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  1. ShapeShifter

    Newbie Needing Some Advice...

    I was on mushies by day 8, so as long as you chewed really well, you can rest assured you did no damage.
  2. ShapeShifter

    Fmla (Medical Leave)

    It's always good to utilize your FMLA, which protects your position at work while you are away. I took two weeks, felt well enough to work after one, but was grateful to have the extra week to learn how to eat. I was really ready to go back to work by then. I'm a people person and really missed my people. I'm so glad you have such a supportive boss... mine was great, as well.
  3. ShapeShifter

    Really Sick, Need Help!

    Are you still in the hospital? I receive nauseau meds through my IV. I asked for them every time the nurse came in, and I never got sick. That said... it will get better, I promise.
  4. Well, I do what my NUT advises, but I tend to agree with her recommendations. Fruit is definitely allowed, according to my official post-op book. My pre-op diet actually worked on cutting out grains. I did brown rice only for most of the year, then cut that out a month before surgery. otherwise, lean meats, veggies, and fruits, plus protein shakes. Do what works for you, dear. You are the one that needs to lose the weight and shrink your liver. (As hard as it was to cut out grains and sugar, I really do find that I feel better without them.)
  5. ShapeShifter

    Protein Shakes Help Please

    I started having trouble with my chosen brand, Isopure low carb chocolate, about week four. I found another brand online that I like a lot. MGN (muscle gauge nutrition) Pure Isolate. 25 grams of protein, 1 carb, 110 calories. Lots of flavors. Good luck finding something suitable. It is a chore, I know.
  6. ShapeShifter

    Dinner The Night Before

    I was on two weeks of liquids with one small green salad a day, then day before surgery... liquids only.
  7. ShapeShifter

    Sleep Apnea

    Can you work with them to find another mask? there are many types, and some just go under your nose, rather than over your face. I have a friend who is clostrophobic, and really struggled with is full face mask in the beginning. took him about 6 months to adjust. Good luck! If you have apnea, and can get past the mask, you will feel so much better, I promise.
  8. ShapeShifter

    Acid Blocker Question...

    I wonder if you could try taking one, and then take another later in the day if it needs a boost... until you can confirm with the doctor.
  9. I hit the two week stall, too. I'm at seven weeks now, and in the middle of another week-long stall. My body is really fighting me to stay at its comfort weight. Bleh.
  10. Is it possible it could be an internal stitch that is tugging due to shifting in your belly gravity? I had an ache that was like sore muscles in my stomach at 5 weeks out, and it went away within a week.
  11. I had followed a low carb diet focused on fruits and veggies with lean meats, and lost some weight, but then gained and lost the same 2-4 lbs for months. Once I was approved, I was given a diet to follow that pretty much allowed all of those things, but no grains (not even oatmeal). Grains cause inflammation in the body. Then there was the two week liquid diet, that had 3-4 Protein shakes, one small green salad and one yogurt a day. I only lost 7 lbs on that one. My body, even after surgery, loses slowly. I can tell you that removing grains from your diet (and sugar) will have an effect on your weight loss. You could focus on the types of foods you will eat post-op - high protein, lean meats, veggies and fruits... which would prepare you for the lifestyle change AND help you with your weight loss goal - pre-op. Having surgery does require some discipline, and only you can decide if you are ready to take this step. But if you choose a plan and get started, you may just find it to be tolerable and well worth it. Good luck!
  12. ShapeShifter

    Dry Curly Hair

    Also, adding fish oil supplements to your list of vitamins.
  13. ShapeShifter

    Dry Curly Hair

    I have naturally curly hair, too. I'm only 7 weeks out, so I'm not sure that I'm seeing changes yet... but I've read about doing a treatment with coconut oil. I've yet to determine if this is a recommendation from the coconut board to sell more oil, or if it really works. Worth a try, I suppose.
  14. I had to adjust my cpap within the first two weeks, as well. (I couldn't fully exhale.) I adjusted it again after five weeks (I was waking up to burp - swallowing air). I was on a 10 setting, and am now on a 7. Getting off this machine is my number one goal of weight loss. I am grateful for the progress! I went to youtube to learn how to adjust it myself. I see my neurologist / sleep specialist at the end of the month, and hope to have a sleep study by the end of the year (since I've met my out of pocket) to render this machine useless! A girl can dream...
  15. ShapeShifter

    Calcium And Multivitamin

    The Celebrate chewables made me nauseus, too. It's the only time since surgery I almost got sick. I've switched to Wellesse Liquid vitamins.
  16. I get that kind of sudden and temporary bone-chill, too... but I had it even before surgery. Usually it would happen at night, and it would feel impossible to get warm - even with the a/c set on 83. It could be a thyroid thing or a hormonal thing, perhaps. Though I've never had an abnormal blood test. Hoping you don't have to go through that again. I wonder if a hot bath would have helped. Sometimes that is the only thing that will warm me. (all craziness, since I live in Florida)
  17. ShapeShifter

    Im Sorry But I Have To Ask.

    I think I had mine on day 5.
  18. ShapeShifter

    Question For The Women

    I take depoprovera because I don't like having a period. I had some spot bleeding right before and after surgery, but it stopped and hasn't returned for six weeks. I'm hoping that since I'm losing slowly I won't have a hormone surge to make that awful curse return. ha! If it continues, perhaps you can look into switching to depo. Good luck!
  19. ShapeShifter

    Scared Myself With Websites

    When I went to my surgeon at the pre-op with my list of concerns based on reading, he pointed out that the people who post on boards are often those with fears and complications... but there are countless numbers of people who do well and have no complications who don't comment... because all is well. I found that comforting. For the record, at six weeks out... I've had no complications. I didn't even have gas pains. I figure they must have rolled me with a rolling pin before they closed my tiny incisions. Ha! If you believe in signs and synchronicity... pay attention to what the universe is telling you. If all has gone smoothly to this point, it seems that you are on the right path. There is a greater chance that all shall go well for you, than not. The risk of a better future may just be brighter than the risk of staying the course. Wishing you WELL!
  20. ShapeShifter

    How Soon After Surgery Did "you All" Have Alcohol ?

    My surgeon / NUT recommends waiting a year. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you will feel tipsy quicker and then feel sober quicker, but your blood alcohol level will remain elevated. So be sure to have a driver, even if you feel fine, because if you get pulled over and do a breathalizer, you may be illegal. Be safe!
  21. ShapeShifter

    Nausea....water Really?

    I think you're supposed to sip for a while. So sorry... that sounds very unpleasant.
  22. ShapeShifter

    Surgery And Recovery Alone

    Holding you close and wishing you WELL!
  23. ShapeShifter

    Best Protein Shake?

    I just ordered some online that are working well for me. The brand is Muscle Gauge Nutrition (MGN) Evolve, and they have 25 grams of protein with only 1 carb, and lots of flavors. I had used Isopure low carb chocolate for months, but it just started bothering me a week or two ago.
  24. You look like a different person... much younger. So excited for you and your great success!

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