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  1. andersonlj

    Replying To Posts

    You can kiss me..........where he split me............there now I know I have offended you.
  2. andersonlj

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    Lissa was being nice and then you turned nasty to me
  3. andersonlj

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    I think you are the one being extremely rude as you do not need to post about me.....what did I do to you.
  4. andersonlj

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    Do not worry yourself circa.....my account has not been cancelled yet. Have I bothered you?????????
  5. andersonlj

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    There are other forums out there besides this one that are just as good. I have been using a second one and do not have issues like this one.
  6. andersonlj

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    Not to worry about me anymore as I am closing my account on this forum. I have sent an email to the administrator to remove my entire account. Thanks to everyone on here that has been a help to me and hope that all that I have talked with and shared all the best in your futures.
  7. andersonlj

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    Here is just a sample of a private email that I received about certain people on this forum. I will not include the name as I started this and will finish it. You were able to find the other person on here that drives me crazy. He always thinks he's right, and everything he says is the gospel. I'm sure it seems like he's always doing it to you, but he seems to do it to a lot of people. I have lots of catty thoughts about him, but since I only know him via his posts, at this point I'll keep them to myself! Stay well! I think I will look for a different group for support as a couple of my private emails have been thinking of.....it's too bad that some people ruin it all for others. Oh and no I did not make this up for those of you who think you are perfect and know it all.
  8. andersonlj

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    PdxMan....I do not need any advice from you and as far as I am concerned all you do is bring others down that post to other posts. Please do no respond to me again.
  9. Looking good.....keep up the excellent work
  10. andersonlj

    Replying To Posts

    This is just a suggestion when replying to someone elses post. Just possibly when replying to someones post you could just respond to the post. Some feel the need to "quote" others posts to make their post seem more important. Each and every person who posts in this forum is entitled to their own opinion without others picking it apart. It is theirs and not yours so try and be considerate of others. Post you own thoughts and leave the others opinions alone.
  11. andersonlj

    New Shrink

    And guess who had to add their own personal comment.....let it go and let others talk
  12. andersonlj

    Sleeve Size

    Lynda.....thanks for your post. I will go back and look for older posts on this subject. I am still waiting to hear from my surgeon as to the size that they use and if they over sew the staples.
  13. I was touched by your story about your mother. I understand your struggle and how happy that you mother was when you finally lost weight and improved your health. I had surgery on Dec 11, 2011 and I have lost about 30 pounds thus far. My mother is 87 and in a nursing home. When I went home to see her a week ago she was amazed at how much weight I had already lost and the way I looked. She has been trying to get me to lose weight for many years and I have but then gone right back to the top. I am glad that you have been able to get your weight down and improve your health. Just know that you mother was very proud of you and is right there by your side to this day.
  14. andersonlj

    Trouble With Healing

    I am now about 6 weeks out and I had the same problem with a couple area where they used the scope. I was having a little drainage from both areas. After I showered each day. I applies some bacitracin and a bandage to the areas. I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks after I was released from the hospital. I would call your surgeon and ask them about it. They may want you to come in or try an antibiotic ointment to see if this resolves.
  15. andersonlj

    New Shrink

    Oh I think that everyone is entitles to post their opinion and I hope that you continue. Please do no stop because of me or anyone else. I also plan on continuing to post my views even if you do not like them. I do not have anything to say to you in private that I can not post for all to see.......carry on. Oh and the rest please do not mind me.....I'm just bitter and jealous