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  1. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers

    I am five feet and a half inch...lol...that half inch really does count..lol
  2. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers

    Today is my one year surgiversary and I lost a total of 55 pounds...I am still losing and feel great...I started at 210 pounds and now weigh 155...I think I will be happy at 145...I have started exercising more and hope to get there by August...
  3. I am almost a year out and would really like to lose at least 15 more pounds...the weight loss has slowed tremendously and I am having to workout at least four times a week. My protein is not where it should be so I might have to try and increase it.
  4. my current weight is 158 and my goal weight is 145...
  5. You're right...I bought some premier protein drinks and I will try to have at least two a day
  6. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers

    I was sleeved July 2nd...started at 210 and today I'm 158...I'm five feet tall and it has truly made a difference...I'm aiming for my personal goal of 145...these pounds are not coming off fast...so I have to work to lose...uugghh
  7. DivaK

    Hunger and dieting

    I'm not a vet but I will be a year out in July and it seems I snack a lot as well...I just try to keep healthier snacks with me like Greek yogurt and string cheese and a piece of fruit.
  8. DivaK

    almost a yr out

    I am trying...I have lost 50 pounds but need to lose at least 15-20 more and the weight is coming off slower...I have not stayed true to the plan either so I know it's my fault I'm not at goal but I have had so many changes in my life that its hard..
  9. I'm almost a year out and some.days are harder than others for me to eat...I wonder will this ever change...I need to get my labs done but have not found the time..other than that my weight loss has been slow but its ok I feel and look better..lol
  10. I knew it was right for me because I didn't want any objects in my body...the thought if losing a huge portion of your stomach is frightening but it beats the alternative...growing health conditions and trouble sleeping and walking
  11. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers

    I was sleeved July 2nd and I have lost 35 lbs. I know this seems low but I am still losing its just slow. I will eventually get to goal
  12. DivaK

    45 Pounds Down...loving It!

    Wow you look great...keep up the good work!!!
  13. DivaK

    Hands Off

    My husband is a little more friskier as well. It will pass but I think it is just a new me that he is getting used to all over again...LOL
  14. Looks like we have similiar weight loss...
  15. I was sleeved July 2nd and I have lost 30 pounds. It seems really slow but I will take it. I also have not been exercising like I should but I am going to get back on it.
  16. DivaK

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Well I have lost 25 pounds and I know I should be losing more but my diet is off. It's not that I am eating bad but I feel like I am eating so much more than before. I pray I go lose more because it seems like I am behind others that have had surgery even after me...I was sleeved on July 2nd. I know I need to drnk more water but since school is back in my food intake is crappy...
  17. DivaK

    Cereal Bars After Surgery For A Meal?

    I think it would be o.k. as long as it is not on a regular basis. I spoke with my doctor who thought it was o.k especially since i beats the atlernative which is not eating...
  18. I am constantly burping and it happens after drinking and eating and sometimes just for no reason at all...anyone else experience this? When does it end???
  19. I had also acid reflux as well...the worse was when it would happen in my sleep and wake me up. I especially hated if it came thru my nose.
  20. Mine was pretty significant and I managed to have a speedy recovery. I pray the same for you!
  21. I had a hiatal hernia and I was fine. I was back to work in seven days and I didn't think my recovery was bad at all...
  22. DivaK

    African American Sleevers

    I am so sorry this has happened to you. Is there a reason why the leak won't heal? I heard that if this type of the thing happened that the next step would be gastric bypass.
  23. DivaK

    Will I Start To Look Old?

    I always thought losing weight helped you to look younger. I surely hope that is the case for me...LOL!
  24. DivaK

    Dammit Damn Food

    It happens to me all the time. I just don't let it bother me...give yourself about 30 minutes you may be able to eat a little more.

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