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    I have struggle my whole life with hunger and I finally won!
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  1. Kraze Gamer Girl

    hair loss

    Mine was about the same.... i have thin hair anyway... but i noticed i was shedding worse then a long haired dog for about 2 to 3 months.... it started about 3 months out for me and lasted about 2 or 3 months I thought It wasnt going to happen since it took 3 months But No one notices except my BF that was going around finding hair on the couch, shower! and floors lol!!! it's really not that bad....... my profile picture is about the time I noticed the hairloss the most...... just remember, it is temporary! My hair is growing great now and I am at 9 months.
  2. Kraze Gamer Girl

    Abdominal binding after surgery

    When i left the hospital they gave me a wrap (covered my whole torso) .... it hurt me more then it helped..... but it may help you....
  3. Kraze Gamer Girl

    I feel like such a failure

    I just want you to know my first 8 weeks. I learned about head hunger..... I stalled at 3 weeks the 4th week I gained 5 pounds and I was so depressed as well .... The best advice I needed to here then was get rid of the scale… also I bought 2 oz baby portion cups and started packing 2 of them filled with lunch meats and whatever I could fit in them...... Eat the one for breakfast and one for lunch then dinner about 3 oz. I started losing again. Since then I have averaged about 12 pounds a month. I never have figured out what full feels like.. I am 5 1/2 months out. Eventually you will find yourself wanting something because you have a visual cue or someone else is enjoying that tempting food. It takes time to change. We are all in this together. You are doing Good... Focus on your health and feeling better. Be good to yourself :-)
  4. Kraze Gamer Girl

    Have You Tried Beer?

    i was about 5 weeks out and i had to have a coors light draft lol Be very careful its very gassy and i burped so much at the end of the night i had only 1 1/3 cups of beer in a 4 hour span..... it goes thru you quickly . i am 5 months out now....I only had beer that one time after... I like apple martinis! which were delicious for my birthday last week i took 4 shots and I was feeling like i drank all night like i did when i was younger lol but just be very careful listen to your body.. go slow and if you get gassy change to something else.
  5. Kraze Gamer Girl

    Having Staples Removed

    I had VSG and YES! they stapled my little 5 holes after they glued them... To be honest it feels like a pinch.. I took mine out on my own... They bothered me after about 6 days... I took out the top on that had 2 staples... think of a regular stapler that is exactly what they are!
  6. Kraze Gamer Girl

    June 2012 Sleevers Post Op Check In

    I was sleeved on the 25th also. But I'm definitely not talkin 2 miles a day! lol I was told to wait until 2 weeks post-op for anything that intense. To me, if I sweat, it's working out! (Although, it's 100 degrees in Ohio so I guess walking to my car is working out. ) Prior to surgery I was doing about 8-9 miles a week. I hope to get back there soon; I'm just still dealing with serious fatigue and sleepiness. I only have been walking using my fitbit about 3800 steps is a 1.5 miles so if you wear a pedometer that's how i keep track..... just take more and more steps that's the key
  7. Kraze Gamer Girl

    Need Tips On Eating Slower

    I work in demo and i brought home some taster spoons you can buy them and they work like a charm!!! http://www.acemart.com/prod6574.html?cm_ven=C-G&cm_cat=C5&cm_pla=A11&cm_ite=taster+spoons+P hope this helps
  8. Great suggestion is get some of the Gas X strips that are a peppermint flavor gets the gas to settle down and i was able to drink much easier!!! of course you need to walk and walk some more that helps with the gas as well
  9. Kraze Gamer Girl

    Weed Lol

    friend of mine smoked the same day... no issue and helped her nausea... so just be careful if your right out but even my doctor said it won't hurt.... just no tobacco!
  10. Kraze Gamer Girl

    June 2012 Sleevers Post Op Check In

    I was sleeved on the 25th got out of the OR around 9.... don't remember much until around 11pm The pain wasn't so bad it was the gas and those feet cuffs that pump your blood at around midnight they started getting really tight i woke up feel like it was about to squeeze my legs off... so i got the nurse and got up for the first time walked around in a loop for about 5 minutes before getting back in bed... got up 2 or 3 more times to walk.. I was able to pee no problem however i was so nauseous that they gave me nausea meds 3 hours early... around 8pm i was released from the hospital... the first 3 days were the worst I went through a phase that i didn't wanna talk (my jaw was clenched) but the 3rd day I came around and haven't shut up since. again the first 2 days i was trying to gulp and i was dry heaving and in pain trying to throw up with nothing really in my stomach... So far so good though i walk anywhere from 1.3 - 2.5 miles a day I am eating cantaloupe, deviled eggs (just today! 7/6), 3rd stage baby food (chicken Noodle by gerber), low fat soups, mashed potatoes......I even have a pinky sized piece of pizza.... probably a bad idea but my tummy didn't fight back on that one Liquids are ok.... protein is decent because of 30g shakes I have.... I have forgotten to take my Multi V including today.... just thought about it.... for some reason it gets me nauseous...
  11. Kraze Gamer Girl

    My Boyfriend Left Me

    it's the hardest thing to do but you need to be selfish, especially now you need to relax and work on your life. I promise with time everything will fall into place!! Just remember it will get easier with time. In time, you will find someone better.. Don't settle for someone that doesn't deserve you!! My thoughts are with you!!!
  12. Hello All! My head aches have stopped and I found out today 6/19..... I lost 8.1 pounds since last Monday 6/11/2012!!! surgery is going to be here so soon! I am so happy that I have not cheated and have really learned my hunger cues! I can't wait for Monday to get here!!! :-) I wish everyone the best and look forward to hearing from you soon!
  13. Hey all! It's the end of the 4th day and I must say that I am dealing with Head Hunger and not actually physical hunger! I am so excited that in less then 10 Days I am going to be Sleeved! It seems like just yesterday that I started this Journey! Stay strong and Say No to thoughts! This post is keeping me going I enjoy checking everyday! My Thoughts are with all of us on the Pre op Diet!! We can do it! One day and One thought at a time! ~Sarah

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