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  1. Disappearing lapbanders

    Seems so sluggish in this forum. Would those of you with bands please just let readers know you are still around? (Hoping) Thank you. Ps I do understand sleeves far outnumber us on this board .
  2. Banders #7

    Thanks for the kind words Kathy. It is so nice to see another upbeat post from you! Do you wake up singing ... and the birds come to eat from your hand? Haha. I so appreciate your pep talks and positivity. And yes, having a Drs appt scheduled IS one of the basics here... And water .. and protein... and exercise See? I know what to do, but stumbled and fell I am gonna pick my ass up and continue.
  3. Banders #7

    Happy to see bander chatting here.... ok. Just got a fill appt with a new dr. After mine retired, it was difficult to find band drs that do fills here in central California. After being deflated (?) last summer, I knew I had this down after 11 good years, right? WRONG... that beast is still there and 10 lbs turned into 15... turned into 20.... Walker Liz, I'm also tired of having only 2 or 3 pairs of comfortable pants!! The others are just staring at me from the closet. It is a new fresh year and the Drs appointment in 2 weeks is helping my head. I know the drill I believe it was almost exciting to eat anything without any problems.... I'm done being excited..... I really am serious and starting over is actually positive. And 20 is easier than 90!!!! Many ups and downs along this journey.... I am healthy and strong and still am faithful to working out..... sigh.... just more to do this year. Thank you all For listening.. Jules
  4. I found that I gained time and energy when I no longer gave that energy to food. You know: cookbooks. Cooking channel. Shopping. Preparing .Serving. Clean up. Even now I mute commercials. I just limit my exposure to food and stick to my favorites: chili, soup, stews, beans, chicken etc. Guess I'm boring but I cook anytime company or grown kids are around🥓[emoji505][emoji893]
  5. Inflammation from sinus drainage.

    In desperation, I have had the opportunity for the dr to prescribe Valium once a year If the muscles won't stop rejecting everything, I take 1/2 of one and wait. Antacids and carafate too Best of luck for today. Heating pad? Laying on one side? Hot tea? Lots of rest. Good luck and let us know. I care
  6. I'm a mess.

    Nothing is perfect. Perhaps aim for 5 great on -point days a week.... whatever it takes to get on track most of the time!!
  7. Surgery didn’t work?

    Glad to read some upbeat posts.... (though a small part of me was entertained) DSmall had been rude to me in the past and I ignored her.... she has some troubles Fall is in the air and soup is in the crockpot....I love warm days and cool nights
  8. Outside knows what long term is. I always like her truthful posts. It is so personal what foods work for one. And may not work for another. Time also can change tastes and compatibility. After a decade, I find only a few off limits-never work food for me and my ancient band. Soda.... won't try again.... I think it is addicting and has no nutritional value and doesn't sit well ..I just won't try. Very occasionally I'll let a seltzer water fizz out by shaking and releasing several times to have a sip Pastas... boy my Italian family has a hard time with this one. It just won't work for me or my stomach. Comes right back up. Sorry tmi Steaks. Never worked for me. No problem as I don't care for them Fried rice. A tiny white rice works. But never fried rice or noodles so I'm no fun at Chinese restaurants. ( chicken and snow peas works) Those are the main categories... everyone has to find their own dos and donts Refried beans saved me by working all the time! Good luck to all finding their new list of good foods for their body! ( and a single cocktail now and then is fabulous ....)
  9. Just Passing Thru...been awhile

    Nice to see you on the forum b-52. Glad all is well. We are pariahs with our veteran bands. I had mine emptied but did struggle. All is good with a small fill now
  10. Stuck with no metabolism

    I have seen others suggest 3 days of protein drinks 3x a day to reset your band... Please tell me if this works if you do decide to try it. Best of luck. You've done it twice. You can do it again and get back to where you are comfortable.
  11. Disappearing lapbanders

    I remember the first few days being difficult, but quickly felt better after that. Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life. It truly works... if you do your part also.
  12. Hit a milestone today!

    Congrats. That took much time and work. You look so healthy. Many cannot get as far as you. Be proud of what you have accomplished [emoji93]
  13. Driving after a LBL

    Talk to your surgeon. They have some good rules about how long to wait for certain activities... Sitting for a long drive might be problematic... let alone driving and having to react quickly braking. Etc Good luck!
  14. Berry78's 6 month photos

    You look great. Much younger with the weight off!! Good job
  15. Food Channel

    My take on this is I try to limit my time spent on food exposures. That is: The grocery store , (not many restaurants), hardly any food shows, no perusing cookbooks for fun....(occasionally a wls friendly food prep on here) It seems to be a technique that has helped me the past 10 years post op. I could not believe the time and energy and money spent pre op on thinking about food, shopping, preparing , serving , cleaning.... and repeat . It appears that some of us post op have a sort of laundry list of items and meals that work to keep our weight in check.... Still maintaining, and I still have be a bit vigilant about my habits.... but this life is easier 90 lbs lighter!!
  16. Is Constant Vomiting Normal ☹️?

    I feel the same about food coming up There is no smell. It is just undigested food still in my throat. And it slides out easily and I feel much better. Please don't worry about the stranger issues that sometimes come.... (both ends can react). The trade off of shedding lots of weight and KEEPING the pounds off really made the it well worth it. Best of luck
  17. I think you may find many people fitting those perimeters.... Me too Maintenance is hard. Daily It is a different life! I hope we all get that opportunity ( banded 12/06. Maintaining)
  18. Anybody have a trainer??

    I share a trainer and it sure makes me accountable. I had joined gyms in my past. But never have stuck with it. Now I'm at 10 years post op and training. And I think they go hand in hand. Yes it costs. So does food and health problems. Just my solution so I DO GO 2 x a week ! She kicks my ass. Not too much nutrition talk. Just clean eating
  19. When is it ok to try a sweet?

    My take as a 10 year post wls. Is just get to the starting line. Don't overthink Xmas and the rest of the year.... Just relax and start and do the best you can for your first month. You can always re-evaluate items as they come up ... further down the road. You have to get on the road first .... Don't worry about the exits on the road. Just get prepared and get started and see where you go!! Best of luck
  20. This is one of the most common word issues on here for years... we all kinda know what they mean ...
  21. Lap band question

    For me, taking a prescription acid blocker daily has helped tremendously. I did not realize how irritated my stomach was. Daily.... It is better for now. Good luck and please keep posting (Banded 12/06).
  22. I respect all religions. We all seem to try to help each other... But please people quit asking for prayers for neighbors and strangers... and /or blaming or thanking a deity for gain or loss. You gotta do the work!!
  23. Ummm. Some of us are still not so social... for many reasons ... weight can just be one of lots of things that keep some from being social butterflies Age.... widowhood...family... Many factors Youth is a wonderful thing and I believe wls really can improve your outlook early
  24. Vomiting after eating meat

    I'm a fan of baked tofu. Not the white jiggly stuff in water. Dry and flavored in a vacuum pack. Safeway has it here. Look a bit harder and it is refrigerated Some softer protein bars... chewed well .. best of luck. Protein is so important. And keeping food down is way important!! Fairlife extra protein milk. Sugar free pudding ?? Refried beans mushy...?Worth a try
  25. Halo ice cream

    I'm many years out. I do enjoy Halo ice cream as a treat.. I just try to limit the sweet treats that I like sooooo much. However, the 200 calories I Can get from almost a whole pint(!) can fit in my healthy range of calories ... just not too often. And I probably would have some every night if it was in front of me!!! Not perfect ever ... just trying almost all the time.