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  1. Jeniluv1978

    Hula Cardio Class

    If you find in jersey lmk!!!
  2. Jeniluv1978

    Whole Or Egg Whites

    I eat a hard boiled egg almost everyday for breakfast!!
  3. Jeniluv1978

    Anyone Start At 240Ish Lbs?

    Positive attitude! You can do this!! When you need support ask for it. That is why we are all here! Xo
  4. Jeniluv1978

    Best Exercises

  5. Jeniluv1978

    Best Exercises

  6. Jeniluv1978

    Pain After Eating

    Recently I have been getting sharp pains in my belly after I'm eating. Is this bc I am eating to much? Anyone have or had the same issue??
  7. Jeniluv1978


    Omg!! I hurt said belly part getting in my car last night and I was in pain the rest of the night! Sleep and all pain so bad I could hardly sleep! I can't wait to see my dr tomorrow!
  8. Jeniluv1978


    My dr said its the muscles healing.
  9. Jeniluv1978

    Any Sleevers With Pcos?

    It doesn't work super good for me!
  10. Best of luck with a speedy recovery! Xo
  11. Jeniluv1978


    I'm 16 days post op and have a question. My old port site is KILLING me. Sleeping sucks! Moving sucks. The site itself is healing beautifully and it's not red or hot to the touch. Has any experienced this? And if so for how long???
  12. Jeniluv1978


    Thanks guys. It's pretty painful and I have a high tolerance for pain! Glad to know it wasn't just me! And I am loving this new me! I'm already happier in my own skin. 18 pounds lighter and although I'm not on solid foods I don't have that feeling like where's the bathroom after I ate! Ya know?!?!?
  13. Jeniluv1978


    Clears for one week and puréed full liquid 3 weeks
  14. Jeniluv1978


    What about the biggest loser slim coach? Anyone try that? I don't want to spend the extra $ when I have no problem (besides the bulkyness) with the body bug. What to do?!? What to do?!?!?
  15. Jeniluv1978

    1 Week Since Surgery

    Yeah nausea was a big pia for me! Sleeping sux! I'm a belly sleeper and stick pillows under my sides but some nights I ultimately end up on my belly! Was cleared for gym no heavy lifting though and no pool!! Boo!!!
  16. It seems to be. I'm happier not getting in my protein. Has anyone felt this way??
  17. Hi All!! Question... I had surgery on Tuesday so I'm 3 days out. I've been having water diarrhea since. Anyone else have this?
  18. Jeniluv1978


  19. Jeniluv1978


  20. Jeniluv1978


    I can't figure out how to follow you?? Can you find me?? Jenny Singleton-Pennington Ty!!!
  21. Jeniluv1978

    Is Something Wrong?

    I had surgery on tuesday , I'm jealous you aren't having problems drinking!! I feel everything that goes down! But it is what it is right?!?!? The only thing I am having an issue with is being sick of clear liquids!! Best of luck!

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