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  1. kah1213

    november sleeve

    How’s everyone doing? Stalls? Progress? NSVs?
  2. How’ve you been feeling? I’m 6 weeks post op revision as well.
  3. kah1213

    november sleeve

    Almost 1 month out and I experienced the stall at Week 3 that everyone talks about. So glad I read about it here so I didn’t freak out...but it DID pass and scale is moving again ;)
  4. My doc wouldn’t revise to sleeve after emergency band removal unless I gained back to 30 BMI which is so disheartening. Fortunately I was able to go to Mexico for the revision last month.
  5. kah1213

    november sleeve

    What is sleeve plus?
  6. kah1213

    november sleeve

    I’m on the other side! VSG yesterday (after having band removed 11 months ago). Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I recall being in more pain (gas etc) after band surgery.
  7. kah1213

    november sleeve

    Dizzy isn’t good. Are you keeping hydrated? Hope you’re doing better
  8. Checking in on this thread to see how everything is going?
  9. kah1213


    Your stats seem similar to mine. My band is out, gained, and now revising to sleeve in 2 weeks. How’ve you been feeling since the sleeve?
  10. kah1213

    november sleeve

    Hi. 👋 I’m 11/29 revision to sleeve.
  11. I think yes cash pay. That’s what my situation is as I’m still considered low BMI despite significant weight gain after my band was removed.
  12. Even though I’m self pay revision, I’m still going through all the appointments like cardio, endocrinologist, Nutritionist, etc. Then I’ll schedule a date.
  13. @elcee- what was your BMI at revision? Glad you’re doing well.
  14. That’s great. I’m going to UCLA Tuesday for my revision consult.

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