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  1. ireallywannabthin

    Band to sleeve in one procedure

    I just had my revision 3 weeks ago- it was a one shot deal but my doc said I had a lot of scar tissue around my bad which was probably a result of throwing up so often. He removed the scar tissue and I feel great!
  2. ireallywannabthin

    First Post-Op Appointment

    Thank you :)
  3. ireallywannabthin

    Food Intolerances

    Thanks for all of the responses!
  4. ireallywannabthin

    How did you know when you were full?

    Thanks for all the tips!!!
  5. Hi all, I am a recent lapband to sleeve converter (I had my surgery last week) and want to know how you know you're full. WIth my lapband, I honestly never felt full or satisfied; with the sleeve, I've seen/met/read that so many people say they get stuffed! How do you know? TIA
  6. ireallywannabthin


    I'm on my liquid diet now (Post Op) and I feel your pain!!! It will be over soon enough
  7. ireallywannabthin

    First Post-Op Appointment

    I just came back from my first post-op appointment and everything looked great! Doc took out my staples and said my incisions are healing beautifully and I was cleared with the Upper GI- no leaks That was my biggest fear.. I felt like today was confirmation of a normal bariatric life of weight loss... something I never had with my devil lapband! WOOHOO!!!!! And on his scale I was down 16.5lbs!
  8. ireallywannabthin

    Food Intolerances

    Hi all, I am a newly converted Lapband to Sleeve patient and given my history with my lapband and countless food intolerances, I was curious to know if any of you have any with your sleeve. By food intolerances, I mean not feeling well after eating or food won't go down, etc. Thanks so much
  9. ireallywannabthin

    Amazed at the damage the lap did...

    Wow that's really scary! Glad it was all fixed in one shot! My doctor also said I had a lot of scar tissue due to excess vomiting. I can't believe they're still on the market..
  10. ireallywannabthin

    Surgery 1 week out ????????

    How is it now? That would make me so nervous! Hope you're ok!
  11. ireallywannabthin

    2 days out of revision surgery

    Oh you poor thing! My gas pains were much worse and overall my conversion surgery was much more painful than it was with the band. I am now one week out and feel great! I'm still a little sore but it doesn't interfere for me. I've had trouble with my fluids and shakes (because Protein shakes make me want to vomit) but I swear I feel great because of my Powerade Zero! How are you doing?! Well wishes for a speedy recovery!
  12. Very inspiring!! Amazing work!!
  13. I agree with the above posts. The best thing you can do is be completely honest with your new surgeon once you find one. Bariatric surgery has become much more common than it was when you were first banded so I'm sure it won't be a problem. Best of luck!
  14. ireallywannabthin

    Did anyone like the band better?

    At first I did until I started getting stuck and vomiting endlessly. I never felt full- instead I was always hungry and stuck... Can't wait to see how I feel once i am advanced to actual food
  15. I just had my conversion surgery last week (3.11.15) and my doctor was able to do the removal and conversion in one shot. I spoke to him prior to my surgery and he said I had the option of having my band removed and then I don't know if that caused me as much pain as I had but either way, I'm happy it was done at the same time. My doctor told my mom right after my surgery that I had a lot of scar tissue which was probably a result of throwing up as often as I was. Just to back track, my band did not slip or errode; I was simply intolerant of the band. I wasn't able to eat most foods without getting stuck and throwing up. After two years of being filled and unfilled and barely any significant weight losss, my doctor and I agreed it was time to convert.

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