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  1. LadyMaggie

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I plan to keep my band until the grave; obviously, if it was a medical necessity, I would have it removed. I guess you can call me a "lifer".
  2. I also appreciate the updates over the years from B52; I have followed his posts since I had my lap band surgery in April 2012. I wish him good luck on the next phase of his life without the band.
  3. LadyMaggie

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I have been doing a lot of research; it seems that their is a recent publication by The Journal of the American Medical Association ("JAMA") discouraging lap band surgery, but is in favor of the "sleeve". I've read the article several times, but still didn't really agree with their stance. My lap band DID slip in May 2016 and I had to have a "revision" surgery to put my lap band back in place. Honestly, I don't have any regrets about the surgery and I would certainly do it again. Good luck to you "newbies" ***smiles***
  4. LadyMaggie

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    I've always heard God puts you where he wants you. What a blessing that I have found this post! Like many of you, my story is a VERY long one -- my Sister and Niece were murdered; my lap band "slipped" which required a revision surgery (there is more to my story, but I'll stop there). At my highest weight, I was at 250 pounds. In this lap band journey, my lowest weight was 170 pounds. I am dealing with a "'re-gain", and currently weigh 199 pounds. I have abandoned my exercise program, and my love affair with food continues **sigh**. I am looking to get back on track. My doctor has set my goal weight at 180 pounds, but my own personal goal is 170 pounds. I feel like I have forgotten all of the "rules" -- a tad overwhelmed about how and where to start. My lap band is currently empty, but I am scheduled for a fill in 3 weeks, barring any issues/reflux, etc. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. Your stories, and posts are encouraging.
  5. LadyMaggie

    Inflammation from sinus drainage.

    Pineapple juice helps me
  6. LadyMaggie

    Day 0

    Be patient; drink lots of fluids; let your body recover from surgery. Good Luck~
  7. LadyMaggie

    Long Term Results?

    5 years out; still maintaining
  8. LadyMaggie

    Can't keep anything in

    take small sips on pineapple juice; it works for me everytime.
  9. LadyMaggie

    12 days post op

    I got desperate during my "liquid phase" and ate oatmeal and pudding. BAD, I know, but it didn't cause any issues for me. Good Luck!
  10. LadyMaggie

    Diet Coke

    My lap band doctor said "NO" to anything with carbonation (no soda, beer, etc.). They cause your stomach to swell. If you drink them on a regular basis, your lap band will slip. I would most definitely check with your surgeon before you do. Personally, since your surgery was so recent, if it were me, I would NOT risk it. Good luck!
  11. LadyMaggie

    Help :-/

    I didn't tell anyone but my children and husband. I tell people I have issues with my hernia or esophagus if they make a comment about how or what I am eating. It's worked for me for almost 5 years. Good Luck
  12. LadyMaggie

    New surgery, new member

    Welcome to the other side. I didn't have a lot of pain post-op. Follow your dietitian's advice and be patient.
  13. LadyMaggie

    Palpating the Port, is it Flat or Curved?

    Yes, and I discussed this last week with my surgeon. There are options once you reach your goal weight and your port is sticking out or feels awkward. Check with your doctor.
  14. I did NOT have my band removed. I went to four consecutive appointments to my lap band doctor. My complaints were always the same; night time coughing and reflux. He eventually did a complete unfill. As we began to fill the band, the symptoms returned. In my opinion, the surgeon waited to long to deal with it, so my band had slipped. I had surgery on May 31st. He re-positioned the band and I presume it is empty. I see him on Friday (June 17th) for an appointment.
  15. I do not believe emptying my band either time resolved the issue; which is why I ultimately ended up having surgery for the slipped band. I lost 18 pounds in one week because I could not keep ANY liquids down. My doctor waited too late to deal with it. Perhaps for some, empty band resolves issue --- but that was NOT my experience.
  16. I had a similar situation twice; both times surgeon removed all of the Fluid from my band. I had a CT scan in May 2016 which indicated my lap band had slipped. I did have to have surgery. Still no regrets as I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight.
  17. LadyMaggie

    Acid Reflux

    I find that I cannot eat within 3 hours of my bedtime.
  18. LadyMaggie


    Sorry to hear this. Not sure if there is any such thing as "common" or "uncommon" with lap bands. Surgeons have many different approaches. However, my PORT is on my right side; my LAP BAND is on my left side. Have you tried walking? Sometimes just standing up helps. Did you eat something that got "stuck"
  19. LadyMaggie

    Help,advice needed please

    my lap band doctor told me that I MUST eat a MINIMUM of 60 grams of Protein each day, NO exceptions. There is a rather new product on the market that I LOVE. One bottle has 15 grams of protein. I try to drink two or three per day. They sell them at SOME local Wal-Marts or Krogers stores. However, I live in a VERY small community, so I order mine off Amazon. Add a Protein Bar and something like cottage cheese to help reach the 60+ protein goal each day. Good Luck on your journey Protein2o whey Protein Isolate, Zero-Sugar, Low Calorie, Mixed berry, 12 Count (Pack of 2) About the Product 15g whey protein isolate, 0g sugar, 60 calories, 0g carbs Ion-exchange whey protein isolate rich in BCAAs Highest Leucine content of any known protein, necessary for muscle protein synthesis Certified OU-D Kosher, gluten free, lactose free, no artificial flavors, preservative free and BPA-Free Sold by: Amazon.com LLC[/size]
  20. LadyMaggie

    Acid reflux

    I'm not sure if I am considered a "veteran" bander or not -- just celebrated my 4 year bandiversary. But, I have had some issues with reflux. However, I had a LOT of underlying GI issues BEFORE I got the band. I had my gall bladder taken out before my lap band surgery. I have GERD, Gastroparesis, irritable bowel, etc. I do not think the band made the issues any worse. But, I have some reflux from time to time. Do NOT eat 3 hours before you go to bed. I only have 4 cc's in my band; reducing the amount does not help my reflux issues. Do you by chance have sleep apnea?
  21. LadyMaggie

    Hubby getting banded tomorrow

    Sending positive thoughts your way for a successful surgery for your husband. It is hard to believe how long I have had my band; only regret, wish I had done it 10 years earlier!
  22. LadyMaggie

    Curious .

    I agree with Lisa. I have the lap band. My 4 year "band-avirsary" is in April. I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight. I had a very dear friend that had the sleeve about the same time as my surgery. Her weight has fluctuated a lot (currently up 7 pounds). I don't know the advantages or disadvantages of Band vs. Sleeve; but you have to have you heart, soul (and brain) in the game way BEFORE any procedure. Good Luck.
  23. LadyMaggie

    My Journey Is Ending.....

    My lap band surgeon gave me the impression that the lap band is made out of silicon (plastic), and that the silicon will be a part of your body forever. He said there were no indications that the silicon itself will fail over a certain time period. He told me that the silicon would outlive me. Of course, if there are issues with the band, slippage, etc., this would change the picture. If women have breast implants, aren't they silicon too? I've wondered if they last forever. That's a strange comparison but all I could think of . Good luck in your journey.
  24. LadyMaggie

    Which surgery is safer

    My primary care physician would ONLY advise me to get the lap band. She told me that she could not recommend permanently removing or altering the human anatomy. I chose to follow her advice. Good luck with deciding.
  25. LadyMaggie


    I couldn't sleep for three days in anticipation of my first fill after surgery. I HATE needles and I have NO tolerance for pain. I have an excellent surgeon and I never really feel the needle or have pain. It is more like pressure. If I can do it, ANYONE can **smiles**

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