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    AngieKardash reacted to BB12 in Not Experiencing What Most Banders Experience   
    I was banded in December 2011 and I have never experienced anything that some on here have either. I have never had nausea, PB, or had anything stuck. I have 3.5 cc in my band now but I also have never had bread, potatoes, rice or Pasta. Not one time since being banded. I asked my dietician about those problems that some have on here and she says its usually from eating too fast, drinking from a straw or eating foods that shouldn't be eaten. I feel quite lucky in that department.
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    AngieKardash reacted to ready4changein2011 in Banded Feb 15Th   
    I am one month out according to doc I can have Pasta and bread in moderation. They gave me a dvd with everything I can eat, how much, quantity and quality. I can have starches but they dont like you too because it has no real nutritional value. I can say that the only thing I have eliminated from my diet is beef to hard to break down. I dont eat it pasta or bread daily, had it once last week. I can also have any zero soda, I was suprised that I can have soda. I eat like i'm suposed to, right now I'm only eating 2 full meals a day since fill last week, and I feel great. I do need to beef of the workout. Good luck
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    AngieKardash got a reaction from phatkatblue in Hi   
    I was banded the same day as u...hmu!!!
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    AngieKardash reacted to phatkatblue in Hi   
    I was banded on 2-15-12...had 1cc in at surgery and 2 more added at my first fill last Friday...feeling great:)
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    AngieKardash reacted to B-52 in How Do You Handle Eating Out?   
    Resturants are a challenge for me, not because of what I might eat, but because I have to search the menu for something I CAN eat, Band Friendly Foods. Many of your chain resurants like applebees, Outback, etc, have lots of Beef or Fried food entre's which I cannot eat. Pasta is wasted calories IMO. Once I determine what is safe, then from there I choose what is the most nutrional in value. NOT BASED ON CALORIES! or Portion Size.
    I eat what I can, and bring home the rest.
    No appetizers or salad, that would only fill me up and be my meal! I can always pick at my Wife's appetizer.
    Of course, no drinking with my meal,only before. And because I get full very fast, there's no chance for dessert.
    For me, it is no longer about dieting...But eating with and following the Band's Rules.
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    AngieKardash reacted to Holly Dolly in How Do You Handle Eating Out?   
    I eat out once or twice a week and don't have any problems. If it's a new place I always check out the menu and nutritional info on computer before I plan on going. As for the Cheesecake Factory, they have a great skinnylicious menu and I had salmon the last time I went that was really good. There is almost always an option for me at places, if not I wont eat there!
    And at the Cheesecake Factory you have to ask for the special menu that has all the calories on it. Atleast at the one I have gone to the values weren't on the regular menu.
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    AngieKardash reacted to edub in Bedding Hotties.   
    Ginger, that's pretty much the stock response from girls. The problem is that what women say and what they do are completely different. I'd bet dollars to dough nuts that your gorgeous friends that think the thin guys are jerks and the other ones are great guys is having sex with the thin jerks and not the others.
    While it is true that women are not attracted in the same way men are, it is a mistake to think physical attributes don't play into it. Unfortunately, being over weight caries with it a negative social stigma and the last thing hot women want is to date low on the social totem pole. Note your example of the celebrity who plays the husband of a hot woman on TV. It is his celebrity status and the perception of value that comes from his hot TV wife that makes him attractive. It's called "social proof."
    Women are into looks, just not in the same way men are. Women are into masculine facial features and tall thin men even if they are not "good looking" in the traditional feminine sense.
    But again, what women think they want in a guy and what they actually go for are two completely different things.
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    AngieKardash reacted to AppleSmith1226 in Betrayal is a BITCH   
    Well what I can say is NOBODY can tell you why your husband had an affair. Only person that can answer that for you is HIM! I know your mind is racing all over WHY and I know it's hard and you have babies also so thats x10. But you have to do what is BEST FOR YOU. Because at the end of the day if you sit there throughout a marriage that makes you miserable and sick to your stomach every ounce of that is going to rub off on your children if you are unhappy. So you have to do what is going to keep you healthy for you. Don't force something so bad and then regret it yrs from now. Thats only going to hurt. I am also young but I have been married for a yr and with my man for 4 yrs now. And I am a psych major. My field is going to be family court and social work. And from my volunteering and exp DO YOU! DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. And don't think that you are throwing your marriage away because I was raised in a religious home as well and the ONLY ground for divorce is adultery! So he already threw the marriage away before you did so if you wanna throw him a "peace" sign feel free. But if you wanna work it out as well FIRST TIME SHAME ON HIM. 2ND TIME SHAME ON U get outta there if it happens again. And girl use that xanax and be done with it ... not a good drug ... don't know how it's working for you but when I do have my degree that I am currently studying for all wouldn't put any of my patients on meds until it's the last resort I mean extreme. But follow you first MIND first you gut instinct than follow your heart 2nd cause when it comes to love ... love is very blind and the heart can sometimes lie to you. Look how many battered women follow their hearts and end of dead. Just making an example. But lots of love to you honey and blessings. I would reccommend personal therapy for just yourself as well with him not being in the room. But as my grandma would say dust yourself off and put your big girl panties on shake that sh!t off as best you can and do you. And besides your hot sh!t now his loss... I wish my hubby would pull a stunt like that once I am as fine as I wanna be LOL ... I dont take BS off of him now but once I confidence is through the roof he'd better not mess with me. You can do better baby. It's men out here that would worship you and treat you like the queen that you are. KEEP UR HEAD UP! And we are ALL here for you! Apples!
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    AngieKardash reacted to lpnryyz in Betrayal is a BITCH   
    Am I the first male to comment??...
    I can not understand why people cheat.. especially when have built a family and a foundation.
    I would LOVE to have another partner.... I have 3 girls and I lost my wife to cancer at age 38... I'm still on my own and it wretches me when I hear stories like yours... cancer is a horrible disease but I stuck with her to the end... NOTHING comes before your family!
    Dump and go on and you wil find someone.....
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    AngieKardash reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Sex   
    wow... that is a great question. I would call the doctor..... you may just have to do "something" else.... lol
    i'm waiting for my few weeks to pass after my Tummy Tuck.... only on week 2... 2 to go.