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  1. HalfTheWoman

    Pork Rinds

    Anyone on here eat pork rinds?
  2. HalfTheWoman

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Amazing transformation! Congrats!
  3. I get hungry! I usually eat something small every two or three hours. The first month or two I didn't but I get very hungry at times...I just eat something small and I am satisfied.
  4. HalfTheWoman

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    You look awesome! I have lost 85 lbs and wanted to be down 100 by Christmas but that is not happening. I am losing very slow now.
  5. HalfTheWoman

    5 Months Photo

    From the album: On My Way Down

    5 months 79 lbs down.
  6. I have been on a stall for 9 days and before that it was 2 weeks. I kept going up and down with the same 2 lbs and finally today (after 2 birthday parties this weekend) I am down 2 more lbs. I am not sure how this happens but I am just glad it does! I had candy, cookies and cake this weekend (not in large quantities).
  7. HalfTheWoman

    14 Month Surgiversary!

    You look awesome. I am about half way to goal and hope to make it by my 1 year anniversary. I have terrible saggy skin on my neck and my arms are pretty bad. I hope I can have all the excess skin removed one day! Congratulation.!!
  8. HalfTheWoman

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    I am doing great! I have had a couple of stall but even lost 2 lbs while we were on vacation. I am losing about 12 lbs a month but that seems to be slowing down. I walk on the treadmill but was trying to do a little jogging but everytime I do...my back starts hurting. I am hoping to be to the half way to goal mark when I go to see my surgeion in Oct. I have 5 lbs to go....wish me luck!
  9. HalfTheWoman

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Everyone is looking good!
  10. You are in inspiration to us all and you will never know how much your comments and post have meant to me. We can always count on you for a reply and educational advice. Please continue to be there for us as we will try to be there for you as you strive to reach your goal! We know you will and will lead the way for the rest of us seeking to reach ours! Congratulations!
  11. HalfTheWoman


    I eat the Fiber One 80 calorie cereal. It taste good. I don't eat it often because of carbs but if I must have some. I eat 3/4 cup with 1/2 cup almond milk and most of the time cannot get it all down. I really do chew it well too!
  12. I had a lap band put in back in 2007 and it never worked much for me. I told everyone I was having it done and when it failed..so did I. I was extremely embarrassed when people saw me years later and said "I thought you had the lapband". So when I have my sleeve I didn't tell many people because I was afraid of failure again. But now 8 weeks out I really want to tell the world but I am still afraid. I have lost about 58 lbs so far but everyday I think...what if this is all I lose or what if I gain it all back. Especially when I am in a stall or gain some instead of lose. It is still a daily battle and I have to remind myself that I am doing great. I fight head hunger everyday and I am always afraid I am over eating. I try to stay around 600 calories a day. Protein first! We were walking everyday but we decided to start jogging and I hurt my back...so now I have to take a week off to let it get better. Since I am not walking I gained .6 and that stinks but I am going to keep on keeping on. I wanted to post my picture on here of how far I have come as an encouragement to myself! I want to lose the weight and I don't want to be ashamed of how I look but I never, ever want to go back there!
  13. HalfTheWoman

    My Change

    You look awesome...congratulations!!
  14. HalfTheWoman

    I Wish I Could See The Difference!

    I agree with you! No one at work could tell I had lost weight and I was just like you down about 43 lbs. I bought me 2 shirts that were 2 sizes smaller than I wore before surgery...and they fit!!! I wore one to work on the next Monday and everyone was coming up to me saying...wow, how much weight have you lost. There is even this one guy who calls me Skinny Minnie (he is a hoot). It makes me feel great! This weekend I bought a pair of straight leg jeans 2 sizes smaller and didn't try them on....I told my husband that even if I couldn't wear them now I could in a few weeks..he agreed. We got home and they fit great in the waist (I was so surprised I could get them on at all) and were too big in the legs and hips. So please try a smaller size...you might have a clothes swap at your local Wellness Center or YMCA check to see! You have done amazing and I am so proud for you!!
  15. HalfTheWoman

    Multivitamin Making Me Sick?

    I take mine in the evening so if it makes me sick..I won't want a snack before bed...lol!!!
  16. HalfTheWoman

    Crystal Light Problem

    Any of the lemonades gives me heartburn!
  17. HalfTheWoman

    5 Weeks Post Op And....

    You started out a whole lot smaller than me and that makes a big difference. You are only 6 lbs away from onederland!!! I am 54 lbs away. I can't wait to get there....good job!
  18. HalfTheWoman


    How did they know you had a leak after 5 weeks?
  19. HalfTheWoman

    Week 17 With Bathing Suit Picture

    I think the swimsuit is so cute! I am going to the beach in a month and not sure what to do about a suit yet..whether to buy one now or try and find one in Sept! If I get one now will it be too big then?
  20. HalfTheWoman

    Safe Spaghetti

    I made Shrimp scampi and use Zucchini as my noodles...it was wonderful. I julienned the zucchini and you cook it in a skillet with a little olive oil. I added salt, pepper and garlic powder. It is a family favorite now!
  21. HalfTheWoman

    Frozen Banana "ice Cream"

    Yeah I saw the diet Coke posts...I think people need to chill out! Doing this makes newbies run away. It scares them off...I know it would me if I was new.
  22. HalfTheWoman

    Why Gain It Back?

    I know I am fat because I absolutely love food and love to eat! When I am sad or stressed out...I do not eat! So I am happy that there are great websites where I can modify the food I love to be a healthier, better choice. I like to cook and eat. http://bariatricfoodie.blogspot.com/ http://www.skinnytaste.com/search/label/Low%20Carb%20Recipes http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2012/04/day-in-my-pouch_14.html I believe that we need to enjoy our food as long as it's good choices. I have also found that a lot of things I used to like..I don't want or crave. I love my sleeve and so thankful to have it!
  23. At one month...how many calories and carbs should you be eating a day. I know I am supposed to get between 50-60 grams of protein.

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