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  1. Chocolatefier

    Losing After Unfill?

    Every since I had an adjustment...unfill...It seems I can't get enough to eat
  2. Chocolatefier


    Wow!! Congratulations...keep up the good work!
  3. Chocolatefier

    Green Zone In 10 Cc Bands?

    Hello bandsters!! I have 5cc's in a 10cc band and feel no restriction. I was at the doctor on yesterday and told him i felt no restriction; however, since i lost 11lbs in a month in a half he wouldn't give me more.
  4. Chocolatefier


    Jennifer please let me know if that helps!
  5. Chocolatefier


    @Mis73...did u gain weight while increasing your calories?
  6. Chocolatefier


    What is the 5 day pouch test?
  7. Chocolatefier


    Can u say frustrated? Ugh!!! I've had no change in one and a half months...i'm maintaining my calorie count in addition to walking/exercising 4-5 weeks...still no change...what am i to do?
  8. Chocolatefier

    Optimal Bmi For Black Women Undetermined

    I know it's not an easy walk in the park; however, i hate exercising. I'm working harder than i thought i would be. I'm now losing a pound or two every two-three weeks and i see some people losing 3 per week. Not that easy for me. I don't count calories and haven't had a fill but i'll keep pressing my way for better results. Thanks for sharing!!
  9. Chocolatefier

    Optimal Bmi For Black Women Undetermined

    Jayeedee...have you set any goals, are you exercising, counting calories and eating right? Just wondering because i'm walking everyday and it seems that my weight loss is slow.
  10. Chocolatefier

    How Much Weight Have You Lost?

    Great work everyone! Are you guys exercising and counting calories?
  11. Chocolatefier

    6 Months Later 80 Pounds Lighter!!

    Any tips on a job well done?
  12. Chocolatefier

    Round 1: Coming Out Swinging

    Sometimes i feel the same way...encourage yourself instead of beating yourself up...we can do it!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  13. Chocolatefier

    Not Getting Enough Protein

    Thanks guys!!
  14. Chocolatefier

    Not Getting Enough Protein

    What are some breakfast foods that are high in protein?
  15. I am 3 weeks post op today!! I had lap band with plication on Jan. 27, 2012. My weight the day of surgery was 230 and today i am 206...job well done...if you compare your success to others, you may not be losing as they are and this becomes depressing. Follow your guidelines, eat right, exercise and stay motivated...I walk 4 days per week for 45 mins and ride the exercise bike for 30 mins 2 days per week...good luck on your journey...i am happy so far!

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