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  1. jbgirl5856

    Bikini Pic - share yours!

    I say rock it lol
  2. I'm obviously on team sleeve! lol I just haven't heard great things about the Lapband. You have to choose what's important to you. I can order something and eat an okay amount right now. I eat much slower than everyone and don't eat a ton. But if I go out, I'll get a small salad or a Soup or something like that. I was scared of this too...but in the end loosing weight was more important than all of those things. I just figured it all out after my surgery! I'm still able to enjoy a beer if I want one...I am only 23 after all
  3. Hope you are getting through your meltdown! 3 days post op I had a meltdown and just started crying for no reason...I totally freaked out and couldn't believe I had done this to myself. My mom and boyfriend thought I went off the deep end lol They calmed me down and I got over it. I was truly addicted to food and I had to mourn it. You won't regret it....sounds like you are already having fabulous success!! So glad you enjoyed my post Thanks for commenting!
  4. Holy Cow - It's been 7 months! My weight has pretty much stayed the same this last month and I'm quite okay with it I started at 231 lbs. and 'm holding steady at 143 lbs. Ideally, I'd like to lose 10 more pounds and I am working towards it. It will happen! I was just in my friend's wedding this past weekend and it was so nice not to dread a formal event!! Last time this year, I dreaded stuff like this for weeks due to knowing I wouldn't have anything to wear and that there would be tons of pictures. My friend looked beautiful and I was able to focus on her wonderful day rather than being insecure and concerned about how I looked. As you will see in the pictures below, my friends are super tiny...like 95-100 pounds tiny! They have been my friends since I was 5 and I had always felt insecure taking pictures with them...no one wants to be the fat friend! With that said, they have been extremely supportive. They have never made me feel bad about myself and when I told them I was having the surgery they were 100% supportive. They are so proud of me and I love them for it. I didn't tell every person I know that I had surgery, but I did tell my close friends and it was one of the best things I could have done. To me, the surgery was something to Celebrate and something to be proud of. I'm proud of my decision and how hard I've worked to lose the weight....I hope everyone else feels that same sense of pride! You are taking control of your life and it should be celebrated. Thank you to the people who read my posts every month. You guys leave the nicest comments and I'm thankful for the support this forum has provided me with. Wishing everyone happiness and success with their surgery! Jordyn The pictures of me in the black dress is from a wedding last May...the pictures with the purple dress is from the wedding this past weekend with my beautiful friends
  5. Thank you. No plastic surgery and no plans for any. I had worked out since being two weeks post op and don't really have loose skin. But I am feeling good
  6. Yup I work out quite a bit. 4-5 times a week...consisting of running 2-3 miles plus 30 minutes of core and then some arms and legs depending on the day.
  7. jbgirl5856

    3 Months Post Op With Pictures

    Thank you! Congrats on being 5 days post op. I do work out a lot. 4-5x a week and I do a variety of things. I do a 30 minute circuit, core strengthening exercises, and cardio. I started working out right away!
  8. jbgirl5856

    Luving The Loosers Bench!

    You look very happy! Congrats
  9. Hi Everyone! So this morning I ran my first 5k! The turkey trot at my university I was so proud of myself for running it. I definitely almost bailed on it last night...luckily I have friends that wouldn't let that happen! When I crossed the finish line I just thought about the week before surgery when I went to the gym, got on the treadmill, and was unable to go more than 1/4 of a mile without wheezing and feeling like I was dying! lol Working out has become a part of my daily routine and it is by far my favorite part of the surgery. I used to not believe people when they said they loved working out. I was convinced they were lying and I kind of hated them for it!! It's very petty, but when you're overweight and miserable you tend to knock down other people for being healthy. The quote "Insecurity is an ugly thing. It makes you hate people you don't even know" was very true in my pre-sleeve life. As a 22 year old girl in college, I had a bitterness inside me that affected my personality! I would get annoyed at my friends who went shopping, got ready for the night, worked out, etc. I was simply jealous. I feel like a much happier person. I am wayyyyy less anxious and feel laid back, healthy, and strong! I no longer feel constant guilt about my decisions I make on a daily basis. Whenever I don't want to get up and work out, I just think to myself - Will I feel proud of sleeping in 2 more hours or Will i feel proud for getting up and working out? What decision will make me happiest in the long run? I have to consistently remind myself of this to stay motivated. I work out 4-5 days a week for about an hour and a half. I had some people ask what my workout routine was in my last post so I posted a general outline at the end of this post. I also will post a couple of unflattering before pictures and some current pictures from the 5k and this past weekend. The biggest advice I have is to not be intimidated of working out. I am not great at working out. The first couple weeks of working out were absolutely miserable. I could not run 1/2 a mile and I threw up half way through the 30 minute circuit every time. I also had zero core strength! I have a friend that I go to the gym with and I just had to get over feeling embarrassed in front of her. I now feel comfortable going to the gym and it is something I enjoy - I just had to get over those first couple of weeks! What do you guys do for a workout routine? I have lots of room for improvement! Good luck to all of you and I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holiday season! I busted out the Christmas decorations last night I apologize for the lengthiness of my posts - I'm a talkative girl Jordyn General Workout Routine -Stretch -5 minute cardio warmup (eliptical, treadmill, bike) -30 Minute Circuit (12 reps on the chest press, pull down, row, shoulder press, biceps curl, triceps extension, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, ab machine and step exercises for 1 minute in between - 20 stations total) -30 Minute Core Strengthening (I switch these up a lot....these were so hard at first but I can see the difference in my stomach!) -20 Minute Arms or Legs (I pick one or the other - consist of squats, leg lifts, or free weight arm exercises) -15-30 Minute Cardio -Cool Down and Stretch Stats Age: 22 Height: 5'3 Date of Surgery: August 22nd, 2012 Starting Weight: 231 Current Weight: 169 Total loss: 62 pounds Goal Weight: 130 Pictures: 1) Before Side Shot 2) Before Front Shot 3) Doing the corn maze with my boyfriend's family 4) About to go to school! 5) HAD TO POST THIS - I have always thought that pea coats are so cute and could never get them to fit me - soooo happy that they now do lol 6) Night out with friends 7) My bridesmaids dress for my friend's wedding in March - still a little snug but a big improvement from what it looked like before! 8) Finished with the 5k!!
  10. Hey Everyone, I am a 22 yr old college student and was sleeved on August 22nd. I am a little over 2 months post op right now. I am loving my sleeve! I had a great recovery right from the start and am down 55 pounds right now. My starting weight was 231 and I am currently at 176. I can pretty much tolerate any kinds of foods - but just very, very small portions of food! The first picture is me at my consultation appointment on July 19th and the other one is a wedding from the summer. The next one is from this past weekend at a bridal shower. I have had stalls, but haven't freaked out about them. I lost 12 pounds my first week and then nothing for 3 more weeks. It kinda sucked but then it all started dropping!! I work out 4-5 times a week with friends - cardio, weights, circuits, etc. I just keep doing what I am supposed to knowing that it has to eventually come off! My doctor's goal for me is 130 which I can't even fathom. We will see!!! I'm feeling way more confident and am so glad that getting dressed is no longer such a depressing activity. I have more energy and just feel happy. I hope everyone else is doing great. Hang in there new sleevers!
  11. jbgirl5856

    Nectar Yes Or No?!

    My biggest complaint about nectar is how much it foams. I have the roadside lemonade and it foams so much when I mix it. Plus it does not taste like lemonade lol I was intrigued by it but was disappointed
  12. Well I'm in the hospital one day post op. I was out of it yesterday and was really exhausted. I woke up at four am and have had nurses coming in and out. I was feeling a lot of pain and nausea but it's under control with pain medication now I've been walking! Can only go up from here!!
  13. I had better luck through e-mail. I also had called my insurance company directly and they were very helpful (Blue Cross Blue Shield). Good luck!
  14. Haha yes!! 26g of PROTEiN not carbs. Oops
  15. jbgirl5856

    Insurance Approval....

    I have BCBS of New Jersey - My information was faxed July 27th and I got approval today (August 6th) so 6 business days. When I called my insurance company and spoke to the manager they said that once they begin processing it takes about 5 business days. I'm sure it varies state to state. Good luck to you!

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