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  1. lrainb

    How Many Carbs

    When all there is are carbs fats and proteins and the protein is half of total ... The other two make up the other half no? Keeping fats to a minimum means the rest will be carbs especially if you need fiber!! The trick is to get good carbs like fruit and veggies not sugar:-) so yes.... 40-60 is fine!!!
  2. lrainb

    Vsg & Hypo Thyroid

    Hypothyroidism is an endocrine disease that contributes to obesity because the thyroid regulates the rate of our metabolism...( how we burn calories...etc). The symptoms you listed are typical but don't think you didn't need the surgery. Taking thyroid medication will help you regulate your metabolism but in the morbidly obese this rarely contributes to much weight loss. In fact those on thyroid medication most often still have the weight gain and yearly creep as they age. Getting thinner however will help your Hypothyroidism and all other body systems ! Hope this helps!!
  3. lrainb

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    You can do it group! Best of luck!
  4. lrainb

    Happy Surgiversary To Me!

    My Hero!
  5. lrainb

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Welcome to all newbies! I just finished work and begin my clear liquids tomorrow. surgery is WEDS!!! yes I am nervous! We are putting a lot of faith in these docs but have to do our part too. I was not told to lose weight prior to surgery just NOT GAIN not Gorge. When you eat uncontrollably it engorges the liver which has to be moved out of the way to get to your stomach. Surgeries are cancelled if the liver is too engorged and it is unsafe. So I put myself on South Beach for the last 3 weeks and bought a pile of Atkins bars to get me through my weak times. It worked well... Have lost 11.5 pounds! I hope all us August first gals are able to log back on soon I want to know my pals did well ... Hang in there Ladies ... We are almost to ground zero! I feel like this is my chance to truly begin anew and all my old diet failures wiped clean and forgiven! I'm amazed I am decaffinated and may actually want to stay that way!! To all those following check on us and hang in there...YOU CAN DO THIS!
  6. Well me and Oprah have been doing this yo-yo dance for the past 30+ years. At its worst I have been about 90lbs overweight but usually its 75-80. Anyway it is time to stop the madness. I just cannot keep struggling with this and everything lugging 80 lbs I dont need around means. Probably don't need to go into what it means here with anyone reading this, but that is like two forty lb bags of kitty litter!:-). So here I am. Surgery is scheduled for 8-1-12 and even though I am a nurse (or because I am) I'm pretty nervous. Got the WHAT IF's pretty bad. Am trying to focus on the BUT WHENS!. But when this is over I hope I can lose 80 for the very last time. But when this is over I can shop for clothes off the rack!. But when this is over I can sit comfortably in an airline seat etc etc etc,,,,,
  7. lrainb

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    I am August first!
  8. Thanks for the site. I'm kind of new at this and getting ready for my sleeve the first of August. I have two questions... 1. When you strain out the noodles do you still count it as 12 G of protein??? 2. How do you post the tickers??? I have one, but cant figure out where to post it! I am so impressed by yours....you are a hero!!

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