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    This is just a suggestion when replying to someone elses post. Just possibly when replying to someones post you could just respond to the post. Some feel the need to "quote" others posts to make their post seem more important. Each and every person who posts in this forum is entitled to their own opinion without others picking it apart. It is theirs and not yours so try and be considerate of others. Post you own thoughts and leave the others opinions alone.
  2. On dec 11, 2011 I had my lapband removed and the gastric sleeve performed by Dr F Garcia at Hospital Mi in Tijuana. I had researched Dr Garcia, had spoken to his coordinator, Linda and had also spoken to a patient that had previously had surgery with Dr Garcia. After doing a lot of research I decided that Dr Garcia and Mexico was the best option for me. Dr Garcia and his entire surgical team were very knowledgable and I felt at complete ease once I arrived at the hospital. The nursing staff were also great. Hospital Mi is a small newer facility that has about 10 rooms and an intensive care unit that comes complete with everything that one would need to have in an intensive care unit. I have worked in the medical field for over 33 years and in many different capacities. The hospital was very clean which impressed me compared to some of the hospitals that I have been inside in the US. The equipment was state of the art and the surgical suite was very modern with all of the equipment that is needed for a safe surgery and experience. There xray department was also very nice and the staff was very friendly. I had a private room and since the hospital is not that large when i rang for the nurse she was there within a minute or 2....not the 15 to 20 that we are accustomed to here in most of our hospitals. If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. Also I have pictures of the Hotel Pueblo Amigo on my picture page.
  3. I have just finished reading a couple of posts regarding how much they are able to eat at certain stages post op. Both of the people that posted talked about the size of their sleeves......one was a 32 and one was a 34fr. I had never heard of a sleeve size before and I do not think that it was anything that my doctor discussed with me. I am wondering if he creates the same size for all of his patients and if so what that size might be. I have sent my surgical coordinator an email regarding my sleeve and see if she could speak to Dr Garcia to find out what is the size my sleeve. I will be waiting to hear as this now has me very intrigued. How many out there know the size of their sleeves? Did you surgeon talk to you about this before your surgery?
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    You can kiss me..........where he split me............there now I know I have offended you.
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    Lissa was being nice and then you turned nasty to me
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    I think you are the one being extremely rude as you do not need to post about me.....what did I do to you.
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    Do not worry yourself circa.....my account has not been cancelled yet. Have I bothered you?????????
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    There are other forums out there besides this one that are just as good. I have been using a second one and do not have issues like this one.
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    Not to worry about me anymore as I am closing my account on this forum. I have sent an email to the administrator to remove my entire account. Thanks to everyone on here that has been a help to me and hope that all that I have talked with and shared all the best in your futures.
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    Replying To Posts

    Here is just a sample of a private email that I received about certain people on this forum. I will not include the name as I started this and will finish it. You were able to find the other person on here that drives me crazy. He always thinks he's right, and everything he says is the gospel. I'm sure it seems like he's always doing it to you, but he seems to do it to a lot of people. I have lots of catty thoughts about him, but since I only know him via his posts, at this point I'll keep them to myself! Stay well! I think I will look for a different group for support as a couple of my private emails have been thinking of.....it's too bad that some people ruin it all for others. Oh and no I did not make this up for those of you who think you are perfect and know it all.
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    PdxMan....I do not need any advice from you and as far as I am concerned all you do is bring others down that post to other posts. Please do no respond to me again.
  12. Looking good.....keep up the excellent work
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    New Shrink

    And guess who had to add their own personal comment.....let it go and let others talk
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    Sleeve Size

    Lynda.....thanks for your post. I will go back and look for older posts on this subject. I am still waiting to hear from my surgeon as to the size that they use and if they over sew the staples.
  15. I was touched by your story about your mother. I understand your struggle and how happy that you mother was when you finally lost weight and improved your health. I had surgery on Dec 11, 2011 and I have lost about 30 pounds thus far. My mother is 87 and in a nursing home. When I went home to see her a week ago she was amazed at how much weight I had already lost and the way I looked. She has been trying to get me to lose weight for many years and I have but then gone right back to the top. I am glad that you have been able to get your weight down and improve your health. Just know that you mother was very proud of you and is right there by your side to this day.
  16. andersonlj

    Trouble With Healing

    I am now about 6 weeks out and I had the same problem with a couple area where they used the scope. I was having a little drainage from both areas. After I showered each day. I applies some bacitracin and a bandage to the areas. I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks after I was released from the hospital. I would call your surgeon and ask them about it. They may want you to come in or try an antibiotic ointment to see if this resolves.
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    New Shrink

    Oh I think that everyone is entitles to post their opinion and I hope that you continue. Please do no stop because of me or anyone else. I also plan on continuing to post my views even if you do not like them. I do not have anything to say to you in private that I can not post for all to see.......carry on. Oh and the rest please do not mind me.....I'm just bitter and jealous
  18. With my first surgery for the lapband it took the longest getting all the paperwork put together and then waiting for the insurance to decide if they were going to cover the surgery or not. I think that it was 2 - 3 months from my first orientations session to my surgical date.
  19. andersonlj

    I'm Confused

    Are you still in the hospital?? The second day for me was not that long ago and I do not think that I even had as much as you did. I know that I was just taking small sips of what ever they gave me and the day after I was drinking gatorade. I did not have any Jello as I was in Mexico and I do not think they really eat much jello there. I did have discomfort but I think that was from the pressure of maybe drink too much too fast. You can try ice chips as they melt slowly in your mouth so it does into the sleeve slower. I guess that my stomach gurgled a little but I did not associate that with hunger. I still do not get stomach hunger but I do get head hunger especially when smelling food or seeing comercials on tv. I think that if you take it slow and try to get in as much Fluid as possible that will be good. Maybe a sip every few minutes or what you can tolerate. You need to concentrate in getting as much fluid in as possible. Have you tried any chicken broth? Is that something that you doctor told you that you could have as I know that everyone seems to be getting a different post op diet depending on who their doctor was. Hang in there and you will do fine.
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    New Shrink

    Ok I will....some of your replies I do not especially care for and others do not either.....but as you say you are entitled to your opinion.....as am I.
  21. WOW.....I do not have a handfull of hair to lose. I never really noticed any change when I had my lapband and I lost around 90 pounds with the band. I will have to watch with the sleeve that I had on Dec 11, 2011
  22. andersonlj

    Are You Happy With Your Choice?

    So far.....I do not think that I would have or ever would have the bypass. I think that I would just try to maintain whatever weight that was possible for me. I do not think that my life with the bypass would be a very happy and healthy one. I have worked with a couple of people that have had the bypass and yes they have lost a ton of weight but I am not sure that they are truly happy with their own decisions.
  23. sorry that you are having such a hard time with your eating. I know that before surgery my life revolved a lot around food and social activities. i know that I have cut back on going out to eat as much but I still go out with friends and they still eat some of my favorities that are not on my menu at the present time nor may some of them ever be again. I usually check out the menu at the restuarant before I go so that I have an idea of what I will be ordering. I enjoy what I have as much as possible and try to focus more on the people that I am with and enjoying their company. I too hope that one day as I am only a little more than a month post op that I can enjoy some of the old food and enjoy my life as a person. Please do not give up on yourself as you are the most important. Hoping that things get better soon.
  24. andersonlj

    New Shrink

    It seems that some people's opinions are the best...not pointing any finger....just saying and I know that some of you who have contacted me personally know what I mean
  25. andersonlj

    Interesting Read Vsg

    Do not think that will work for surgeons in other countries..............

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