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    October 2012 Bandsters

    Your doctor should have given you strict directions as to what you can eat and when. I am 11 days out and on liquids but not all clear. I can have strained cream soups, sugar free pudding, jello, smooth yogurt... I will be starting pured foods on tuesday. Farina, cream of wheat, soft cooked eggs, pured veggies, also pured meat. My list from the nutritionist is very detailed and date specific. Even if your dr didn't give you clear directions...you should not be eating hamburger helper anyway...too much fat and sodium. Please get to you dr and talk to them. I would hate to see you start your journey going backwards. please keep us informed.
  2. ldwd7791

    October 2012 Bandsters

    I have also noticed my nails are beautiful! My hair also! I am on stage 2 (creamed soups, sf pudding, smooth yogurt) and I use BARIATRIC ADVANTAGE protein shakes. They have 27 grams of protein and are delicious. I have banana, chocolate and strawberry. I mis them up and my fav is banana strawberry it smells and taste so good!
  3. ldwd7791

    Nervous Or Chicken???

    Nadine, I couldn't wait to see how you handled your surgery. I wanted to skip ahead and see but all the posts were interesting. I am glad you did well. I had a band with plication on 10/9/12. I didn't think they would release me from the hospital because I couldn't drink what they suggested I should. I also had a hiatal huernia repair. Once I was home it was great! I was more comfortable and was able to drink most of what they suggested and in the first 5 days lost 8 lbs. My dr puts us on stages of diets and I am getting ready for stage 3 on tuesday. I have an appt with him on Thursday and I cannot "weight" to see the numbers! I was talking to my son this morning and we both realized my ankles are thinner! I will enjoy following your journey. Best of luck to you!
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    Yay for you! Very inspiring!
  5. ldwd7791

    Went Shopping For Swimwear

    I can't wait for my swimsuit moment! Good for you!
  6. ldwd7791

    Plication ~ Yes Or No?

    I have the band with plication. I was told they were both reversible. The band always was and with the plication still being tested that is was reversible up to 5-7 years. It was also explained to me that the plication would make slippage of the band nearly impossible. I had the band in once before and had to have it removed because of slippage due to food poisoning and a virus which caused extreme vomiting. I waited too long to go to the dr to address it and when I did go it was too late to do anything but take it out. I am excited about my journey and can't wait to see the results! P.S. pay no attention to my ticker...I am having trouble changing my weight. Btw, it was 262 last tuesday and I go to the dr thursday again...can't "weight" to see the new loss!
  7. I was banded with plication last tuesday (oct 9). I experienced shoulder pain as soon as I woke in recovery. I expected it. It is from the gas they pump you with during the operation. Walking is the only way to get rid of it. I have never heard about tubing giving shoulder pain. I had the band a few years back and I had it for almost 4 yrs...never did the tubing bother me. I hope whatever is causing your pain ceases and you can enjoy the journey we have just started!

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