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  1. Tammy310

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    That's my problem. I lost 23lbs right away but since my post-op follow-up appointment I'm stuck!!! Like super stuck! NOTHING! as a matter of fact I gained a few ounces. I'm not getting all of my fluids. I'm just really feeling like I'm failing my sleeve.
  2. Tammy310

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    glad to hear that you are doing better NightOwl. one day at a time.
  3. Tammy310

    Hair Loss

    I started taking biotin just for peace of mind but I agree, it's likely a nutritional thing. Protein is what my NUT keeps telling me. make sure you're getting 60-80 grams a day minimum and it will help.
  4. Tammy310

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    From what I gather...more liquids...and protein. That seems to be the magic key to life and the world of thin.
  5. Tammy310

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    I guess I've also hit my first stall. SW 223, CW 199. sleeved 10/29 in the middle of hurricane Sandy. Thank God they didn't cancel me. But even though I'm 24lbs down, no loss at all in the past week. I don't think I'm getting enough of whatever I'm supposed to be getting but I'm eating almost the same as I was on the pre-op so I thought I'd still be losing. Started back to the gym a week ago. Doc said treadmill only for 8weeks. I know I'm not hitting my protein mark or my fluids although some days I'm pretty close. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. I'm worried that I've already done something to ruin my sleeve which is why I've stopped losing. Even though I know it's a stall (3 week one at that). It's just hard to keep focused when i thought it would just fall off.
  6. Hello all, I deserted for quite a bit but thought I'd check in. I was sleeved on 10/29, the start of the hurricane here in NJ. I don't really remember the day well, the anesthesia really knocked it out of me. Because of the storm, I had no one with me at the hospital. Hubby came and waited until I was in my room. Then 2 of my daughters stopped up for a bit. He came back that afternoon but by the time he got back, the hospital was asking visitors to start to leave due to the storm. I mostly slept. Monday night, into Tuesday I had the worst dry heaves EVER! I was sure I was going to rip something. Tuesday was the leak test and I swear the stuff they gave me to drink was bile. Luckily I only had to do 2-3 sips. They let me go home tuesday afternoon. I was nauseous all day from the UGI. I've never had a drop of pain and like someone else posted, I wondered if they just punched holes but didn't really do anything. My surgeon said, No Vitamins and NO Protein until I see him at my post-op appt. That confused me because up until that moment, all I heard was protein, protein, vitamins forever! =/ Still, I'm learning. I've found that my stomach gurgles when it's trying to tell me I'm full. This happens after a few sips in a row. I'm never hungry (but then I didn't get fat because I ate when I was hungry... I ate when I wasn't) I LOVE peppermint tea. I have at least 2 cups per day and it helps to calm the demon sleeve. I confess that I'm afraid this won't work, eventhough I can already see and feel a change. at my pre-op clearance on 10/16 I was 223. Now less than 20days later, I'm at 200. I see the surgeon on Tuesday to go over the operation, the game plan, and to be released back to work. Being home is making me crazy. I'm glad to see that most of us have gotten through with only minor issues. Good Luck and God Bless.
  7. Tammy310

    Outpatient Sleeve?

    didn't say it to be judgemental and yours wasn't the post to which I was referring. so, sorry if you were offended. Personally, I'm far too chicken (and sick) to do an outpatient sleeve. More power to those that do.
  8. Tammy310

    Before And After

    WOW!! It's true you both look so much younger. Awesome! and Congratulations.
  9. Tammy310

    Outpatient Sleeve?

    I actually believe that I read a post around here somewhere that someon came home the same day with no complications no restrictions etc etc.. it sounded fake to me. I know some sleevers personally by 3 diff docs. Perhaps it's because it was the same facility but if you went in on monday, you didn't leave til tues evening. Also, it depended on the patient. Some of them stayed longer. but none were out sooner.
  10. it's for the best. I hope it's a CTA or even a VQ scan but all will be well. More hugs... little light non painful ones.
  11. I'm no doc but after I had my gallbladder out (10yrs ago), I had leg cramps etc. and they said anesthesia side effect blah blah...then I had chest pain and they said gas. I kept walking. That started on a monday. By friday I was back admitted for a pulmonary embolism. We thought I was have an asthma flare up. Be safe... ask what the risk is that it's a PE. Don't go home in pain like that. They can call the insurance company for "concurrent review" and keep you admitted. Feel better...sending hugs and prayers your way.
  12. I haven't had surgery yet but I'm on the October sleevers group and wanted to check up on you all and see how it's going. First, congratulations! I hope to join you on the losers bench soon. But this thread has sparked some questions & comments. 1) I'm so glad that I had a uterine ablation 2 yrs ago, no TOM for me which is good because it seems to be triggered by this procedure and it seems to be painful afterwards. 2) did any of you with calf pain speak with your surgeon? I only ask because it could be a sign of blood clot or of potassium deficiency and I was wondering what they said. 3) do gas x strips make you burp or do they just make the gas go away. I am physically unable to burp (sad but true) so I'd like to find something I can use. 4) what are the slimes? Can you prevent them? Thanks so much ! And congrats again " losers "
  13. My biggest fear (besides death) is going through this and not losing at all. I've never considered losing too much. Didn't even think it was a possibility. Hmmmm, something else to think about.
  14. My doc said I can probably go back in a week. If i want to. But his nurse told me that the average is 3 and they start with an estimate of four. Even with all of that, I know someone who struggled to go back at five. . It truly is a case by case thing. I only wanted to take a week but the more I think about it, the more I'm looking forward to a vacation!! Yay sleeve!
  15. Tammy310

    October Sleevers

    My date is also 10/29!!! I don't have a time yet but the date won't change.