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  1. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    I completely and totally understand the frustrations you are experiencing. I'm so sorry you are going through this. When a band goes bad it affects every single area of your life. If you are having major band problems I wouldn't wait long to have it removed. I waited too long and have permanent problems because of it. If you slip and an unfill doesn't do the trick they won't be able to do a revision in one surgery, two surgeries is much more expensive. If you erode... again, two surgeries. Then the weight gain while you wait for surgery #2 for revision. If you are self pay don't wait, get it done as soon as financially possible.
  2. WASaBubbleButt

    lapband not working

    May I ask the title of this book?
  3. WASaBubbleButt

    I can't decide

    You have some legit concerns. I'm not really a fan of bypass. It's a great procedure for some, life saving for others. But I'm too irresponsible to take the supplements for the rest of my life. Also, many people do not realize they are not going to fully malabsorb forever. Usually they do during the honeymoon period of 6-18 months. But you'll always malabsorb nutrition. If you are confident you can overhaul your eating behaviors and maintain exercise bypass is a great option. Don't forget, the sleeve and DS also exist. Banding is actually one of the procedures one would not want to have with chemo. There is usually a lot of violent vomiting with chemo and the risk is a slip. During chemo people have very little immune system working and surgery to correct a slip smack in the middle of chemo would not be good. Do you know of ANY surgeon who does NOT stitch the band into place?
  4. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    Ohhhhhh, you mean Inamed's stats. Yes, they have been deleted but I am sorry, I have no control over that. I could call them and insist the repost them but do you think it would be in their best interest to do so? You can ask me a million times to post the link but if they deleted it, I can't do that. I can provide you with at least 100 studies showing the band provides the lowest and slowest weight loss. Is that what you would like to see? Why would I lie about this? What do I care what procedure type someone gets? It's no skin off my nose if someone chooses bypass, DS, sleeve, or banding. I just want people to know the truth about all surgery types so they can choose what is right for them. As for the "nah" comment about your band, you are full of it. I want people to have whatever WLS type is right for them. If it is the band, so be it. I want everyone to experience goal, it's the best freak'en feeling in the world. I feel like you are wanting validation that the band is the best surgery type out there and I'm sorry, I can't do that. It is not the best surgery type out there. It is right for some people but not the majority. If you are one that the band is best, kewl beans. That's what I love to see. A person that got the best surgery type for them.
  5. WASaBubbleButt

    Unexpected Side-Effect -- GALL STONES!!

    Gallbladder problems are a known issue with WLS folks. It is very common to have gall stones after WLS.
  6. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    I kind of get the feeling that you would prefer stats and facts not be posted. That's not how I know you but that is what your post brings to mind. Truth is, the band and bypass are yesterdays procedures. Sleeves and DS are todays procedures. If that does not fit into your mindset, so be it. But it does not change reality. The band has the lowest weight loss, the slowest weight loss, and the highest regain of all WLS procedures. That's a fact. Not my numbers, just the facts. If something is out there that is better and safer, should we hide it?
  7. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    I didn't care where the surgery was, I wanted the best of the best. Your surgeon doesn't even do pre op labs. That's unheard of. Sleeves, $8750 includes three nights in the hospital and you are done for life. Band: $9900 includes no hospitalization plus aftercare for life.
  8. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    It can mean a variety of things. Elisabeth had it in the sense that she had such uncontrollable reflux she had acid coming out her nose and mouth in the middle of the night and had to sleep in a chair. She didn't even have any restriction whatsoever. For me it was a little different. You know how during times of stress you get a little tighter? For me I'd obstruct if I was stressed. Anything such as TOM, time of day, weather, humidity, altitude, anything that makes some people a little tighter I would totally obstruct with an unfilled band. If life was good I could eat anything in any quantity. If I was the least bit anxious I would obstruct and couldn't even drink Water. Anything that is out of the bandsters control that destroys quality of life with the band is essentially band intolerance. It doesn't usually happen right away, usually it starts 1-2 years post op.
  9. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    I think it's a matter of redirection. It's safer to slam dunk you than it is Beth. She thought you'd take it. ;o)
  10. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    Yes, then you know about Miss Parker. <cackle> I love that show. I watch it nightly on Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.. Love it! Jared fixes everything, he can do anything, Miss Parker and Syd will never get him.
  11. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    And she huffed and she puffed and she stormed out of here with the greatest of drama! ;o)
  12. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    HA! I was so hoping you would see this page of this thread. I'll write it again, I heart HH. I'm still giggling over the gold nuggets comment elsewhere. ;o)
  13. WASaBubbleButt


    What was the final outcome? Did you get the diagnostics done?
  14. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    HAHA I used to say that too! When you are a noob you are all about reversible. When you get to goal you are all about permanent. ;o)
  15. WASaBubbleButt

    please help

    I never wrote that. Not sure where you got that from as nobody here wrote that. What I did write was that if you are so sensitive that strangers on a message board can make you feel... how did you explain? Dehumanized, maybe message boards aren't your thing. That's a pretty strong feeling for a message board to cause you to feel.

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