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  1. I feel so good. I am at 5.5 weeks out, am ahead of my weight loss, and I thought I was behind. I am down almost 30 pounds and got the approval to start excercising! My energy level is awesome and I am shrinking. But the absolute best part is my arthritis pain is much improved, my attitude is better, my sugar level is controlled and my blood pressures are back to normal. Loving my sleeve and the healthy feelings that come with it. For the brand new newbies just fresh out...hang in there, keep plugging away at each accomplishment.
  2. Mrs.Newme

    10 Days Out And I Need Help!

    Maybe it is the type of drink? Or the flavor? The Protein is so critical. I hated them for a while too, so I went to the market and found some sugar free torani syrups. I got caramel and added it to my chocolate....delicious! Raspberry was tasty too! Hang in there, it is worth it.
  3. Mrs.Newme

    Finish Everything On Your Plate!

    putting food back is not a bad thing, but it can be bad if you eat out of the container, then put it back and eat it again later. Bacteria in the mouth can contaminate food. If I have a container of something small and I know I can not eat it all, I will scoop out the amount I can tolerate into another bowl or plate. Or it will take me 45 minutes to eat it.
  4. Someone attacked me in another thread, and it seems like arguing on the internet is silly. I have found it extremely healthy to talk to other individuals who are going through this process or are preparing to go through this process. It was kind of shocking to see all the different experiences we have been through. In another thread, I had learned that some surgeons do not "allow" their patients to have any protein, stating things like it is crutch. I say this site is also very useful for people to learn that not all surgeons are the same, nor are they all responsible, nor are they all doing any good by their patients. I am so very grateful that my surgeon is very much on top of the necessary lifestyle and dietary needs. I was also very fortunate my surgeon has sleeved and RnY'd many many people I personally know, so I know I was in a quality program. Moral of this post....research, research, research. Learn as much as you can about not only your surgeon, but what kind of support he or she provides and what education they provide.
  5. Mrs.Newme

    Anyone Develope Dry Skin After Sleeve?

    Oh Thank Goodness someone posted this...I thought I was just dealing with winter. I never had dry itchy skin until I had my surgery. I too drank tons of water, and can not anymore, that aspect is very disappointing to me. I miss my water. I feel dehydrated all the time, especially if I eat something with salt in it or after protein. I gag now every time I drink water, and that bothers me.
  6. Hi my sleebling twin Loser Mama... I have been worried about hte same thing. I feel like I can eat more, but then I feel that uncomfortable feeling. I need to be a bit more strict on myself though. I have oatmeal in the am, a couple of low fat cheese sticks, a package of albacore tuna mashed up of course, and Water. I chew a Protein bar for about 5-10 minutes. Tonight I was naughty and I had two small slices of pizza (Very small) but naughty none the less. I feel like crap. It is taking a while to go down. Not a pleasant feeling. Other than the naughty part (on my behalf) I feel better reading that others are able to tolerate a bit more too.
  7. No Xray prior to surgery, but was on a calorie restriction for about 2 -3 weeks prior, then liquid for 4 days prior. I have heard it does reduce the liver size and was told surgery has been rescheduled for other people if it was found to be too large.
  8. Mrs.Newme

    Sleeve Twins

    This is fun. Surprising how popular Dec 19th is. Puts a twist on the holidays!
  9. My doc and NUT had me go through a pureed phase before I could go to soft mushy. I guess they found that seems to work better with a lot of people. I love tuna, but you really have to break it up when first eating. I also love scrambled eggs, but my digestive system wanted to kick me. Keep in mind for the last month or so you have limited what you have eaten, and you have only allowed liquids to go in, so be gentle with yourself. Every new phase of eating takes practice. One thing I learned was do not drink after eating. It will come right back up. And when you do drink, take small sips.
  10. I have had some issues and am going into my second week of mushy. I tried a scrambled egg the other day and man oh man did it give me some gas. I think with the thicker type of foods, there is going to be a reaction with the body. My problem right now is trying to tell myself if I chew it enough it will be mushy.
  11. Mrs.Newme

    Sleeve Twins

    Dang....5 on that one date. That is pretty cool. Cheers to the Sleeblings.
  12. Mrs.Newme

    Finish Everything On Your Plate!

    Get smaller plates? lol....sorry...couldn't help it. I hear ya on the finishing everythign on the plate, but can you control what is put on your plate? Maybe only put half of what you would normally put. Or only place what you can tolerate? That way you can empty your plate, but not at the risk of hurting you?
  13. Mrs.Newme

    Sleeve Twins

    Well...we are now triplets!
  14. Mrs.Newme

    Sleeve Twins

    LOL....see...the fun has begun.
  15. Okay...this might be kind of fun. I did this with another member. Post your date and find your sleeve twin. Might be something fun. I will start with mine: December 19th ,2011

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