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  1. Thank you, I appreciate your words. I am still in the processing stage, although I feel the pregnancy pains already. I will get there, just need time to process everything.
  2. Thanks Ladies, I am actually 40 and to be 40 and pregnant was not in the plan. I appreciate all the kind words, it's just that I feel like I was hit by a BUS and I am in complete shock!!!
  3. I am actually 40, and now pregnant....Thanks for the compliment!
  4. So, basically I was nearing the finish line after over 6 months of preparing for the Sleeve. I was eating right, exercising, and lost a little bit of weight (15 lbs) and I find out....I'm PREGNANT, 13 years after having my daughter!!!! This is just so unreal, I am in shock and just emotional. WOW, I have had to cancel my appointment with the Surgeon and everything else. This is just crazy!!!
  5. Great question, thanks for asking it. I have this same fear as I am experiencing thining hair now. I too was thinking of getting a wig now just in case :-(
  6. Mzluvee

    Hi Ya'll!

    MrzPhillips, welcome and congrats on your journey. Can't wait until I have my date!!!
  7. Mzluvee

    3 Months Post Op With Pics!

    Looking great...Congrats!
  8. Everyone looks fabulous, I can't wait to have a before and after pic!
  9. Mzluvee

    Whats Up With The Mobile App?!

    Woo Hoo, mine is working...Thanks VST Team!
  10. I have only lost 13 pounds during my 12 week class and since then, but I have not gained and that is the goal. During our class is was suggested per the surgeon that we lose 10% of our weight before surgery. I has been difficult for me too, it's not an easy thing at all. Wish you the best!
  11. Mzluvee

    New To Vst.

    Welcome, this is a great site with awesome people!
  12. Aww....Thanks, it is always good to have the support. i appreciate all the support I get, especially on this site!
  13. Mzluvee

    Surgery July 28

    Good for you, keep up the awesome work!
  14. Mzluvee

    Cheese Crisps

    Thanks for sharing...OMG they sound delish, I am so putting this in my recipe file!

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