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    Married for 8 years, just got into Dental sales after jumping ship from the film industry... Perpetual dieter and I have been overweight for more of my life than not...
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    Film, martial arts, travel, boating
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  1. Quinnmc79

    Texas Where You At???

    I'm in Austin TX, banded on 2/24 going great so far!!!
  2. Hi Anna! Yeah, I'm very happy with true results I had my 2 week post op today, down 16 lbs total... Do you go to the support group? I haven't been yet but will probably go this month
  3. Quinnmc79

    February Bandsters?

    I am in dental sales, so in and out of car all day , not too intense, but I was grateful to have a week off to recover!!
  4. Quinnmc79

    Hi, My Name Is Haylie.

    Haylie, there are quite a few teens on here, some pre op some post op so you are in good company!
  5. Quinnmc79

    Leap Day Banisters!!!

    Good luck to all of you!!
  6. Quinnmc79

    True Results - Houston

    I used true results in Austin, and also was on their hiatal hernia program... Out of pocket cost was 5,500 for surgery..l I had to pay 40$ copy when I went in for EGD, so that was good.... They said same thing, if you've ever had heartburn or reflux, very high chance of hernia, especially if you're overweight... Good luck to you! Ive had a great experience with true results!
  7. Quinnmc79

    February Bandsters?

    Still having annoying gas pains, not too bad though... The clear liquids is tough, I think I'm getting hungry.... No protein shakes or full liquids til Friday.... Have to keep myself busy til then
  8. Quinnmc79

    February Bandsters?

    Hi there and welcome!!! I was just banded yesterday - we seem to be similar height/BMI etc... and fairly close in age. Congrats on starting the journey to the new you! I'm having trouble today telling the difference between gas pains and hunger pains.... I'm sipping Water, tea, and had a SF popsicle today. Tried some chicken broth but could not stomach it at all. Made me gag after just 2 small sips.... I actually am already looking forward to Protein shakes, but can't have my first one til day 7 - bummer!!! Keep in touch, and good luck with your weight loss!
  9. Thank you all so much for the info! Looking forward to getting my isopure, may also buy the variety pack so I can try out different flavors... Can't have regular protein shakes til start of week 2 , basically next Friday
  10. Hey all... I was just banded TODAY!! Recovering nicely... Been sipping on Water, tea, light juice, when I can... So my diet regimen over next 4 weeks is: Week 1 only Clear liquids and Protein water Week 2 creamy liquids, Protein shakes, smoothies, strained creamy Soup , etc Week 3 very mushies Week 4 more mushies added I have not been able to find a good protein water, but my brother who is a personal trainer told me about this one http://www.isopureplus.com/weight_loss_surgery.html Wondering if anyone has tried? Also, any other recommendations? It seems a little pricy, especially at GNC, but I bought a 12 pack on amazon for 10$ cheaper... Just looking for a way to get some protein in....
  11. Quinnmc79

    February Bandsters?

    Yay! The 3 of us need to keep in touch and support each other post op
  12. Quinnmc79

    Sometimes I Feel My Success Story Wont Ever Happen.

    What is the pouch test?
  13. Quinnmc79

    Soda Questions

    My nutritionist and PA at surgery center both told me to give up soda (I was a big diet soda drinker) The reasons they gave were that the carbonation can make you feel bloated, give you gas pains, or stretch the stomach pocket above the band... The nutritionist also pointed out that Diet soda, as well as regular soda cause an insulin spike, which can make weight loss slower and increase cravings for carbs.... So now that I am less than 4 weeks out from surgery I have been weaning myself off the soda. I'm trying to drink those crystal lights packets with water all day... sometimes I just miss having a can of soda with dinner, but I'm practicing self control now to prep me for post surgery
  14. HI! I too am scheduled for surgery this month, on the 24th. I'm really nervous as well - I've never had surgery or anything like that. I had an IV for the first time when I went to get an EGD done to see if I had hiatal hernia. I was a bit nervous, and have to say the IV was not pleasant. So if they offer something to reduce anxiety before that, you should be golden. the previous poster who talked about anesthesia and not remembering is right on the ball. I remember the anesthesiologist coming over and saying he was giving me something that would feel like a pitcher of margaritas. then they started wheeling me towards OR. but I remember nothing from that point, Just slowly waking up and having a conversation with a nurse after it was over. Congrats on starting pre=op diet - best of luck to you!!!! you should join the february bandsters group if you haven't already!
  15. Quinnmc79

    Time Off Work?

    Joyce - so sorry to hear of your brother passing. My condolences. Hope you are doing well in your recovery and that the lap band has been good to you

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