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    skn1224 got a reaction from MinaT in Where Are Your Incisions?   
    i have four five if you include the drain line which i got taken out yesterday! ) and its aleady closed.. anyway the first two are pretty much two inches down from each boob the other two are two more inches down in the center of where the other two are... they are healing nicely i should have very little scarring )
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    skn1224 reacted to Skinnyagain in Emotional Wreck!   
    Oh yes. I was the same way. I even went through the what the hell have I done to my self stage. Just remember this to shall pass. It is normal to be on an emotional rollar coaster right now. All I can say is it will get beter I promise. Best of luck
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    skn1224 reacted to chitowngirl in Emotional Wreck!   
    The surgery does actually effect hormones, so that could be it. But have no fear the journey gets easier/better with each day that passes.
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    skn1224 reacted to Jenny2012 in Emotional Wreck!   
    Its an emotional time, my support group said that many have feelings of overwhelming emotion after the surgery, your not alone, and soon enough you will be better, its a daily walk for a life time of change, stay strong and you will be fine. I have cried about three times since the surgery, the first being the feeling of completion, second was a feeling of loss in losing a part of myself I couldn't control, and the third was the joy of seeing myself get stronger each day. I am 16 days out and I went to the gym for the first time since surgery today, I felt like I was lazing off... only to be sent home by my sleeve buddy who had her surgery last year, as she told me this morning "you have had a major surgery, let your body heal at its own rate" "when its time, then you can do all the things you want without fear of complications." So, I say the same to you.. let your body heal and let your hubby help you, everyday you will be better and better
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    skn1224 reacted to NJsharon in Any May Sleevers Here?   
    I started a 'secret' May 2012 Sleevers group on Facebook, if anyone wants to join me on there. Figure we can all keep in touch & chat with each other!
    It is secret group, which means that nobody can see the group, nobody can see the members & nobody can see the posts.
    I know some of us haven't told all our facebook friends & may want to keep it that way for now. So made it secret.
    Now to add you, you have to be my friend, so if you want to friend me then look up Sharon Ivanauskas, also send me a message saying you want to joint he May 2012 sleevers group, so I know who you are!
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    skn1224 got a reaction from twoplusone227 in Any Military Sleevers?   
    i am! im getting my sleve done the 30th may at Walter Reed in MD... what kind of question do you have?
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    skn1224 reacted to Lolly2369 in Any May Sleevers Here?   
    yes it's our day skn!!!! congrats and good luck!!! good luck to anyone else on may 11th as
    well!!!!! )))))
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    skn1224 got a reaction from shelleyrn22 in Any May Sleevers Here?   
    eep! well today is my day!! have to be at the hospital in about two hours... actually slept lastnight about 5hrs lol i figured i wouldnt sleep at all... good luck to the other may 11's!!
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    skn1224 reacted to KristiRN in Any May Sleevers Here?   
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    skn1224 reacted to monki in Sf Desser - We Call It Possum Pie   
    8 oz. Fat Free Cream cheese
    1/2 c. Splenda
    1 small box SF vanilla instant pudding
    1 small box SF chocolate instant pudding
    2 1/2 c. Skim milk
    1tsp. Vanill1 c. Cool Whip free
    Beat cream cheese and Splenda until smooth them spread in the bottom of 9x9 dish. In mixing bowl, combine pudding mixes, milk and vanilla and mix until thickened. Spoon mixture over cheese layer. Refrigerate for at least two hours to set layers. Top with Cool Whip before serving.
    Note: 1/4 c. Pecans can be added to dessert if you like. I add then between cheese and pudding layers.
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    skn1224 reacted to Lolly2369 in Any May Sleevers Here?   
    I'm may 11th too!
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    skn1224 reacted to 4mydogs in Any May Sleevers Here?   
    My new life starts May 8. My biggest worry is did my liver shrink enough. I've lost 38 - 40 pounds pre op been working on that since Feb 8. I'm getting excited. I keep telling myself in about 2 - 3 week I can have something besides liquids.< /p>
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    skn1224 got a reaction from MinaT in Freaking Out!   
    I started the liquid diet early myself just yo get use to it....
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    skn1224 got a reaction from Liberated Sleeve in Freaking Out!   
    my surgery was supposed to b the 30th of may buut my Dr called and wants to do it the 11th omg its really gonna happen!!! Sheesh I have alot to take care of in a week....
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    skn1224 got a reaction from NcBreez in Pregnancy After Vsg   
    oh im so glad you asked this i havent had children of my own yet and this was a major concern of mine!
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    skn1224 reacted to circa in Morning Wood   
    haha and don't forget, your woodpile can grow if you lose the extra "shed"
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    skn1224 reacted to doggz109 in Soda & Protein Bars   
    With all the crap in them......why would you want to drink a soda? Plenty of healthy choices on things to drink. Use your surgery as a chance to get a clean break from that stuff.

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