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  1. Take due to surgery Multi w ironx2 Biotin 5000 Calcium w d Extra v-D Bcomplex x2 B12 I have added vE1000 I am thinking of adding more d and probiotioc to help combat mood swings, mild depression or anxiety not sure what the deal is but I get moody sometimes now mildly while adjusting I think Also looking into vitman for memory and joint health I have problems allways have with a bone in my foot I broke a couple years ago and inflammation in my knee from old sports injury I've heard spinach is good for that. Anyone else know any good ideas. I hardly eat now so trying to focus on my health with Vitamins to supplement and improve my self even more. sleeved 4/23/12 Sent from my iPad using VST
  2. thewinds

    The Cons Of Gastric Sleeve Life! :-(

    Being cold isn't fun, but gives you a reason to snuggle, I call him my personal heater sleeved 4/23/12 Sent from my iPad using VST
  3. thewinds

    Hot Dogs & Sausages

    I have had 100%beef from our local top notch butcher they are in natural cassing and so good the quality speaks when you see how not greasy they are, also had thier brats but only bite or three to greasy for me I was sleeved in late April. I eat them without the bun and dip in sauce mustered ketcheup ect sleeved 4/23/12 Sent from my iPad using VST
  4. I am only 6 weeks out but allready snack but I found a local butchers shop that makes thier own jerky it is so good and soft and moist I snack on it a lot it is $$$ but so worth it in the protien calories area and more importantly keeps me out of the carbs. sleeved 4/23/12 Sent from my iPad using VST
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    Rant On Men

    He insisted I stay home so he could ake care of me and my kid. But nothing has been cleaned. Dishes a week old and I am only six days out still with a lot of muscle pain I feel a emotional break coming and him as my focus for letting me down. I want to be patient and not go crazy on him but admit not even trash has gone out in four days my normaly clean house and I can't even invite people over.
  6. I saw the doc for my four week Friday my blood pressure is low by about 5-10 points and I am having symptoms of dizziness and weakness with light head. He mentioned it could be dehydrohadtion but maybe them is tmi but was told to monitor my urin color and it is allways pale yellow only dark once or twice a week. Any advice on feeling better would getting I.v. Fluids raise my blood pressure he didn't give me any good fix other than jointer and I feel like crap. I was sleeved 4/23 and Down 30lbs
  7. My 8 year started taking out trash and picking everything up for me, I had someone at home but he had to work... So I had a lot of one on one with my kid he loved helping and taking care of me, I would say I needed someone at home at least two or three days after school till the kid went to bed, I then would go to bed and get him up for school cereal for breakfast and off to school he went and I'd sleep. Help with shopping is recomened no pushing carts, ride the motorized and have the bagged load your car. Is there maybe a group that helps deployed families that might have a mom who could stay with your for a couple days. First two weeks is when the sleeve can leak so that is the most important time to be carful where are you stationed
  8. How was it cooked. Before sleeved I did med-rare but my burger the other night was rare and hat was hard to get down
  9. I hade two bites of a chicken taco today and it was a good thing I had a bag, I was at a birthday party today and had a couple bites of a dairy/gluten free cake and some gluten dairy free ice cream it was like a watermelon Italian ice really good. But the taco didn't like me.... But might been I didn't chew it to mush like everything I chew these days. I am on full regular and required to get 100g protien 80 ounces of Water and under 1000 cal. I have found only problems are things with shells... Corn, peas, Beans, mushrooms, broccilie. I keep to my diet but if something pops up at a party I try things and don't say never can have cause that's no fun and i know I'll be stupid and try and have it out of depriving myself. I lost 28lbs in the last 30 days.
  10. thewinds

    How Fast Is Too Fast?

    I can do a cup in 15-20 minutes, I can do 3-4 ounces of chicken in a hour. My doc told me yesterday that you won't allways feel pain when drinking or eating to much so it is important to pace your self just cause there is no pain doesn't mean all is great I find out when I had to much when I run to the bathroom so I slowed down big time. And it is better
  11. thewinds

    Can I?

    I eat a banna every day since two weeks when I started soft foods.... It is allowed and encouraged. I also threw in some strawberrie in my shaked once for a fix. I trust was told natural sugar from fruit is ok in moderation, the sugars in it are not bad like juice and other things, but like everything strict moderation. Juice and live fruit is not the same thing they digest differently and juice is more concenitrted.
  12. thewinds

    Low Blood Persure

    Anyone know if there is medication to raise blood pressure I haven't found any oline
  13. I got two binders first was to small so they had to order another one sent up, sInce they opened it first it couldn't be given to anyone else so they sent it home with me. It fit me after 3 weeks and 35 lbs. I still wear it ocasionly when I do a lot and I am sore
  14. Is my fish chicken and shakes absorbed in the stomach or digetion track. Anyone know where I can get more info
  15. I am 4/23 I slept in bed day three when I went home on my back with pillows on my sides and under my knees I was at angle like my recliner. I was only this week, four weeks out I can sleep on my stomach or side for part te night then switch sides Good luck
  16. thewinds


    My SO is also supportive says they are going to where they naturally would be without the fat. The supportive nature is so comforting and helps while I am changing so fast.... Now how do I get the trash out lol I went for a 50DD to a 48C I might get a lift someday, or maybe just the tummy tuck.
  17. Vitamin store has then on sale here in Ohio as well. I only drink then after putting mio in them. Then they taste great.
  18. thewinds


    Ideas tired of chocolate. Been making my body fortress with peanutbutter bananas and need new to try.
  19. thewinds


    Never considered saline before but starting to if at the end I lose my d cup
  20. thewinds

    Sitting In The Er

    Sorry to hear I hate being dehydrated I think i am close so if been drinking a lot today.
  21. Congrats I love the dress in all the pictures you were a pretty bride and even prettier now
  22. I am on soft which means fork mashable. But tuna and canned chicken make me sick so I've been eating grilled chicken that is not over cooked and still juicy inside I chew it forever and it stays down the best. PB on saltines, laughing cow cheese on flatbread toll house crackers, fish, no Shrimp, Wendy's chilli, homemade hummus, pork tenderloin, and string cheese, yogurt, bannanas, oj, protien shakes, I like vanila in oj, or chocolate body fortress with PB, banna in it, also unflavored jay rob I pudding, I drink a lot of power protien pre made shakes in bannana cream, lean body in Cookies and cream and chocolate, Isopure with a squirt of mio. I spoke to my nut today and told her everything she is really happy and says as long as I can keep it down and chew it well I am ok to eat it even if doc still has me on soft, says that everyone tolerates different foods differently and sometimes it will sit well and then the third time it won't and to wait a month and try again. 4weeks out yesterday
  23. Feed back or reviews how good for us is it

PatchAid Vitamin Patches