didn't work. The Second Day, I broke down and got a small fry from McDonalds - after three fries and a terrible time swallowing it- I threw the rest away. I figured chips would hurt worse than fries so I didn't go there. By the third day, I was ready to pour salt in my hand and eat it. I ended up eating mashed potatoes with salt and Cajun seasoning. I wasn't really hungry nor did I want any of the things I mentioned. I just wanted the salt. We are conditioned to believe that cravings are ALWAYS remnants of are past BAD eating habits: nothing good can come of it. So I didn't mention it to the doctor. Well, I had a routine follow up scheduled the next day: blood, urine and so forth. Come to find out, I was Dehydrated. One of the symptoms associated with Dehydration is craving salt. Upon finding out this information, I told my doctor about the last three days. He listened and then he explained. There are several types of eating habits, but to simplify here are four main types: hunger or regular, cravings, emotional, and habitual eating. Hunger: Regular - Biologically Necessary Eating: When the food you have previously consumed has been digested and used, the body sends off signals to the brain to start the process of alerting you ( growling stomach, headache, and so forth) that you need nourishment. Insert a bunch of doctor talk here....and then arrive to the point. You need to eat small portions throughout the day to keep your system fueled and your blood sugar levels regulated. Cravings: Mostly a mental hunger but can occasionally be a symptom of a bigger health issue. Cravings are greatly linked to the wonderful neurotransmitters we call endorphins: the feel good stuff. Deserts, fast food, candy, and so forth can all be linked to cravings associated with the release of endorphins. Giving into a craving WITH MODERATION every now and then is not a bad thing. As my doctor has stated once before: deprivation is the mother of all diet breaking habits. Deprive yourself of something long enough and you will most likely binge when you do eat it. A few potato chips did not make you overweight OVER NIGHT. It took Several Bags of Chips over Several Nights to add the pounds. MODERATION is the key. Keeping a food log is a great help in this department. You will begin to see patterns in your eating habits. For example, when and what types of cravings you have and how you dealt with them. And if you find yourself craving something over and over again, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or nutritionist. In some cases, as it was with my need for salt, there may be a greater medical issue at hand. Emotional eating: Well this topic needs no introduction and has a simple explanation: attempting to make us temporarily feel better through eating. We usually engage in emotional eating during times of Stress, Grief, Anxiousness, Indecision, Depression, Helplessness, and so forth. The best way to combat this eating habit, is to locate the source of the problem. Eating rarely if ever solves the problem that is causing the strong and usually negative emotion. Exercise, counseling, reaching out to others, and sometimes taking time to heal oneself are all great tactics. Once again keeping a journal of what triggers the emotional eating will help you get a better grasp on the problem at hand. NOW WE MOVE ON TO THE UNIVERSAL EATING HABIT ACCURATLEY NAMED HABITUAL (OR RITUAL) Eating: ITS JUST WHAT WE DO. I believe that most people indulge in this eating habit and the following are some examples of when we do it: You are going to the Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey game: Hotdogs, Chips, Beer, Liquor. You are going to the movies: Popcorn, Coke, Pretzels, Funnel cake, Pizza or whatever the concession item of your choice is. Its the Holiday Season: I must have all of the usual favorites: Grandma's turkey, Great Aunt's Caramel Cake, Your Spouse's Sweet Potatoes, Your Neighbor's Candy Yams, Christmas Punch, and so forth. The Girls Venting Session: must have Ice Cream of some flavor and LOTS of it and alcohol. The Birthday party: most have party favors and Cake. Men's night: Steaks, Burgers, Chips, Ribs, and Beer. You are bored and in the house doing nothing: Must. Eat. Whatever. Its just what we do. LOL. MOST of us do it and have been conditioned all of our lives to do it. This conditioning has been formed through family traditions, societal norms, peer influences, workplace etiquette, school related gatherings, church and community functions, and almighty MEDIA (just to name a few). The best solution to this is MODERATION. Also, start a new tradition of your own. When all else fails, before you eat something ask yourself the following ( I practice this daily): Are you hungry, have you eaten this lately, how do you feel, and what are you doing at this moment. I usually find that asking myself these questions leads to further questions and eventually to answers. I will either talk myself out of it or I will understand why I am doing it. MOST IMPORTANTLY, No man has ever survived without making mistakes, without setbacks, or without occasional over indulgence. It just happens. Do not beat yourself up about it. Just continue to move forward. You will only be as successful as you allow yourself to be. Surround yourself with supportive people, practice good habits, start new traditions, keep a journal, exercise, and ENJOY your second chance at life. You only live once.
  6. tigers1998

    August 1

    I drink AdvantEdge Shakes. You can get them at most major chain grocery stores. I buy mine from Wal-Mart. Feel free to ask me anything. I will answer as best I can. I have done a lot of hilarious stuff since surgery and I keep a blog about all my experiences.
  7. tigers1998

    August 1

    Banded July 10. Hands down the best decision I made. Also my first major surgery. To all the preops get your mushies and liquids in advance. Wear something comfortable to surgery, take your gas meds.
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    Today's NSV!

  9. tigers1998

    Eating Again and Why I feel like and Outcast

    Thank you
  10. tigers1998

    My first Fill 8/8/2013

    Simple question: Are fills painful? I simply dislike needles but I found I do better if I know what to expect upfront. Surprises are not good for me. Please let me know how your first fill went. Nervous here.
  11. tigers1998

    Spasms at the port site

    Yes Ma'am. I had stomach spasms for three days at one point. Yes I feel pain at my port site whenever I get up too fast from a seating position. All of this is normal. I am so happy you brought it up. I was starting to feel a little weird...lol.
  12. tigers1998

    To Be Clogged - What I Wish I Knew about Pain Killers

    It was the Percocet I was taking after surgery.
  13. Some of you know my story and others of you may be reading my blog for the first time. So I will summarize my pre-surgery eating habits so that you may understand the title for my entry. Before Hernia Repair and Lap Band surgery, I had a VERY limited diet. I was in pain when I was hungry and in pain when I ate. I also had a habit of regurgitating food in my sleep. Nausea, cramps, burning/stabbing pain all symptoms I was used to on a regular basis. Food getting stuck....yea that is an understatement. You name it I had it. Most foods agitated my condition, the list looking something like the following: carbonated/ caffeinated/alcoholic beverages, fruit, fruit juices (not even orange juice), products with tomato paste (spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, etc), raw vegetables, soup of the non creamy variety, cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, candy bars, and so forth. You are probably asking yourself the following: WHAT ON EARTH COULD YOU EAT? Well that's simple: starch mostly. Rice, pasta, bread, potato, oatmeal, ice cream, pudding, jello, mushy veggies, and most meats. My life was a daily chore of figuring out what food to eat that would cause me the lease amount of pain. Yes, I had meds but it was like taking sugar pills: no effect. Well, Life has changed for me in more ways than one since then. I sleep better, I experience no pain outside of hunger and the occasional gas/air dilemma (burping hiccupping etc). MOST IMPORTANTLY: I EAT WITH NO PAIN. For the first time in THREE years, I had a few bites of lasagna and a few bites of salad. Everything stayed down and hours later I was still pain free. My mom and I almost cried. These two food items alone would have caused me several hours of pain in my pre surgery days. It took this experience to show me just how SICK I've been for many years. What you EAT and DO NOT (OR IN MY CASE CAN NOT) EAT greatly effects how well your body operates. I feel better, I sleep better, and hopefully I will experience fewer illnesses in the future. I have a new lease on life because I am now able to eat a healthier diet. BUT it is still a struggle. I not only have to learn how to eat, I also have to retrain my mind not to fear pain when I eat. In many ways, It makes me feel like an outcast in most lap band groups. While many are fighting their way to portion control and healthy eating, I am fighting my way through fear and years of a non healthy but very restrictive diet. This is the true reason, I share all of my experiences. I know I cannot be the only one with this journey. It also the reason, why it is painful to me when others beat themselves up about eating food (healthy or junk wise). If you only knew what it was like to go so many years without being able to eat. It is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Anyways, I am on my way to a better/ healthier life and I can't wait to see where it takes me. I wish the best to all of you. May your journey be one full of success and happiness.
  14. I agree and I guess disagree all at the same time. Yes your hunger will return. No you should not over indulge in fatty foods. Change however takes time. Don't be embarrassed that you ate chips. Just limit the amount you eat. Deprivation is the mother of all diet breaking habits. The best thing my mother (who lost over 100 pounds without surgery and has kept it off) ever told me was this: you strive to have a healthy diet as much as humanly possible. But when you truly crave something and you don't eat it, sometimes you over eat other things trying to compensate for the one item you are avoiding. It is not the fatty foods that make us lose control - one chip did not make you gain several pounds over night - it took several chips over a long period of time. So every blue moon if you have to have some chips than do so. Portion control is the key.

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