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    Lucky! I didn't even get flowers from my husband!!!
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    Got on the scale at work today. Dd the norm of stepping up and moving the scale over too 300 and DOWN went the scale! I was at 298. Pre first dr visit I was 333 and Pre Pre surgery diet I was 316!!!
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    Ok, not too be gross but I want to talk about 1st poop after surgery:) lol my sister told me her 1st poop was "EPIC" first a hard plug of poo came out after pushing like she was giving birth and then the test came flooding out and she felt a zillion times better... Tonight, a day after my surgery I finally passed some gas and my tummy hurt so bad, I felt something trying to come out and a pushed, and almost cried for an hour (afraid I was gonna pop my glue stitches) and finally a couple little balls came out..I feel better but there's more stuck in my stomach:( I want the sweet release my sister experienced:( Any similar experiences fellow October Bansters? Advice? Sincerely, S.O.L
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    I was banded on the 9th. Still on clears. Follow up tomorrow and hoping to go on full liquid/mushies soon. A girl can only take so much chocolate Protein shakes.
    Recovery has been great. Still sore at a few incision sites. Have lost 15 pounds since the 4th when I went on pre op
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    I was banded on Oct. 4th too. I'm having a lot of problems with hunger too - but just suck it up. I get to mushy foods on Friday. My coworkers and I are going to a cafeteria nearby for lunch that day, that I call the blue-haired's hangout...heee...so I can get a scoop of mashed potatoes! They have the best dinner rolls - but I'll be sliding my tray right on by...and make them soggy with my tears...hahaha - j/k.
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    I was banded on 10/5 move to soft foods on Saturday.
    The puréed stage didn't bother me too bad, after all I hardly eat anything. As for the hunger, yes I feel it right about the time I have a Protein shake mid morning or mid afternoon. I eat " dinner" around 7. If I get hungry before be a sf Popsicle or a cup of hot tea usually works. I consume approx 500-600 cal a day.
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    Hello Everyone!
    I was banded on the 4th, I've lost 20 pounds since surgery and 31 all together. I'm on the mushy diet, and I'm so over it.
    On a good note, I walked on the treadmill for 55 minutes (just over 2.5 miles) today!!!
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    I was banded on 10-10-12 and I'm still on liquids too. I go back for my first follow up tomorrow! I have lost 8 pounds so far and I'm having a hard time with hunger but I'm determined to make it better
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    Hi! I was banded October 5. Everything is going great. I'm still on mushy phase. Get my first fill Nov 5. I have the Realize band btw.
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    I think the post of diet is the craziest thing...after I got out of surgery and was so ready to go home...the nurse told me I had to drink 8 oz. of Water, eat some broth, and walk for 1 hour before they could release me...so she brings in these medicine cups that hold 2 oz..and said I had to drink 4 of them...I told her ok yeah I think I can handle that...thinking I would throw it back and be out of there...well let me tell you it took me 8 hours to sip 8 oz. of water...I have never felt so full in all my life...it is like after surgery you have no interest in the love of food anymore it is just something you do out of necessity...birthday dinners and dinners out are so not the same for a banded person...and for once in my life I dont plan my day around when I will eat...it is an amazing journey...
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    Thanks so much...sometimes it good to hear from someone who just went through it. And good luck to you too!!!
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    Thanks everyone for your answers and support. I just called my surgeons office and they said I can add Protein to Water. So I can make it until Oct 11th. And I guess your right this pre-op diet will get me ready for the post-op diet. Thanks again:)
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    You will be fine. I had my band surgery oct 5- 4 days ago. Just remember that after the surgery your only goal is to relax and heal, it's not to look at or worry about the scale. That will come in time.
    I'll be cheering you on from central Cali!
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    They did plication on you without telling you or your insurance company? That's kind of scary to me...Not the plication part, the part about not telling you...Just sayin'!
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    ldwd7791 reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ in Went Shopping For Swimwear   
    Awesome, buying swimware is so difficult, but you are making great progress and should be so proud of your accomplishments. The suit looks good and I like the coverup too.
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    ldwd7791 reacted to ChristinaAshley in Went Shopping For Swimwear   
    I must say myself that I look so good!! The fact that I went shopping for a swim suit and was able to find one was just amazing! I still have some way to go before I reach my goal but I'm taking my time and enjoying life more with this new change
    Bringing to where I'am now & still losing

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