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  1. I have my consult with Dr. Suh on Aug 16th. I am trying to expedite my process, due to my hubbys schedule. So my question is who did you go through for psych eval? The person his office referred me to does not have an appt until the 27th of August. I tried calling preventative medicine case mgr, they NEVER call back. I am kind of walking blind. Any assistance, or suggestions?
  2. Hi, Options (Corona location) classes are completed along with all labs. I have my appointment on July 20th for my medical interview, can anyone tell me on their experience how much longer before a Sleeve Date is given? I am getting very anxious!!!
  3. Mzluvee

    Hi Ya'll!

    Welcome SoCal Kaiser Sleevers!!! Please feel free to post your Kaiser experience!
  4. So, basically I was nearing the finish line after over 6 months of preparing for the Sleeve. I was eating right, exercising, and lost a little bit of weight (15 lbs) and I find out....I'm PREGNANT, 13 years after having my daughter!!!! This is just so unreal, I am in shock and just emotional. WOW, I have had to cancel my appointment with the Surgeon and everything else. This is just crazy!!!
  5. Thank you, I appreciate your words. I am still in the processing stage, although I feel the pregnancy pains already. I will get there, just need time to process everything.
  6. Thanks Ladies, I am actually 40 and to be 40 and pregnant was not in the plan. I appreciate all the kind words, it's just that I feel like I was hit by a BUS and I am in complete shock!!!
  7. I am actually 40, and now pregnant....Thanks for the compliment!
  8. Great question, thanks for asking it. I have this same fear as I am experiencing thining hair now. I too was thinking of getting a wig now just in case :-(
  9. Mzluvee

    Hi Ya'll!

    MrzPhillips, welcome and congrats on your journey. Can't wait until I have my date!!!
  10. Mzluvee

    3 Months Post Op With Pics!

    Looking great...Congrats!
  11. Everyone looks fabulous, I can't wait to have a before and after pic!
  12. Mzluvee

    Whats Up With The Mobile App?!

    Woo Hoo, mine is working...Thanks VST Team!
  13. I have only lost 13 pounds during my 12 week class and since then, but I have not gained and that is the goal. During our class is was suggested per the surgeon that we lose 10% of our weight before surgery. I has been difficult for me too, it's not an easy thing at all. Wish you the best!
  14. Mzluvee

    New To Vst.

    Welcome, this is a great site with awesome people!
  15. Aww....Thanks, it is always good to have the support. i appreciate all the support I get, especially on this site!
  16. Mzluvee

    Surgery July 28

    Good for you, keep up the awesome work!
  17. Mzluvee

    Cheese Crisps

    Thanks for sharing...OMG they sound delish, I am so putting this in my recipe file!
  18. Mzluvee

    Telling People...

    That is a good question, one that I also asked myself just a couple of weeks ago. I decided that I was not going to do a blast on FB only because those that are really close to me know. It's not so much the I don't want people to know, it's more of I just want to do it and then say what I did after the fact. That is just my preference.
  19. Mzluvee

    2 Lbs In The Right Direction!

    Good for you!!!!
  20. Mzluvee

    Fingers And Toes Crossed!

    Fingers crossed for you!!!!
  21. You look great, congrats to you!
  22. Mzluvee


    Bodybugg? I have never heard of it.
  23. Mzluvee

    Cocktails After Vsg?

    Good question, I had already figured it was at least a year out according to what I have heard in my class. I guess each surgeon is different.

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