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  1. onedaycloser

    General questions 6 mths out

    I was sleeved 12/2/13 and seem to have stalled for a good month now...ugh! Hair still shedding and feeling tired a lot. Took a break from exercising however I started back up yesterday by walking again hopefully will get some energy back. I have difficulties getting in all my protein and on occasion will have a shake or drink an Adkins protein chocolate shake (more like milk), it's delish! SW: 243 CW: 179 GW: 150
  2. onedaycloser

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Feeling good, stall has broke! 6 month appointment has my weight down: HW 253 SW 248 CW 181
  3. onedaycloser

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    HW 253 SW 248 CW 185
  4. onedaycloser

    I can cross my legs!

    I loved this milestone for sure!!!
  5. Lenawee county here...sleeved in Dec 2013 currently down 71lbs!
  6. onedaycloser

    Michigan Sleevers

    Had mine done by Dr White ProMedica-Toledo Hospital. Excellent care, no complaints.
  7. onedaycloser

    December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

    HW 253 SW 241 CW 188 In a stall right now...ugh! Shake time:)
  8. onedaycloser

    4 days post op & regretting surgery

    The first few days were the worst for me but and it does get better. Try to keep fluids in, anyway you can! If your body is telling you something isn't right, than listen and go see your surgeon. Keep us posted.
  9. I too am in a stall (3 weeks now..ugh)! I'm almost 6 month post op. Hope this isn't it?
  10. onedaycloser

    100 Pounds in 4 Months?

    I agree with RJ 100%. I was sleeved in early December and of course at first the weight came off quickly than it tapered off..had a few stalls (in fact I've been in a stall for almost 3 weeks now), however I feel great! I've lost a total of 65lbs right now and my goal is to lose another 38lbs however if that doesn't happen than I will be alright because I'm healthier and feel terrific and LOVE the way my new clothes are fitting me. I was exercising about 5 days a week than we took the spring break vacation and lost my mojo however plan on getting back to the gym tomorrow morning! I fast walk 30 minutes and do some weight machines and it really does feel better! Hope this helps? Just think healthy, the rest will follow.
  11. I take my pre-natal vitamin along with b-12 first thing in the morning, hit the shower than mix up some ice tea, it's almost always after I take my first sip of tea that I get nauseous...but it goes away quickly.
  12. onedaycloser


    I use ducolax on occasion. Almost 6 months out and still have this issue!
  13. I feel sorta weird about it too, and I suppose that stems from being a very private person. I don't get on the scale everyday for fear of not having those numbers move (so psychological). I have found that when the scale doesn't move I lose inches (not sure if that's the same for everyone?). At any rate, I feel that's a personal question and just say, yes I've lost weight and leave it at that. If they press, I don't lie; I tell them I'm on a high protein, low carb, small meals, exercise diet. That generally satisfies them. I think people are just curious in general.
  14. onedaycloser

    9weeks out whoohooooo

    You look terrific Melle, keep up the good work!
  15. I'm almost 6 months out and sometimes it hurts gulping but you learn how to "adjust"..love my water! Sometimes I add crystal light flavors or diet snapple flavors to mix it up. Delish!