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    I am 29 yrs old and have been married to my soulmate for 10 yrs. Hoping to have a couple babies in the near future!
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    Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Reading
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  1. JessiG1983

    Freeking Period/water Weight

    Just coming off of mine and at the beginning gained 5 lbs!!! UGH!!
  2. JessiG1983


    I am also a bandster with PCOS. I have lost about 90 lbs and have not noticed a change in facial hair as of yet...there is always hope though, right?!? lol I have noticed that my hormones do seem a bit more balanced and I now have a 30-32 day cycle without medication.
  3. JessiG1983

    Sex Drive

    I agree, I have found that the weight loss has really increased my sex drive. The more I lose the more I want it. Hubby is quite happy!! lol
  4. JessiG1983

    You Had Your Surgery And ..

    I am 9.5 months post surgical and down nearly 90 lbs. I actually like pictures now (not all, we still have bad days and bad angles lol) I can walk and hike again without feeling like I'm dying, in fact when I walk my dogs they get tired long before I do. I can get up and down from the floor quite easily. I love seeing my collar bones!! I love wearing normal clothes not being in the plus sized section. I love putting on some of my old clothes that used to be tight and drowning in them...in fact my hubby (who has really gone every step of the way with me and has lost 80lbs in the process) and I recently put put on an old pair of my "work out" pants...we both fit in a leg of those pants, granted they were tighter with both of us in them than they were when I wore them but it was still amazing to see)
  5. My husband was not 100% psyched about the prospect of me having surgery. It was dangerous, did I really need it, etc... Well he went to a seminar with me and found out the real facts from a doctor. He realized I really did know what I was talking about and it may really be a good idea for me. He became my biggest cheerleader and one of the main reasons I was able to have the success I have had. He has been there every step of the way and has totally changed his habits as well. The thing is he is either going to have to shape up or ship out. Help him get educated about the process and why you want to have the surgery. If he still cannot support you then that is his problem, not yours. You are doing this for you and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss off!! Good luck!!
  6. JessiG1983

    207 Lbs Gone... 10 Lbs To Go

    What an inspiring success story!! Thank you for posting it!
  7. JessiG1983

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    A hot little leather jacket with a pair of tight jeans and knee high f**k me boots!!! lol
  8. JessiG1983

    How many bags of sugar have you lost

    I've lost 17.5 bags of sugar!!!!
  9. JessiG1983

    What Did You Say?

    My first question was "Is it in?" I too was worried after all the horror stories of people getting opened up and for various reasons the band not being able to be placed. Shortly there after, when the meds given during surgery wore off all I could ask was "What the f**k did I do to myself??!?" I had a very large hiatal hernia that needed repair, which for me made the upper abd/ chest pain pretty bad! Like Miz I got over it quickly and couldn't be happier!!
  10. JessiG1983

    Am I Able To Sleep On My Side

    Like Christie said, if it is comfortable then it is fine!!! Good luck!
  11. JessiG1983

    I Made It !

    YES!!! Great job!
  12. JessiG1983

    Trying To Keep It Together

    Yes, YES!!! This, all of it!! Well said Carolinagirl!!
  13. JessiG1983

    Dating Preference

    This is a good topic, for sure. I'm also married so I won't be dating (other than hubby, lol). I could see why feeling better about yourself could change the types of guys that you would date. That would mean you were likely attracted to them all along but felt you didn't stand a chance because of how you felt about yourself. I could see something like that happening for sure. My hubby and I got fat together (me more so than him) and now we're getting thin together as my healthy habits have rubbed off!
  14. JessiG1983

    51Lbs Down!!

    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!
  15. JessiG1983

    Complete Unfill

    Holy crap!!! I wish you a fast recovery!! I'm glad your doctor worked quickly to prevent any further issues...ugh! Good luck and hope that you're resting well!

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