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  1. I think that it is fun how we all seem to have internal alarm clocks that go off in burps, hiccups, and sneezes when we get full.
  2. Sansa

    Hungry : (

    no, it's not just you. I had my surgery about 5 months ago and stay hungry most of the time. I find that I have to eat or drink a shake every 2 hours or so. I have found that eating fiber pills, carrots, or other veggies help me stave off hunger. I have also been trying appetite suppressants. Obestrim works great at alleviating my hunger but it also tends to keep me awake at night. Overall, I'm really disappointed that the surgery didn't alleviate my hunger like so many on this board claims that it does.
  3. I had my surgery about 5 months ago and have developed a funny little quirk since then. Whenever I eat and get full, I start sneezing! I suspect that some nerve that runs from my stomach up my throat into my nasal passages must get agitated when my stomach is stretched. It's actually kind of funny how my family knows that I'm full whenever I start having sneezing fits after eating. Does anyone else experience this or any other quirks since your surgery?
  4. I am two months postop but experience pain when food enters my stomach. I try to chew my food really well but everything that is not pureed hurts. When can I expect to be able to eat regular food without experiencing pain when the food enters my stomach?
  5. I bought a Cuisinart Handy Prep 3 cup food processor. It's perfect for pureeing meat and veggies in with canned soups. I'm impressed with how powerful it is, however, it tends to puree everything rather than chop.
  6. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    I am struggling with hunger myself at the moment. However, I have found that adding fiber to all of my protein shakes, puddings, and pureed meals seems to somewhat alleviate my hunger. I also set an alarm and force myself to eat something or have a shake every 2 hours. The biggest issue for me at the moment is trying to get to sleep at night when I am starving. I'm thinking that adding protein powders and fiber to pureed soup and meat for my last meal of the day is my best option right now.
  7. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    Fibercons are Fiber pills that I picked up at the grocery store. They apparently expand in the stomach which explains how they could alleviate my hunger:http://www.fibercon.com/lc/answers Any kind of fiber will fill up the stomach though. I try to throw in a scoop of flax mill into all of my Protein shakes and puddings and my last meal of the day. I have also found an appetite suppressant called Obestrim to be somewhat helpful. It is supposedly a natural appetite suppressant and is available to buy online.
  8. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    btw, I discovered today that swallowing a couple of fibercons on an empty stomach with water alleviated my hunger. I'm thinking that taking a couple at bedtime may help me make through the night a little better without being so hungry.
  9. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    so what ways have you found to deal with your hunger and still lose weight, LeaveItToSleever? I have been trying to eat every 2 hours for 6 small meals a day, however, that means that my last meal is at 6-7 p.m. I am absolutely starving for the rest of the night. What diet do you follow as far as calories, proteins, and carbs?
  10. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    I agree that hunger still feels like hunger and reflux like reflux and thirst like thirst. Taking antacids and drinking lots of water does absolutely nothing for my hunger. One of my main reasons for having the surgery was that I hoped that it would help me with hunger but, thus far, it hasn't. In fact, I have to deal with hunger a lot more since I can only take in 100-200 calories at a time.
  11. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    Apparently, anyone who experiences hunger on a 600 calorie diet has either the mind and stomach of an infant or lacks control. I understand that you believe that people that claim to be hungry aren't actually hungry, however, denying the fact that people experience starvation on 600 calorie diet doesn't really help people who are actually hungry. Just because surgeons and drug companies selling expensive vsg surgeries try to convince you that vsg diminishes hunger does not actually mean that vsg diminishes hunger for everyone nor does it mean that starvation is gas, thirst, or lack of control. If I was a immoral surgeon and I told you that vsg would diminish hunger if only you pay me $5-$20+k but you were still hungry after the surgery anyways then I might try to blame you for being hungry on a 600 calorie diet by claiming that you have an immature stomach and mind or can't possibly tell the difference between hunger, gas, or thirst, or I might even insinuate that you lack control. I might pretty much say anything to keep you from suing me for making promises that I made in order to get your money for the surgery. My point is that insulting people that claim to be hungry by telling them that they aren't actually hungry isn't necessarily helping them like so many people on this board seem to think that it does. It is absolutely reasonable to acknowledge that the surgery does not diminish hunger for a lot of people. It is something that pre-ops need to be aware of before dishing out a lot of money.
  12. Sansa

    Sugars Or Carbs?

    How many grams of carbs a day should we have then on a 600 calorie, 60 grams of protein diet?
  13. Sansa

    I'm Hungry!

    I don't understand why every time someone on this board says that he/she is hungry that others try to persuade he/she that he/she is confusing hunger with gas or thirst. We are all adults and know by now the difference between hunger, gas, and thirst. I was absolutely starving today but yet so many people on this board would seemingly have us all believe that I can't possibly be hungry on a 600 calorie diet! It really is ridiculous that everybody who claims to be hungry after surgery on this board is never taken seriously. It is entirely possible that the multitude of people who experience severe hunger after the surgery on a 600 calorie diet are actually...wait for it...HUNGRY.
  14. Sansa

    Sugars Or Carbs?

    I am 3 weeks out but have only lost 5 lbs. I have been concentrating on limiting my intake to 600 calories and 60 grams of protein a day. My doctor didn't say anything in particular about sugars or carbs though. I have seen that some people on this board try to limit their sugars to 10 grams a day but that seems really low. Others concentrate on limiting their intake to under 40 grams of carbs a day. I was just curious about what kind of guidelines others try to follow as far as sugars and carbs? My opinion is that the sugar and carbs shouldn't really matter when I am only consuming 600 calories and 60 grams of protein but, since I haven't lost much weight, I'm beginning to wonder if it does matter?
  15. Sansa

    Excercise Help Needed

    I bought a treadmill and put it right in front of the television. I record my favorite shows but then only allow myself to watch them while I'm walking on the treadmill. I started with 15 mins and am now doing 20 mins a day 3 weeks out from the surgery. I have been having low energy problems since the surgery. Believe it or not, I was struggling to do the 15 mins after the surgery but, after a few weeks, the 20 mins fly by. I will probably add another 5 mins next week.

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