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    I was also dizzy for such a long time over a year come to find out my sleeping pill I was on was to much of a high dose for me so Dr lowered the mgs and it went away immediately
  3. starr1202

    Any Massachusetts Sleevers?

    Hi Darianna, how are you doing so far?
  4. starr1202

    Any Massachusetts Sleevers?

    I'm also in New Bedford and sleeved by Dr. Kruger 10/30/12
  5. starr1202

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    What's the minimum $ and is it all protein goodies?
  6. starr1202

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

  7. starr1202

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    Is it the same person every month
  8. starr1202


    What happened to the pregnancy forum anyone?
  9. What is roller derby if u don't mind me asking?
  10. starr1202

    NHP by Masshealth & more questions

    I have NHP with mass health and didn't have to do the 6 month weigh ins and gained 14 pounds and had no issues at all.
  11. starr1202

    How do we burn carbs?

    No I don't include whole grains, vegetables, and dairy in my diet with the exception of cheese because of the carbs. I eat pure protein and good amounts of it. A friend recently gave me info on the Atkins diet carb free to get me past my stall.
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    Welcome and Congrats!!
  13. starr1202

    How do we burn carbs?

    OK I never said that I'm eating carbs I simply asked how does one burn carbs. The only carbs I'm assuming is my coffee creamer daily!
  14. starr1202

    How do we burn carbs?

    Does anyone know if while we're burning calories at the gym are we also burning carbs?