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    Over 5 years ago I changed my life. I wanted to be a "normal" size. Whatever that is. Life is not perfect and neither is my weight but I am thankful daily for my health
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    SFGiants. Classic cars. Working out ( shocking)
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    Property trust manager
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  1. I do have to peel sushi and leave the seaweed behind. Pasta does not like my band. 15 years of banded life (with a low fill). It did change my life. I am thankful.
  2. Julie norton

    17 yrs with the band

    Next week is 14 successful years and counting!!🌟. Nice to read about decade banders . It is not always easy....even now after years with a 1cc band And. I am grateful . I shudder to think that if I had not changed my life , I would be 325+ now.
  3. Julie norton

    July 2020 WLS Veterans

    Congrats on your long term success. We are some of the faithful... perhaps lucky to carry Our WLS on for years. I’m on a bit of upward gain, but have faith 10 lbs can be gone... still takes devotion and time. Once again. I’m so happy you got to live at a “ normal” (whatever that means to us) life. I am truly grateful!!
  4. Julie norton

    July 2020 WLS Veterans

    Hoping to catch up on long timers... time really changes how some of us are doing. I’m from 2006 (lap bander) . Still well and maintaining a 80 + weight loss. No more fills for me. I just try to do what works... mostly.. ..no one is perfect! It took me years to abide. Perhaps my band taught me what I can and cannot do... enough times for me to change habits. I see many people come through for a few years; I don’t often see long term vets posting about life years later. Please share your long term WLS lives. Thanks... stay healthy... despite a pandemic.
  5. Julie norton

    Happy banders

    Thanks for the reassuring words. I just want all to stay the same. I weigh about what I did in high school.... I do NOT believe I could have kept it off any other way Nice to hear from you JWM
  6. Julie norton

    Happy banders

    Very few of us banders around. I like my band... mostly . It has been over 13 years and it just works. I think the band trained ME Best of luck to us all. Am I the only one that wonders how long ???
  7. Julie norton

    13 years later and - I Love my band

    There are many of us quieter banders who just keep going. I had my lap band in 2006. Still happy still continue to work my healthy habits. Not easy some days!! Mostly just habits after 13+ years. High school weight feels right for me right now. I’m hopeful to not lose my band... it happens
  8. Julie norton

    Still no 2004 Bandsters here???

    Well said Jack. I also miss some of the banders.... nice to hear from bayou girl again. Hope more comment. Pro: I weigh what I did in high school( almost 50 years ago)feel good and I try everyday (almost) Con: It is a bit harder for me to socialize as many things to do involve food and/ or cocktails. Kinda limiting. Loving seeing long term banders on here!!
  9. Julie norton

    Still no 2004 Bandsters here???

    2006 bander here. I consider myself fortunate. For all kinds of mechanical and behavioral issues, many bands don’t work. I keep my band at the lowest fill I can. It is not easy, but the pattern of repeating what does work helps me And no , I don’t feel like “I got it”..... Just keeping off my weight and exercise is my goal most days Best of luck to all
  10. Julie norton

    15 years out

    I’m happy to see some long term losers. There are some successful banded people still left. I’m almost 13 years out, and truly had to change bad habits and exercise. My band is only filled 1 (out of 4 ) . I just keep hoping it will last. I’m very happy to be mid sixties and at high school weight... not perfection, but nothing is perfect. Don’t kid yourselves....it is a long and windy road and I still try almost every day. Best of luck to all!
  11. Julie norton

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Yep. Some of us old timers need to get on the board.... many are gone. I’m going on 13 years soon and am totally happy. Don’t think it didn’t take YEARS to figure out fills, diet And sometimes you may go up and down ... I’m very grateful.
  12. Julie norton

    2008 bandsters

    Hopeful for keeping the band and calming it down. It can still work uninflated! After 12 years, mine is minimally filled. Kinda have to work your program that is just for you. It is choices everyday, but please know your body can adapt. Best of luck.
  13. Julie norton

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Glad as heck 12 years ago I got my band. Life is good
  14. Julie norton

    Banders #7

    Yes. I need to remember to be more thankful!! The band is one of the best things I did to completely change my life. I had to learn to comply....I suspect not easy for some of us . Life goes on. I’m @ the Lowest I’ve been since high school. And it feels good Don’t think it is easy. I have to try daily
  15. I’m so happy to see a longer bander... we are in the minority. So happy I changed my WHOLE life Over 12+ years ago. Retrained me! Hope for the best with your latest development.

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