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  1. Thanks MelodyMouse and Ooffa! I will try to mix it up a bit! I was thinking a sugar detox might be needed too!
  2. Hi Deb! I get around 80 - 90 grams a day no problem, so I don't think it is that! I just edited my post to include that! Thanks
  3. Hey everyone! I have been doing pretty well lately except for one thing, stalls! I wanted to talk about stalls with those of you that are farther out. I am over a year post op and have been in a terrible stall for 3 months now. I have stayed at 168 no matter what! I haven't lost any inches/sizes during this time either. I have tried upping my cals to 1200 and lowering to 700. Nothing! I have tried super low carb, I drink at least 70 oz Water daily and bike everyday for about 3 miles. This is the smallest I have been in 10 years and I really want it to budge! Anyone else had a stall like this? What did you do to break it? EDIT: I get around 80 - 90 grams a day!
  4. Thanks guys! It looks like I will have to request another functioning test and look into my pancreas!
  5. They did an ultra sound and found no stones and followed up with scan to test the functioning - both came out clear! They also did a bilirubin (?) test to check my bile duct.
  6. Hey everyone I recently experienced three scenarios of great pain and am looking to see if anyone has had anything similar. To start off, I have gone to the doctor, never during the attacks, and they confirmed it is not my gallbladder. A few months ago I had a glass of champagne for my birthday and suddenly experienced a dull ache that had waves of sharp pain right in the center of my abdomen below my bra line. It lasted for about an hour. I have not had any problems with carbonation before but I assumed it was too carbonated and have steered clear of it since. A few weeks ago I was eating some tuna with the usual stuff and experienced the same pain! I had not over eaten - I was about three bites in. This time it was more sever pain. I just had it again today after snatching a crisscut fry from my friend. One fry and the began. This time it made me vomit and two hours later I am still tender. As far as I can tell there is no linking character to any of the attacks. Anyone else have this before?
  7. Everybody is different, what works for me might not work for you. I think it is a trial and error with yourself. With that said, I have never gained on Depo or Implanon even though hundreds of women have. I have lost a ton on them with no problem before surgery and now - after.
  8. I have been in a stall for about 2 months now. This is my "happy weight" as well. I find that it is so hard to drop past 168 for me! I am about a year out now and am still pushing!
  9. mesaucedo


    Amazon just added these as an "add on item" for 7 bucks for 12 of them if you have an order over 25 and a Prime membership. Free shipping!
  10. mesaucedo

    My Journey

    Here are a few photos of me before my surgery and throughout my sleeve journey!
  11. I was on depo and loved it. I was on it for 4 years and had no weight gain with it. The weight gain is actually the individual's fault. It causes cravings and if you give in you will gain. I lost the majority of my weight on it. I never was moody or had spotting or had any problems at all. I recently switched to the implanon for more convenience - it is the same hormones as depo but for 3 years. Everyone is different and it may be worth it to check it out. I had terrible experiences with the mirena and have scarring that may make it impossible to conceive.
  12. mesaucedo

    New Favorite "take Out" Meal

    I just get a normal one without rice. It lasts me about 5-6 meals at 7 months out (or am I 8?) I know some of us are all low carb crazy but I like my pinto Beans and would die without them
  13. mesaucedo

    Rogain For Hair Loss?

    Chop it off! I did and it looks so much better and thicker and I have crazy confidence because of it! I always thought my face was too round for a pixie but I love it
  14. Hamilton does not like sugar in "large" quantities. I can't eat a whole cookie without feeling a bit sick and other sugary foods. I just feel gross and icky and my sleeve aches a bit. Soda is another. It makes me feel extremely bloated right under where my bra sits and I just get super uncomfy for an hour or so. This wasn't always the case, it just happened rather recently.
  15. Hi everyone, I know a lot of us have gallstones later on and need to get their gallbladder removed but I was wondering if anyone had experienced a low or non-functioning gallbladder? I have been having a different kind of pain and the magical web and family have led me to believe it may be my gallbladder that is not functioning properly. My aunt, uncle and grandmother (on my father's side) have all had non/low functioning ones and had to have them removed. The pain I am having is what they say they had. I do have an appointment with my doc but not until Dec 15th so I am looking for any insight. It has been getting progressively worse and now comes with nausea. I have never been pregnant but it resembles what I would call morning sickness plus a pain in my upper abdomen and throbbing as it radiates outwards. It somewhat resembles extreme pressure pushing outwards. It lasts hours. Anyone?

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