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    DivaK got a reaction from Cupcake in 16 Months Post Op With Pic   
    Wow...you are beautiful! You don't even look the same. I will take a Spanx anyday if it makes me look like that! LOL!
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    DivaK reacted to Snow in Hey July Sleevers   
    Sleeved July 11th 2012. I weighed 213lbs today I am 131lbs. Feeling absolutely fantastic!
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    DivaK reacted to Changing B4YourEyes in I HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE! I HAVE EVLOVED!   
    Good Morning Everyone.. I wanted to share a post with you. I have two Facebook accounts, of course 1 for my WLS and my everybody account!! I posted this on my Everybody account last night.. Yesterday I turned a year older!!! This is a new year, new, plans, new goals, and I’m living in the new me. I have come FULL CIRCLE and I am Free!!! This post is long but Have a Wonderful Hump Day!!!!

    Hi Every...one!!!! So again I will say a lot of folks wont see or read this and I'm ok with that.. I wanted to let you all know that earlier this year I made a very profound statement on my Facebook page about myself, here is another one.. 1 year ago Yesterday 7/16/13. I made a decision that would change my life forever.. A lot of you know that I had been sick for a long time, it had gotten to a point that I thought Slick would find me dead lying next to him. My sickness had gotten that bad. Although I had a few people that would check on me and Slick during that time, the support needed was not there by many.. Anyway, during March of last year when I was finally diagnosed with my illness, I also decided to have weight loss surgery. I started telling people that I thought would be in my corner and stand by my side but instead was slapped in the face person after person when I would tell them even family members. I had phones hung up in my face, people stopped calling, others would say why when you can lose the weight on your own.. If you had seen me and or if you knew that I was very sick you would have know that it was out of my own hands to do it alone. You would also know that for years I had been trying very hard to lose the weight on my own. I had been on bed rest for months!!!! I was very offended by all of the negative responses that I was receiving from friends and family that I completely shut down. I stopped telling people.. I told less than 6 people... Folks was more concerned about me not losing weight on my own than they were that I could barely move, breath, or take care of myself and was near deaf. It was Just me and Slick!!! On 7/16/13... I had weight loss surgery!! I also lost a lot of friends and family along the way.. I slowly started posting pics here and there and when someone would ask me how did you loss or how are you losing weight, I would say, "high Protein, low carb, no sodas, no sweets, no alcohol, etc..." these were and are still all true but I left out the weight loss surgery part... I am at a place in my life now that as I said in my previous profound post, you can either be on my bus or not.. But I didn't do this for Vanity reasons, If you really knew me, you would know I did it to live.. I have a 2 year old Granddaughter that I could not play with, a family that I could not hang out with.. a husband that I could not take care of.. I Can do all those things now and so much More... I'm living NOW!!! I am Very Happy, I have lots of Energy!! I'm Stronger than before!!! I'm 122lbs lighter!!! I work out 5-7 days a week, I have done several 5k's and I'm running when I was told that I would NEVER run again. I have told quite a few people since and I felt that it was time for me to let you all know.. I did this for me and my Family no one else.. It was time to put me 1st.. For years I have taken care of others and I was the one dying.. I'm loving and living life at the age of 40!!! and Next April I will be running my 1st Half Marathon!!! I am ALIVE!!! and I LOVE ME!!

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    DivaK got a reaction from lowe1961 in Hey July Sleevers   
    I was sleeved July 2nd and I have lost 35 lbs. I know this seems low but I am still losing its just slow. I will eventually get to goal
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    DivaK reacted to Daddysgirl10 in I'm a little hurt..   
    THEY ARE ALL HATERS!!!!!!! I'm so glad that evryone around me just says nothing, so I don't know if they notice the differance or do they just still see the PHAT me????
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    DivaK reacted to belladona in I'm a little hurt..   
    Shes just jelous you keep going and keep burning her ass, isnt it funny how your friends all of a sudden are so curious in what we are doing and keep tabs better than we do on our weight while we are loosing? Cause god forbid we should look better than them, we were the safe fat friend. Now what the heck are they gonna do? Dont be hurt by this use it for motivation. People are ignorant.
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    DivaK reacted to BKLYNgal87 in No coffee?Whaaaa?   
    Disallowing caffeine, even in moderation is alarmist and unnecessary, IMO.
    No, caffeine does not cause ulcers. H. pylori bacteria is the primary culprit. However, caffeine stimulates acid secretion (so do SO MANY other things) which can aggravate pre-existing ulcers. It may aggravate the still-healing sleeve, however, so it may be wise to wait a few weeks though I drank iced coffee since 5 days post-op and have had no problems.
    There is such thing as drinking too much coffee, though. If you're one of those folks who drinks more than 2 cups a day pre-sleeve you may find yourself tormented by increased acid reflux post-sleeve. Doesn't sound fun to me.
    Moderation is a beautiful thing!
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    DivaK reacted to Tiny One in 5 Positive improvements since being sleeved   
    Great topic:
    1. Health - longer in danger for diabetes, HP & high cholesterol. No more reflux or seep apnea. Joint & back pain gone.
    2. Can run on treadmill for 45 mins straight w no break. (Previously could only run for 10 mins)
    3. Love looking at my skinny sexier stature in the mirror & photos
    4. Love the compliments from family on my weight loss (especially since the don't know about my sleeve)
    5. THE SEX, omg. Loving the way my husband is appreciating the new me.
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    DivaK reacted to mykidsinspireme in African American Sleevers   
    I just wanted to share one of the best feelings I experienced yesterday with my 7 year old daughter since surgery..We were in a clothing store and my daughter said "mommy you should try this on...it is so pretty for you.." I looked at the size (16) and told her mommy can't fit into that. She told me just put it on and I did. Amazed to my surprise it fit!!!! I was in a size 24 in March before the surgery. I have not been in a 16 in over 17 years. That evening I did not Celebrate with food like I used to do before surgery, but with exercise. One of the best feelings in the world!
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    DivaK reacted to Toyaboo22 in Jealous boyfriend cannot handle my weight loss!   
    I'm so glad that you decided to write this post because I'm actually going through this now with my husband. Since I have had the surgery and losing weight, I have been going through hell around here. If a guy posts or comment on my FB page, I'm being accused of sleeping with them. He now has concerns every time a notification comes through my phone throughout the day b/c he doesn't know if it's a text from a guy. It's been horrible. The thing is I lost weight a couple years back and he acted the same way. He was able to convince me to eat this and that and now that I look back did things that would prevent me from being active or trying to stay healthy. He would make the same comments about him being with me while I was overweight but I had also had plenty of boyfriends before him. I wish I would've listened to the voice in my head years ago to leave him because it's worst now that we're married with kids. We don't really talk these days b/c he flips out on me but I've tried to suggest counseling and sometimes he says okay and other times he doesn't want to consider it. He keeps saying "you're losing wieght so I know you're going to leave me when it's all gone". If I've stayed with him for 9 years of his crap, what would me losing weight have to do with anything. Girl, why you are not attached to him as his wife, just leave and don't deal with it. I am seriously considering divorce with this foolishness over here.
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    DivaK reacted to girlrfriday in Twonderland!   
    So Awesome!! Sometime I see people post and they started at 220 and thats my goal weight... and I get so discouraged.. but now that I have reached my first goal I know I can do anything!! WOOOHOOO FOR US!!!!
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    DivaK got a reaction from Ms skinniness in Making the right decision...   
    I knew it was right for me because I didn't want any objects in my body...the thought if losing a huge portion of your stomach is frightening but it beats the alternative...growing health conditions and trouble sleeping and walking
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    DivaK reacted to sunshyn21 in 11 months post op DROPPED 137 lbs before n after pics   
    So you were handsome before but hot d@mn u got it goin on now!! Good job!!!
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    DivaK reacted to Supersweetums in To track or not to track?   
    I'll be honest, I do not track, and never have tracked. I have been sleeved for 2.5 years and have been maintaining for a year. I changed everything I eat, followed the rules, cut out the junk, but never wrote anything I ate down. For me personally, it would drive me crazy. I obsess enough already about what I am eating.
    I think everyone has to find what works best for them!
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    DivaK got a reaction from PrincessDaffodil in 45 Pounds Down...loving It!   
    Wow you look great...keep up the good work!!!
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    DivaK got a reaction from Sherry77 in Hands Off   
    My husband is a little more friskier as well. It will pass but I think it is just a new me that he is getting used to all over again...LOL
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    DivaK reacted to slimmom24angels in Stall Finally Over.....   
    I just got off of the scale, and I am down 3 more pounds. I had been on a 2 week stall, but I am happy to say, the scale is moving again. Starting weight was 278, I am now 245. Glory to God! I'll take it!!
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    DivaK reacted to sirensiren in Bmi 20! Sleeved With Dr. Kelly Last November   
    Hi friends, I have not been on here in some time because I honestly haven't had a reason to be...
    I know a lot of people drop off and do not check in because these forums are of no real use to them once they move on with their lives, but I just want to chime in as someone a year out from surgery.
    Dr. Kelly keeps in regular contact with me to see how my health is, and to say my results with him have surpassed expectations is an understatement!
    I no longer suffer with the emotional ups and downs that I used to have associated with my meals. I am completely capable of choosing what is healthiest to eat, and eating that (AMAZING! I used to eat a package of oreos for a night time snack routinely). Not only is sugar and crap less enticing, it just does not taste the same. Feeling full is no longer quite the same feeling it was, of feeling "stuffed"- this is a hard concept to grasp until you actually get VSG.
    After surgery, I hired a personal trainer and let them know about the surgery. I am now muscular yet curvy, I actually have "abs"- I actually model and have been asked to compete in fitness competitions! A year ago, I was obese!
    I write this to let you know, though everyone gets different results for a variety of reasons, a huge part of why I am so happy with my surgery was Dr. Kelly. He was in contact with my regardless of who my coordinator was, when I had concerns he called me immediately, and followed up via e-mail. My surgery was a mere 38 minutes, and though I had lots of gas pain as I recovered, I truly had an amazingly easy recovery.
    If you are considering him, or any other surgeon, do your research- but I can tell you, this was by far the best decision I have ever mede with my body. I went in with so much fear, and now if I could tell everyone considering VSG to get it, I would. I will never die of obesity complications like people in my family, I will never have to avoid vacations or places because I'm obese and cannot do certain things, I will never have to worry about the size of seats, or feel guilty because of how much I ate.
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    DivaK reacted to ChristyLove in Hey July Sleevers!   
    I have been going between 167 and 169 for weeks. I was sleeved July 3rd and I don't feel like I have lost weight either. I don't know what to do. Everyone says that I getting smaller but the scale just wont move. I dont know what is going on. I had a hitiial hernia so it still bothers me when I eat. I can't eat chicken I always throw it up. I feel like I can barely eat anything without feeling it go down.
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    DivaK reacted to tsmyle in African American Sleevers   
    I agree PEvette! Kudos ladies!
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    DivaK reacted to PEvette in African American Sleevers   
    Just love reading the responses to that ignorant comment made by her....kept it informational and classy...
    well done ladies...
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    DivaK reacted to LadyK in African American Sleevers   
    Well this is a free country so I wouldn't say a word, but FYI In reference to your question the reason there are institutions such as colleges, groups, clubs for people of African ancestry is because at the time black people wanted an education; they were unable to attain this by just walking into any college, they risked being hung, shot at, sprayed with Water hoses, you name it, you could also google the University of Alabama where several students were jeered and called things I dare not mention, James Hood and Vivian Malone in 1963 were apart of this group, the first group of African Americans allowed to enroll at the University of Alabama, which was an all white institution at the time.... Most black colleges were established after the civil war, there were also some established before. These colleges are called HBCU's or Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There is racial diversity at HBCU's here is a quote from wikipedia:
    Racial diversity at HBCUs
    As colleges work harder to maintain enrollment levels and because of increased racial harmony and the low cost of tuition, the percentage of non-African American enrollment has tended to climb.The following table highlights HBCUs with high non-African American enrollments: there was a chart here that showed European American enrollment you can google HBCU's to see the chart on wikipedia.
    and there's:
    Other HBCUs with relatively high non-African American student populations
    The following list illustrates the percentage of white(Caucasian) student populations currently attending historically black colleges and universities according to statistical profiles compiled by the US News and World Report Best Colleges 2011 edition: Langston University 12%; Shaw University 12%; Tennessee State University 12%; University of Maryland Eastern Shore 12%; North Carolina University 10%. The U.S. News and World Reports statistical profiles indicate that several other HBCUs have relatively significant percentages of non-African American student populations consisting of Asian, Hispanic, International and white American
    I do not feel this group was started with the intent to be racist, nor any college. I am sorry you are offended by this, and hope you will research this more.
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    DivaK reacted to Ready4success in African American Sleevers   
    I'd say go for it! It wouldn't offend me at all. You could join this one too or start your own. There's a group for Latino/Mexican Americans, too. I don't see why you can't start a Caucasian American group. Just curious though, how does an African American group on a public discussion board correlate with an all White college?
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    DivaK reacted to soontobe1/2ofmyself in African American Sleevers   
    I contemplated whether or not to address this comment, but just couldn't let it go. Honestly the group is called African American Sleevers but is not prohibited from any other race. It was created for those of us ( African Americans) to gain information pertaining to things that relate to us specifically. For example hair (texture, weaves, locs, shedding, coloring), skin discoloration (incision sites), etc.
    Although I'm only 29 I go on the groups for ages 35 and above just because I'm not 35 doesn't mean in can't participate in a discussion on a site/group created for older people. Don't be so sensitive, you're more than welcome to join in.
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    DivaK reacted to dar1983 in You Know You're A Sleever When...   
    ...you're at a birthday celebration and even though you are the one slicing the cake for everyone,you don't want or eat any of it!
    ...you feel like a lion or tiger on the hunt or something because all you do is eat meat/protein.
    ...the scale you previously never owned, is now something you do morning, noon, and night. If it goes up, you have to restrain yourself from tossing it through the window.
    ...when you're in a nasty stall, you accuse your surgeon of being inept, and removing the wrong organ.