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    chubbsey1 reacted to Healthy_life2 in 5 years out and trying to reset   
    Glad to see you back after five years. You are not alone. Many have experienced regain years out. Several are back on the site for support. Counseling and self help resources are a great place to start to find your willpower. Time to deal with emotional stress eating.
    doing the head work link below.

    Some things from my weight gain experience to try. (What works for me may not work for you)
    Clear out your home of temptation- go shopping for foods on your real food plan Extra carbs and real sugar cause cravings and hunger – Detox off them Satisfy sweet and salty cravings with healthy options: Example -Sweet: dannon light n fit yogurt – Salty: Jerky Hydrate and exercise/activity I’m a sleeve, I have less surgery restriction years out. Eat veggies with all the other item on your plan until full. The bulk and Fiber will help fill the extra space, They keep your calories low and help with hunger. Log your food (myfitnesspal) the key is to stay within your weight loss calories and macros.(protein and carb goals) Start at 1200 calories. You can dial the numbers up or down to see where your body loses weight. People will mention pouch reset. ( Its going back to liquids phase and progressing to real food stage) It does not shrink your pouch. Decide if this is too food restrictive. You can always start real food to reset.
    Years out, Find a diet that is sustainable for you long term – Vegan, paleo, intermittent fasting, whole 30, Keto the list goes on. Whatever diet you chose. Log your food and stay within your calories/macros.
    People will mention Pouch reset. ( Its going back to liquids phase and progressing to real food stage) It does not shrink your pouch. It may help you feel restriction better. Decide if this is too food restrictive. You can always start real food to reset.
    Years out, Find a diet that is sustainable for you long term – Vegan, paleo, intermittent fasting, whole 30, keto the list goes on. Whatever diet you chose. Log your food and stay within your calories/macros
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    chubbsey1 reacted to tiredmama in 5 years out and trying to reset   
    Hi all. I just logged on to this site for the first time in years. Yesterday I went in for my annual check-up. I skipped it last year because I was terribly ashamed of how much weight I had regained. When I hit the 5-year anniversary of my sleeve surgery, I decided it was time to face my fears and scheduled an appointment. I've gained back more than half of what I lost after my surgery. In addition to feeling terrible about it all the time, having had to buy bigger clothes because nothing fit and being embarrassed whenever I reconnect with someone I haven't seen in a couple of years, I also now have a set of bloodwork results confirming what I deeply suspected- I have already reversed some of the health benefits of my weight loss. I cried during the appointment and the (new) nurse practitioner was very kind. I was honest with her and shared that I know exactly what I am doing wrong but I continue to turn to food emotionally, eat the wrong foods, and graze. I explained that the surgery helped me initially when I felt a lot of restriction but it did not in any way change my emotional dependence on food for self-soothing. I never found alternative coping strategies that were even close to as powerful for me as emotional over-eating and numbing myself out with sugar and carbs. I told her that I have a complicated and stressful life and, in addition, I lost my beloved father unexpectedly a few years ago and he had been the greatest source of unconditional love and acceptance in my life. The dog I adopted to help me through my grief was hit by a car and died in December. I'm in perimenopause and my hormones are all screwed up. I know intellectually that food won't solve any of my problems but the desire for comfort is much stronger than my willpower. This has been my pattern my entire life. The nurse practitioner listened. She reminded me that regain is extremely common. Not sure what comes next but I appreciate the chance to share my story with all of you.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to GreenTealael in 2 year lag in compliance, dieting again...portions?   
    Perhaps try
    structured eating first (set meal times)
    then find a diet style you like (wholefoods, vegan, Mediterranean, Keto, etc)
    then one by one substitute out low quality foods for higher ones (milk chocolate for dark, reg. icecream for halotop, rice for riced cauliflower, sugar for a zero cal sub, etc) until you can fully convert back to where the practice wants you to be.
    Good luck 💜
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Sosewsue61 in Extreme Measures   
    It will reset your head, and rid your liver of glucose. Good luck. I havebeen watching youtube videos of Dr Duc Vuong for a good arss kicking reality
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    chubbsey1 reacted to FluffyChix in Big Name Meal Plans...anyone a year or more out try them?   
    The reality is that EVERYONE on the face of the earth has a diet that they must follow to survive. We all have to eat.
    So after surgery, it's just important that your diet is something you can live with long term and is affordable and can be made to fit within your doc's and RD's guidelines for their program. So any and all of those work.
    Me? At 12 months, I just do IF + low carb/low fat/fit my macros (all together).

    Good luck at finding what works for you!
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    chubbsey1 reacted to GreenTealael in Failed EVERYTHING, need to know I'm not alone.   
    Join us here for support and motivation

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    chubbsey1 reacted to mi75 in Shout out to all Vets- scale is moving again   
    WHOOP WHOOP!!! 4 years post op, I am finally getting the scale to move again and my regain is officially gone.
    I was doing some Keto type eating, but now I'm trying to cut back the fat so it's more like a 'bariatric' type eating, just a low carb, high Protein thing. I had been losing nicely for a long time then the scale completely stopped. What I THINK was happening is that my body had adjusted to ketosis and I was probably taking in a little too much dietary fat so I wasn't burning my own fat.
    Now that I've tweaked it my regain has dropped off and I'm back 'on the move'!!!!
    Hoping for a good 7-10 lb loss over the next month before I have some medical testing
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Healthy_life2 in I do not understand 'no restriction left"   
    My restriction is still there and working after 4 years. Statistics I've seen say revisions are rare.
    I have compassion for anyone who has had a large weight gain or complications.
    The sleeve stretching scenario leaves me baffled. Are the mental health evaluations identifying eating disorders pre surgery? Are surgeons offices/medical community intervening if someone is binge eating past capacity repeatedly?(stretching their sleeve)
    Do people confuse stretching their sleeve with grazing? It's not that the sleeve has stretched. Grazing is not eating past the feeling of restriction.
    Grazing: Consuming poor food choices and/or excessive calories in many meals over, over and over throughout the day. The amount of calories would be as if you never had surgery. The weight would come right back.
    any thoughts?
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Healthy_life2 in Veteran's 2+ years out and chasing 10 to 20lb gain.   
    just updated what my carb cycle looks like...
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Healthy_life2 in Veteran's 2+ years out and chasing 10 to 20lb gain.   
    My disclaimer lol I'm not a dietician...I'm just another struggling patient.
    High Carbohydrate Day: Protein, healthy carbs, no/low fats Veggies
    moderate carbohydrate Day: Slight increase in healthy carbs, protein veggies
    no carbohydrates Days this just means all carbs come from vegetables. protein add healthy fats
    My week based on my tdee - Female 133 pounds 5'5" high activity level
    Monday high carb day - Hit my maintenance calories 1400 to 1900 -carbs 230g - protein 143g
    Tuesday no carb day - Hit my cutting calories 1100 to 1300 -130g protein 55 carbs add avocado, and fats etc
    Wednesday no carb day- Hit my cutting calories 1100 to 1300 -130g protein 55g carbs add avocado and fats etc
    Thursday high carb day: Hit my maintenance calories 1400 to 1900 -carbs 230g - protein 143g
    Friday - no carb day- Hit my cutting calories 1100 to 1300 -130g protein 55g carbs add avocado and fats etc
    Saturday no carb day- Hit my cutting calories 1100 to 1300 -130g protein 55g carbs add avocado and fats etc
    Sunday - Moderate carb day 1100 to 1300 calories 75g to 100g carbs 130g protien
    Here are some links for the basics of how this works...Ignore the trainers muscles ..Yes, he's ripped.
    To calculate your calories and macros specifically by sex, height, weight exercise level
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    chubbsey1 reacted to CowgirlJane in Veteran's 2+ years out and chasing 10 to 20lb gain.   
    Over time, our bodies seem to change in terms of response to what always worked.
    I joined a gym where I do a different kind of exercise - it's high intensity interval training and it is intense. I am also following their food plan, but in reality it's lean Protein and veggie based so not that different. I am just adhering closer. The weight is coming off painfully slow, but, its going the right direction and I am feeling alot better about my situation.
    I am also still doing my low intensity daily brisk walks, but I don't even count those as exercise now.
    So, maybe try changing it up - try intermittant fasting or some other technique that you have not been doing, change something about your workouts. Celebrate the very small wins because at this phase it seems to take forever to lose anything and so easy to gain!
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Healthy_life2 in Veteran's 2+ years out and chasing 10 to 20lb gain.   
    WHEN THE BASICS DON'T WORK ANY MORE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET THE WEIGHT BACK DOWN? (Please don't post Going back to basics, TDEE method or the pouch reset . I have tried them all)
    NO...I'm not eating off plan and YES I exercise 2 hours five days a week like a beast. i have battle the same 15 pounds up and down for a year. Weight loss is painfully slow.


    I started carb cycling and its working well.
    I'm down 12 pounds as of this morning. My weight loss speed has picked up. So far what I am doing is finally working. But, I'm still waiting to see if I have the dreaded weight gain bounce back.
    What have you tried and what is actually working?

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    chubbsey1 reacted to ProudGrammy in 6 year surgiversary   
    ladies and @Alex Brecher
    places and "likes"were deleted by me by mistake
    i know, its hard to believe, but i made a mistake once!
    but it turned out wrong! LOL
    i'm so sorry - posts, "Likes"were deleted by yours' truly
    but I messed up i tried to fix, but got in to more trouble
    once i realized i made a mistake i tried to correct
    my error, kept making them worse!
    sooooo anyone that said anything nice about me,
    any ones name/"likes" that i screwed up.....
    forget it!!!
    your sad friend

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    chubbsey1 reacted to needtorecover in Weight Watchers?   
    Hey y'all! So I fell off the band-wagon (pun intended) and bellied up to the holiday binge-fest which was filled with gravy-butter-and-chocolate-laden foods. Easy sliders that go straight through the band. I gained 13 pounds. I refuse to update my ticker to indicate this because I'm gonna lose that weight again, dammit.
    I decided to join Weight Watchers and I really like the plan. I've been struggling with food choices and ideas for meals, Snacks, etc. and I really like their recipes. You can modify them to add or reduce points as you like. The hardest part so far is the fact that it's lower fat than I'm used to. I'm okay with reducing sugar but eating plenty of healthy fats from avocados, olive oil, and nuts/nut butters helps me stay full and those are high in "points" so I've had to cut that dramatically.
    But aside from that, the plan is easy to follow. I need flexibility in my diet or else I go nuts. That being said, when I allow myself too MUCH flexibility I don't lose weight. This plan is a very happy medium.
    Anyway, just checking in to see if there are any buddies out there doing WW or who are interested in it. Also interested to see if there are still bandsters around - I realize it's a fading surgery.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Debbieduck4 in Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014   
    Hi All,
    Just wanted to check in... I haven't been on Bariatric Pal for quite some time! This site was my go-to place for information and support right after my surgery, and then I tried to pay it forward for a year or so after that, but I haven't come here to see what's happening lately. Anyways, I've done pretty well... Maintained my weight loss (101 lbs) until in the last 4 months when I have gained 10 pounds without changing much in my diet (An extra trip or two to Starbucks probably) :/ I think maybe it has to do with my activity level. I took a new job that has me sitting A LOT more. I need to get back on track before things get out of hand. Thinking of doing the 5 Day Pouch Reset.. Has anyone tried that? How are others doing who are 3-4 years out? Happy Holidays!
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Andrew0929 in Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014   
    I’m 4 years and 3 days out and in a similar situation. I lost about 150 and am about 14 pounds above my lowest weight.

    What baffles me is that I continue to weigh and log all food and my calories/carbs haven’t increased and my level of exercise is the same.

    Working out 6 days/week and keeping calories at or below 1900.

    I’d be happy even losing 6 pounds. I hate that my pants are slightly tight. Makes me mad even typing that...

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    chubbsey1 reacted to Julie norton in Vet Search   
    Nice to see some friendly veterans around. I cannot answer more questions about stalls or constipation and you guys never ask those!!
    Life goes on. I'm a bit on the higher side than where I like to be. But very healthy and exercising and trying[emoji736]

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    chubbsey1 reacted to bellabloom in Vet Search   
    Hey, I’m a vet about um 4 years? I guess 4 in December. I lose track. I check in on these boards now and then.
    I don’t spend much time on here for a couple reasons.. one being that I’ve just moved on with my life and weight really isn’t a big factor for me anymore.
    The other is that for some reason in my generation of 2014-2015 vets there were some serious assholes. Mean, snarky, judgmental, all or nothing, never eat again etc jerks.
    But I do like to check in now and then and help people out. I’m always up for a pm and I will get back eventually! [emoji6]
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Introversion in Vet Search   
    Since this forum regards those with 1+ years of experience as 'vets,' I am considered one since I am 2.5 years out.
    Nonetheless, I am leery about posting in this forum because many people are not truly seeking advice. Rather, they are fishing for validation of their poor decisions. Examples include:
    Snacking on nutritionally bereft junk before they hit goal (chips, Cookies, popcorn) Rigid thought processes (e.g., dichotomous thinking, "always" or "never ever again") Getting "back on track" after a massive regain without addressing the root cause. You can lose a 50-lb regain, but you'll regain it all plus more once the next crisis hits since you never addressed your emotional overeating tendencies. Losing a regain without tackling the root cause is like taking pain pills to treat a brain tumor: both tactics help the symptoms and ignore the cause. So, to avoid being shouted down by those who only want feedback that fits neatly into their worldviews, I post in other forums.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to BigViffer in Vet Search   
    Most of us vets that were fairly prolific in the past just aren't wanted by the new members the past year and a half. When putting out fact, not feelings, brands you as a bully or insensitive, the incentive to contribute diminishes. More and more it appears as though people are more concerned with feelings and popularity rather than actually living better.
    I think the straw that broke the back was the marshmallow peeps conversation. There are very few topics that I bother commenting in anymore. People are just not worth the time to type out the information.
    Oh, and the vets that are gone aren't coming back even if they wanted to. They were banned. Some with good reason though.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to summerset in Vet Search   
    Hopefully not. The last thing this site needs are local bariatric heroes with a know-it-all-attitude that are all about people needing to "wear their big girl panties" when dealing out their so-called "tough love" and behave like crybabies themselves when someone dares to talk back in the same manner.
    However, if you're really missing them quite a few can be found at Obesity Help.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to Apple1 in Why do we fall off the wagon? & How to get back on?   
    How many calories are you consuming daily? Do you track your foods? How many carbs and Protein are you eating? Are you drinking at least 64oz or more Water daily? I think we need more information to offer advice. Did you follow your doctors plan?
    Exercise can be walking or non-impact in a pool, it doesn't have to be stressful to the body.
    I am sorry you haven't lost weight, but maybe you still can if you change some things.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to lynneanne in Why do we fall off the wagon? & How to get back on?   
    I am a little more than 2 years out from my Gastric Sleeve. Problem is, I never really lost any weight. In the first few weeks after surgery, when I was dehydrated, unable to drink, nauseated, and in pain, I dropped 25 pounds which immediately came back as soon as I could consume any nutrition at all. i only lost 5 pounds from my surgery. i am at that weight today. What really disgusts me is that prior to surgery, i was losing weight regularly. i had lost 62 pounds on my own. Now, I find it impossible to do so. I wish I could use my Sleeve, but it seems to be working against me, although I am unable to eat as much as before, I can eat a substantial amount and have a large appetite. I have seen my doctor, nutritionist, etc. For medical reasons, I am unable to exercise. Any suggestions? PS. i am on Medicare, they will not pay for revision surgery as I am 5 foot 4, 195 pounds.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to mi75 in Post RNY weight regain, is the keto diet an alternative?   
    Keto can be a great balance of meats, fats, non-starchy veg, the occasional berry, and full fat dairy.
    The unfortunate side effect that I found out is that because of the high percentage of fat (true, real keto represents about 100+g of fat a day), I had terrible stomach issues and dumping syndrome. I think the SCIENCE behind keto speaks for itself, and there IS a LOT of science out there. Tons of research has been done regarding Keto and cancer, diabetes, inflammation etc.
    I feel unfortunate that it's not an option for me, I have 2 non-WLS friends who have lost 75+ lbs each on it, and they eat a pretty nice balance of foods.
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    chubbsey1 reacted to RickM in Post RNY weight regain, is the keto diet an alternative?   
    If one is severely limiting their intake of carbohydrates or fats (whichever fad one chooses to follow) they are severely limiting their nutritional potential. 20g or either doesn't leave much room for the Vitamins and minerals normally obtained from those skipped foods.
    Fat burning usually starts 2-3 weeks after starting a major weight loss effort, and corresponds to when one's glycogen reserves are burned up and the body gets the idea that this caloric deficit thing is for real. Then it starts drawing from its fat reserves. This usually corresponds with the dreaded three (or third) week stall. As long as on continues a major caloric deficit, one will burn off the stored fat - whether one is on a low carb diet, high carb diet or whatever one chooses. There is a mythology promoted by some of the fad diet gurus that you need to "eat fat to burn fat", which is true to a certain extent - if one adopts a fat heavy diet, the body will adjust to metabolizing more fat, as we are an adaptable species, but if you want to burn off all that stored fat that we typically have here, it still takes a caloric deficit; otherwise all you are doing is just burning your intake and none of your stores - you can get all the "benefits" of ketosis - the bad breath and BO - without the weight loss.
    If one does a more classical "balanced but less" diet, there is less chance of the nutritional deficiencies that are inherent in these fad diets. You can burn off the stored fat just as well, though the overall fat burn will be less as you are consuming less of it, but the overall diet will be healthier and more sustainable.
    For the OP, CloudNL, another approach to consider is Dr. Matthew Weiner's veg first philosophy that he presents in several of his youtube videos, It is somewhat contrary to the classic "protein first" bariatric approach, but does have some merit, particularly for those of us many years out. I'm not real high on his lower Protein recommendations (which seem a bit scant for all except the shortest women) and I;m not so sure about his green smoothies, but as veg is inherently bulky and low calorie, it does make sense as the basis of a weight control diet/lifestyle. I follow something akin to it in that my diet is fairly high in fruits and veg, but doesn't eliminate Proteins, fats or starches - as they all have something to contribute to a healthy diet. It's worth considering if you are amenable to a higher plant based diet.
    The other related concept, conveyed by one of the surgeons in my network, is to eat as close to dirt as possible - eat what grows in the dirt, or what eats what grows in the dirt, with as little processing and packaging in between as possible. This has a lot more merit for a long term sustainable lifestyle than any random macro counting/limiting diet.