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    Anyone From Johnston, IA?

    I am originally from Johnston however, I live in Arizona now. I would love to meet up with those from my home town. Anyone?
  2. Coverage Policy Bariatric surgery is specifically excluded under many CIGNA benefit plans and may be governed by state and/or federal mandates. Please refer to the applicable benefit plan document to determine benefit availability and the terms and conditions of coverage. Unless excluded from the benefit plan, this service is covered when the following medical necessity criteria are met. CIGNA covers bariatric surgery using a covered procedure outlined below as medically necessary when ALL of the following criteria are met: ? The individual is ≥ 18 years of age or has reached full expected skeletal growth AND has evidence of one of the following: ? BMI (Body Mass Index) ≥ 40 for at least the previous 24 months. ? BMI (Body Mass Index) 35?39.9 for at least the previous 24 months with at least one clinically significant comorbidity, including but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, or pulmonary hypertension Page 2 of 35 Coverage Policy Number: 0051 ? Active participation within the last two years in one physician-supervised weight-management program for a minimum of six months without significant gaps. The weight-management program must include monthly documentation of ALL of the following components: ? weight ? current dietary program ? physical activity (e.g., exercise program) Programs such as Weight Watchers?, Jenny Craig? and Optifast? are acceptable alternatives if done in conjunction with physician supervision and detailed documentation of participation is available for review. For individuals with long-standing, morbid obesity, participation in a program within the last five years is sufficient if reasonable attendance in the weight-management program over an extended period of time of at least six months can be demonstrated. However, physician-supervised programs consisting exclusively of pharmacological management are not sufficient to meet this requirement. ? Evaluation by a multidisciplinary team within the previous 12 months which includes the following: ? an evaluation by a surgeon qualified to do bariatric surgery recommending surgical treatment ? a separate medical evaluation recommending bariatric surgery ? clearance for surgery by a mental health provider ? a nutritional evaluation by a physician or registered dietician Bariatric Surgery Procedures: When the specific medical necessity criteria noted above for bariatric surgery have been met, CIGNA covers ANY of the following open or laparoscopic bariatric surgery procedures: ? vertical banded gastroplasty ? Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ? laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric banding (e.g., LAP-BAND?, REALIZE?) ? biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) for individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) > 50 CIGNA covers adjustment of a silicone gastric banding as medically necessary to control the rate of weight loss and/or treat symptoms secondary to gastric restriction following a medically necessary adjustable silicone gastric banding procedure. CIGNA does not cover the following bariatric surgery procedures, because they are considered experimental, investigational or unproven (this list may not be all-inclusive): ? Fobi-Pouch (limiting proximal gastric pouch) ? gastroplasty (stomach stapling) ? intestinal bypass (jejunoileal bypass) ? intragastric balloon ? loop gastric bypass ? mini-gastric bypass ? sleeve gastrectomy (SG) ? Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery? (NOTES?) (e.g., StomaphyX?) Reoperation and Repeat Bariatric Surgery: CIGNA covers surgical reversal (i.e., takedown) of bariatric surgery as medically necessary when the individual develops complications from the original surgery such as stricture or obstruction. CIGNA covers revision of a previous bariatric surgical procedure or conversion to another medically necessary procedure due to inadequate weight loss as medically necessary when ALL of the following are met: Page 3 of 35 Coverage Policy Number: 0051 ? Coverage for bariatric surgery is available under the participant's current health benefit plan. ? There is evidence of full compliance with the previously prescribed postoperative dietary and exercise program. ? Due to a technical failure of the original bariatric surgical procedure (e.g., pouch dilatation) documented on either upper gastrointestinal (UGI) series or esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), the patient has failed to achieve adequate weight loss, which is defined as failure to lose at least 50% of excess body weight or failure to achieve body weight to within 30% of ideal body weight at least two years following the original surgery. ? The requested procedure is a regularly covered bariatric surgery (see above for specific procedures). NOTE: Inadequate weight loss due to individual noncompliance with postoperative nutrition and exercise recommendations is not a medically necessary indication for revision or conversion surgery and is not covered by CIGNA . Cholecystectomy and Liver Biopsy: CIGNA covers cholecystectomy performed at the time of bariatric surgery as medically necessary when the bariatric surgery is determined to be medically necessary and EITHER of the following criteria is met: ? Preoperative or intraoperative evidence of gallstones or biliary sludge. ? Recent history of cholecystitis. CIGNA does not cover either prophylactic cholecystectomy (incidental removal of a nondiseased gallbladder) or routine liver biopsy at the time of bariatric surgery, because each is considered experimental, investigational or unproven.
  3. How many calories do you consume on an average day? We all have different caloric intake based on the day, I'm asking about average calories. Well??? Is it working for you?
  4. WASaBubbleButt

    Paying Drug Abusers to be Sterilized

    Here is the scenario (I understand this is happening in the US but I have not confirmed anything): A private organization gets together and obtains private donations to fund their program. They advertise that they will pay men and women over the age of 18 $300 to voluntarily have themselves sterilized if they are active drug abusers. They do not recruit, they advertise. They do not approach anyone, the drug abusers read the advertisements and go to the program on their own. They must prove they are active drug abusers, they will be paid $300 for submitting to the procedure of being sterilized. They will never be able to have children again. The medical procedure is done by licensed medical providers in a local hospital with all the advantages of modern medicine. The procedure is paid for via private dollars, not tax dollars. Is this morally objectionable or the correct moral decision?
  5. WASaBubbleButt

    Vitamin D

    Many do not realize how important this Vitamin is. There is an interesting bit of history on Vit D, it's not really a vitamin but a hormone. For more information check it out: Vitamin D Council | Understanding Vitamin D Cholecalciferol If you want to check your own Vit D levels you can do it yourself at home. The Vitamin D Council was formed to educate people on the necessity of watching your D levels: ZRT - ZRT Products It is very simple to do, they send you a kit. You poke your finger and bleed on special paper. Let it air dry, fill out a form, put it all in an addressed envelope provided in the kit and drop it in the mail. In 10-14 days you are able to view the lab results on line and they also send you the results by mail. It should be noted that a strong craving for sweets can potentially be a symptom of Vit D deficiency. Many studies show that obese people are severely lacking in Vit D. As we lose weight it often times becomes worse. Many doctors still go by what used to be thought of as normal blood values of 20-50. This is no longer accurate information. We should shoot for lab values of 50-80. I did this and realized I was severely deficient in Vit D. I started supplementing and deep bone pain is gone as well as my craving for sweets.
  6. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    I completely and totally understand the frustrations you are experiencing. I'm so sorry you are going through this. When a band goes bad it affects every single area of your life. If you are having major band problems I wouldn't wait long to have it removed. I waited too long and have permanent problems because of it. If you slip and an unfill doesn't do the trick they won't be able to do a revision in one surgery, two surgeries is much more expensive. If you erode... again, two surgeries. Then the weight gain while you wait for surgery #2 for revision. If you are self pay don't wait, get it done as soon as financially possible.
  7. WASaBubbleButt

    lapband not working

    May I ask the title of this book?
  8. WASaBubbleButt

    I can't decide

    You have some legit concerns. I'm not really a fan of bypass. It's a great procedure for some, life saving for others. But I'm too irresponsible to take the supplements for the rest of my life. Also, many people do not realize they are not going to fully malabsorb forever. Usually they do during the honeymoon period of 6-18 months. But you'll always malabsorb nutrition. If you are confident you can overhaul your eating behaviors and maintain exercise bypass is a great option. Don't forget, the sleeve and DS also exist. Banding is actually one of the procedures one would not want to have with chemo. There is usually a lot of violent vomiting with chemo and the risk is a slip. During chemo people have very little immune system working and surgery to correct a slip smack in the middle of chemo would not be good. Do you know of ANY surgeon who does NOT stitch the band into place?
  9. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    Ohhhhhh, you mean Inamed's stats. Yes, they have been deleted but I am sorry, I have no control over that. I could call them and insist the repost them but do you think it would be in their best interest to do so? You can ask me a million times to post the link but if they deleted it, I can't do that. I can provide you with at least 100 studies showing the band provides the lowest and slowest weight loss. Is that what you would like to see? Why would I lie about this? What do I care what procedure type someone gets? It's no skin off my nose if someone chooses bypass, DS, sleeve, or banding. I just want people to know the truth about all surgery types so they can choose what is right for them. As for the "nah" comment about your band, you are full of it. I want people to have whatever WLS type is right for them. If it is the band, so be it. I want everyone to experience goal, it's the best freak'en feeling in the world. I feel like you are wanting validation that the band is the best surgery type out there and I'm sorry, I can't do that. It is not the best surgery type out there. It is right for some people but not the majority. If you are one that the band is best, kewl beans. That's what I love to see. A person that got the best surgery type for them.
  10. WASaBubbleButt

    Unexpected Side-Effect -- GALL STONES!!

    Gallbladder problems are a known issue with WLS folks. It is very common to have gall stones after WLS.
  11. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    I kind of get the feeling that you would prefer stats and facts not be posted. That's not how I know you but that is what your post brings to mind. Truth is, the band and bypass are yesterdays procedures. Sleeves and DS are todays procedures. If that does not fit into your mindset, so be it. But it does not change reality. The band has the lowest weight loss, the slowest weight loss, and the highest regain of all WLS procedures. That's a fact. Not my numbers, just the facts. If something is out there that is better and safer, should we hide it?
  12. WASaBubbleButt

    LapBand VS Sleeve??

    I didn't care where the surgery was, I wanted the best of the best. Your surgeon doesn't even do pre op labs. That's unheard of. Sleeves, $8750 includes three nights in the hospital and you are done for life. Band: $9900 includes no hospitalization plus aftercare for life.
  13. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    It can mean a variety of things. Elisabeth had it in the sense that she had such uncontrollable reflux she had acid coming out her nose and mouth in the middle of the night and had to sleep in a chair. She didn't even have any restriction whatsoever. For me it was a little different. You know how during times of stress you get a little tighter? For me I'd obstruct if I was stressed. Anything such as TOM, time of day, weather, humidity, altitude, anything that makes some people a little tighter I would totally obstruct with an unfilled band. If life was good I could eat anything in any quantity. If I was the least bit anxious I would obstruct and couldn't even drink Water. Anything that is out of the bandsters control that destroys quality of life with the band is essentially band intolerance. It doesn't usually happen right away, usually it starts 1-2 years post op.
  14. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    I think it's a matter of redirection. It's safer to slam dunk you than it is Beth. She thought you'd take it. ;o)
  15. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    Yes, then you know about Miss Parker. <cackle> I love that show. I watch it nightly on Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.. Love it! Jared fixes everything, he can do anything, Miss Parker and Syd will never get him.
  16. WASaBubbleButt

    3 full days post op!!!

    And she huffed and she puffed and she stormed out of here with the greatest of drama! ;o)
  17. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    HA! I was so hoping you would see this page of this thread. I'll write it again, I heart HH. I'm still giggling over the gold nuggets comment elsewhere. ;o)
  18. WASaBubbleButt


    What was the final outcome? Did you get the diagnostics done?
  19. WASaBubbleButt

    Odds of long-term success

    HAHA I used to say that too! When you are a noob you are all about reversible. When you get to goal you are all about permanent. ;o)
  20. WASaBubbleButt

    please help

    I never wrote that. Not sure where you got that from as nobody here wrote that. What I did write was that if you are so sensitive that strangers on a message board can make you feel... how did you explain? Dehumanized, maybe message boards aren't your thing. That's a pretty strong feeling for a message board to cause you to feel.
  21. WASaBubbleButt

    please help

    Posts on a public message board by people you do not know make you feel dehumanized? Really? Message boards are what they are. You take what works for you and leave the rest. If you are that sensitive maybe message boards just aren't your thing?
  22. WASaBubbleButt

    Lost 70....gained 70...

    I really wish you would stop doing this. You are frightening people and in reality there is nowhere near enough information from that post to diagnose a slip. She's gaining weight so she's keeping some food down. We do not know what she is eating, perhaps stress in her life from no insurance coverage for her band is causing her to be too tight, there is just no way there is enough information in that post for you to jump to a slip. AGAIN... every surgeon sews the band into place. If they didn't it would be a great reason for medical malpractice. It would be like giving someone an injection and forgetting to fill the syringe with the drug.
  23. WASaBubbleButt

    ...looking for support and TOUGH LOVE...

    You did ask for the tough love part, right? ;o) I'm going to copy/paste something from my blog on another site. It was originally a post to a person asking for a butt kicking. I'm going to get hammered for writing this but that has never stopped me before. ;o) You know these people that eat pizza and tacos a few days after surgery and they come to the boards asking if they just messed up? You know those people that pat them on the head, tell them it's okay, and to "try" to do better tomorrow? Yeah, I'm not one of those people. I tell them to knock it off, they are risking their band and why? For a lousy taco?? Are they serious? I don't suggest they TRY to do better the next day, I tell them to DO better right now. I think we often times don't give ourselves enough credit. We think we are weak willed and powerless over the world. That simply isn't true. We have been living a life of fat for many years. You tell me the weak willed and powerless can do that, I won't believe you. Being fat in today's society is no easy task. It's really damned hard. Yet we survive it and if we can survive that, we can survive passing up a donut. Let's face it, it is much easier to pass up a donut than it is to have to buy two airlines seats because our butts are too big for one seat. It's much easier to pass up a single donut than it is to face ourselves in the mirror of Lane Giant after realizing we are yet... a bigger size than the last time we were there. We face humiliation and embarrassment every single day just due to our size. I think sometimes we tend to get used to it and forget that humiliation and embarrassment are NOT normal and a part of life. We also pretend it does not hurt as much as it does. I'm not trying to be a skank about this but you know, WLS is our last shot at WL. This is a big deal, we have choices and too many times we are all making the wrong ones. I don't eat a lot of junk because I don't need it. Neither do you. I disagree with those that say ANYTHING in moderation is okay. The reason I disagree is because ALL of us did not get fat because we can do moderation well. With a band or any WLS our caloric intake is cut drastically and we need every calorie for food we actually need and use. The only thing cake, Pasta, or crap food will do for your body is make it more plump. This is a lifestyle change and a lifestyle change does not mean eating the same load of crap but just less of it, that means overhauling your diet and eating food that your body needs and does something positive for it. What "value" does chocolate cake have for your body? So does this mean that you can never have a piece of birthday cake again? Of course not. It means that eating junk on a regular basis serves no value. We don't know what moderation is so we have to go searching for it. Moderation does not mean limiting ourselves to crap food just one time daily or one time weekly, it means more along the lines of on birthdays, special occasions. When we "plan" on eating junk weekly, what does that make our thinking? That means we are *still* planning our lives around food and poor choices. Thin people don't set out to plan on when they will eat a load of crap, they don't even think about it until the birthday party or social meeting is there staring them in the face. Yet we fatties actually plan a date and time to eat bad food. See the difference in thinking between a fat person and a normal size person? The lifestyle change is not planning on WHEN we will have loads of crap food, lifestyle change means actually going out there and living what we claim we want. Life as a normal size person. If you can face the humiliation of being obese in society, can you honestly sit there and tell yourself that passing up junk food is harder than being the fat girl walking into a room where being MO is socially unacceptable? I mean, I think there comes a time when we have to put things in their proper perspective and this is one of those times. Next time you want junk food get real and get honest with yourself. Get a photo of that food item and a photo of a person that is the size you want to be. Which do you want more, do you want the cake more than you want to be thin and healthy? Be verrry honest with yourself. If you prefer the cake over thin then just go for it and have the darn band removed. But I'll bet you'd rather have thin over a piece of cake when you really get honest with yourself. It's all about perspective and self awareness of what you want out of this life. We have a choice, and it IS a choice. We can be fat or we can be thin. With a band thin IS within grasp. The thing about us fat folks is that traditional diet and exercise is too hard, we just can't do it. We cannot lose and maintain at a normal size weight. Call it a lack of self control, call it anything you want. I'll cop to it, I'll be one to stand right up there and admit that I can't do it. But with a band it is still hard but it is the kind of hard WE can do, OUR population. Losing weight with a band is the kind of hard we can do but without a band, nope... we can't do it. Sometimes, maybe often times, maybe 20x a day when we are justifying more grazing behaviors and opening the frig to see what unnecessary food is in there, there comes a time when you just have to tell yourself no. We tell our children "no" daily. No, you can't play with razor blades in the middle of a busy street. No, you can't eat rat poison. No, you can't fail to look both ways when crossing a street. No, you can't do drugs. No, you can't go out with that drug abuser who just got out of juvvy. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves no as well. If you are like me, not sure you are, but if you are like me I can't stop at one Frito, or one bite of this or that. For me it is all or none. If I eat white carbs I can't quit. I lose self control. If I stay away from them completely I have no problem. The more I eat the more I crave. I am a person that wanted bread so bad about 3 months after banding I actually broke into the bread crumbs I use for cooking and ate the whole can. Then I started in on dry stuffing mix. It wasn't even something that tasted good (pretty rank, actually) but I couldn't stand the carb cravings anymore. That was my moment when I realized when and how I lose self control. So I avoid those situations. You can come over to my house right now and look through my house. You won't find any flour, pasta, bread, Fritos, or other foods that are my triggers. There are no bread crumbs, stuffing mix, cake mixes, cookie mixes... none of it. I don't even keep it in the house. There is not a person that has ever once been in my home that even needs those foods. My husband doesn't need them and he doesn't get them if he is here. Why would your family NEED cakes, Cookies, etc? We are not punishing our family members by denying them food habits WE have, it really is okay if you don't load your cupboards full of crap your kids do not need. I think that is another mindset we have to change. I've seen people post on these very boards that they can't pass up the cookies in the cupboard but they can't punish their children by not having cookies in the house. Since when it is a punishment to decline to feed a growing child cookies to the point you can't have a day without them in your home? Exercise... you know, we have physical and emotional reasons for overeating. Those issues we have to overcome and find ways to deal with them. But exercise? Nahhh, we have no excuse. That is just plain lazy behavior. You don't like exercise? Neither do I. But it's like cleaning the toilet. Who DOES like to do it? We do it because we have to. It's just a responsibility. We are all great at justifying eating too much and not exercising but the reality comes down to sheer lazy behaviors. If you can't run then power walk. If you can't power walk then walk. If you can't walk then do chair exercises. We have the energy to get up and run to the frig 20 times a day yet we can't find the time nor the motivation to do the SAME walking outside and away from food. How does that work? ;o) There are people who LOVE exercise, zog bless their little hearts! It's like a transfer addiction. They go from eating to exercising. They love it. Personally, I think they are sick and twisted human beings. ;o) I exercise but I hate it. Never have enjoyed it, not even a little. The person who invented weight resistance cannot possibly be anything but a lover of S&M. They should be shot. But you know what? It really really works. The motivation for me was not busting my butt on a treadmill when I would have much preferred doing my nails. The motivation was that the more I exercised the more weight I lost. THAT was my addiction, losing weight and getting thin. The more you lose the more motivation you get. What if you do this, just for ONE week... one week only. Cut out ALL white carbs. Yep, you'll be climbing the walls, you'll be dealing with head hunger full force. Every single TV commercial for food will be calling your name. You'll cus and swear at me and everyone else that is around you in real time or the boards. Start exercising. Even ten minutes of brisk walking. Work up a sweat, bust your butt. Just 10 minutes. That's nothing, that is the same as a couple of TV commercials. That is about the same amount of time to read a single thread on OH. Just take 10 simple minutes and go out for a hard walk. Then you are done exercising for the day. Honestly, 10 minutes is NOTHING. We have 144 10 minute blocks in a day, it really is nothing. Then tomorrow do 11 minutes. And yes, time it from the time your walk is a brisk one, not when you start thinking it's time to go outside for your walk. When your pace is up to brisk then start timing. Daily add a single minute to it. Push yourself to do better each day, just a single minute added. So for a week eat what you want, don't count calories, don't count fat grams. Don't worry about calories in the least. Eat what you want but do limit WHITE carbs to 20 a day. I'm just talking for a week. Do the 10 minutes of exercise while adding one minute daily. See what that does for you. You want 20 chicken breasts? Eat them. You want zucchini, yellow squash, any other carbs except fruit? Eat them. Lots of them. Don't even count carbs from veggies. Just count white carbs and limit those drastically to 20gms daily. The idea here is not to get you into ketosis, the idea is to get you eating the right carbs. Have unlimited VEGGIE carbs. You'll poop like a champ too. ;o) I'll bet you that you lose weight. Then as the motivation kicks in and the stomach hunger dies down you will be able to cut those 20 chicken breasts down to 10. Then 5, then 1 daily. Understand what is head hunger and what is true stomach hunger. Just focus on white carbs and minimal exercise. I'll bet you it works. If you can live the life and frustration as a fat person, you can do this. Being fat is MUCH harder than better food choices. Again, it's all perspective. What about your fill level? Are you at good restricton? If not, get thy butt to the doc and take care of it. There, that's yer' butt kicking. ;o) Just remember, you CAN do this, you have survived much much harder as a fat person and you have survived a life that is no walk in the park. If you can survive fat life you can easily survive the above plan for the next week. And BTW, this means start the whole plan tomorrow, not on Sunday at the beginning of the week. If you have already eaten a load of carbs today you will be hungry for the rest of the day. It's a blood sugar thing. So start tomorrow and keep remembering, you can do this. Good luck to you!
  24. WASaBubbleButt

    I'm addicted to sugar...

    But that wasn't the topic I responded to.
  25. VSG has been a stand alone procedure for over 10 years now. Very important when doing research to read current data. That's not really true, bypass folks work for their weight loss. People with a BMI of 30 get bypass. No, it is not RNY that is safer than the band it is VSG. That is not your standard issue person, that is a person that has 400+ pounds to lose. And if they get a band they can lose just as fast if they are a very high BMI. Esophageal spasms (I had that) Esophageal motility problems (I have that) Esophageal damage (I have that) Esophageal dilation Stoma spasms (I had that) Pouch dilation Port infections (a risk with each band adjustment) Slips Erosion Band intolerance (I had that) Reflux (I had that) Scar tissue growing under the band causing too much restriction with an unfilled band Mechanical problems such as: Port flips Tubing disconnects from port Tubing disconnects from band Leaks Kinked tubing (all mechanical problems need to be repaired surgically) Actually, it would. If someone has severe GERD that is not caused by a Hiatal Hernia and they are obese bypass is the surgery of choice. The other surgical option is a Nissan Fundoplication and once that is done there is no WLS to be had. So if someone is obese and has severe GERD bypass is the best option.

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