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  1. LaBelle509

    13 months later!!!!!!

    From the album: 12- 18 months post op

    ABSOLUTELY NO LOSS THIS MONTH!!!!! but looking fierce and HAPPY:)
  2. LaBelle509

    Getting close to where I want to be:)

    From the album: 12- 18 months post op

    I love, love, love, love, my sleeve. This surgery truly gave me a new lease on life. I am going to make the best out of it.
  3. LaBelle509

    Favorite go-to foods

    Chili is mine! and as of late, Green smoothies.
  4. Thank you so much for right this!!!
  5. I love this article. I am almost two years out and do feel like I was pushing my sleeve a little too much. I am going to watch closely how much food I placed on my plates.
  6. LaBelle509

    scale drama

    almost 2yrs out, and the scale is still my biggest challenge lol Sometimes I am in total control, only weighing myself once a week. And then, the obsession will kick in and I am on it 2/3x a day!! But my life is so much easier when I stay off of it, and keep doing the right thing food wise.
  7. LaBelle509


    Best of luck on your new journey! Make the best out of your new tool.
  8. I have to say, this new layout seems to make people less interactive . I remember in the past, members used to read each other's blog and left COMMENTS. Now it seems cold and distant. The whole vibe is difference. But it is still nice to see a few do take time to reply to posts, answer questions and show support. God bless. Show some love people!!!
  9. LaBelle509

    Happy Saturday to you all! Why is the site so quiet?!?

    Welcome! it does feel a little different. I am not sure why! My surgery was 5/24/12
  10. LaBelle509

    My boobs are my best friend.

    I wish I could offer you some hope, but I can't. I went from 40DDD to 36C. Honestly, I could probably fit a B, I just can't bring myself to buy such a small cup though lol!! I loved my big girls!!! I am getting them done this December
  11. It's not permanent!! and yes, it is a very unsettling feeling. I remember not being able to just get up and walk at the beginning. I had to sit up first, get my bearings, before standing up. You will feel better soon.
  12. LaBelle509

    Tryning to get to Onderland

    I feel your pain! I just broke a five weeks stall myself! I stayed stuck at 202.2 for all that time. Finally I dropped to 199.2 lbs, but today I went up to 199.8 lbs which is making nervous and frustrated !! I guess this all part of the process. All we can do, is keep doing the right thing( eat clean, water, exercise, rest) and wait for the darn scale to budge. Good luck
  13. LaBelle509

    Me 50 pounds down (February 2013)

    love the hair cut in the after picture! Beautiful transformation
  14. LaBelle509

    Amazing Results

    amazing job!!
  15. LaBelle509


    great job!!!!!
  16. He did my surgery. I had absolutely no complications. He's polite, funny, a little sarcastic( lol), knowledgeable and full of energy. I would use him again in a heart beat, and have referred two family members and a friend to him. Although post surgery, I have seen him only once. All the follow op appts has been with the nurse. Best wishes to you.
  17. LaBelle509


    congrats on your lost!!!
  18. LaBelle509

    Happy Saturday to you all! Why is the site so quiet?!?

    thank you so much!! will do
  19. I have been missing for a while! But I am back. Glad to see that most of my friends are still around and doing well. What a journey. My dad passed away( cancer), two months later my brother was shot while breaking a fight, and I miscarried my baby two day after his death. It was just too much. But, if it was not for my wls, you best beleive that life handed EVERY reason to stuff my face. I THANK GOD that I was sleeved. I had to find healthy ways to cop with all the emotions that came rushing at me for months. My sisters, husband, and friends came me going. I can honestly say, I made it. Now, things are looking better. Got a small promotion at work. And today I weigh in at 199.2 LBS!!!!! from 348 lbs. I am loving life. I am grateful for life and for the people around me. I am keeping my stress level low. No drama here. Will not allow it. Period. Later friends.
  20. LaBelle509

    Finally at Onerland! Man does it feel good:)

    thank you! and yes, I went through some rough waters
  21. LaBelle509


    you look so much younger! great job!!
  22. LaBelle509

    12- 18 months post op

    I went from running away from cameras to taking daily pictures lol!!! the challenge I am facing for this album: NOT TO UPLOAD TOO MANY PICS:)
  23. LaBelle509

    Almost two years out!!!

    From the album: 12- 18 months post op

    Loving life. Living life. Learning new things every day. Learninnew ways to cop. Finding strenghts that I did know I have.

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