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  1. Calling all vets- where are you

    I’m still around... happy to be maintaining 11 & 1/2 years later. (Up a few, down a few) try to be compliant daily... Some days are better than others.. just like some months are better... ok some years are better than others when you been at this awhile , vets. This site helps me+ drs appts+work out appts. And on we go...
  2. Banders #7

    Hometown parade. (I was in it....in 1965)
  3. Banders #7

    Thanks JWM. Hope we all have some sort of celebration today
  4. 🇺🇸we will be having deviled eggs, baked chicken thighs, potatoes for some, asparagus and corn on the cob... it’s about the fireworks here on the coast... and I might have a cocktail !! Have a fun and safe fourth!!
  5. Disappearing lapbanders

    Seems so sluggish in this forum. Would those of you with bands please just let readers know you are still around? (Hoping) Thank you. Ps I do understand sleeves far outnumber us on this board .
  6. Do I make the cut?

    Change your life. Go with whatever you feel helps you. Mexico will have many great options. It is not scary or dirty... they pick you up at the airport ...clinic... recovery apartment... and whisk you back to the airport🌟🌟
  7. Post op and bored

    (**FOOD. not good as above)
  8. Post op and bored

    Reading.... light sewing.... a recorded show( I will NOT. Watch any effing commercials. There’re Mostly for food) Take a friend’s dog to the dog park.... go to the beach...stroll around Ross and Macy’s. Took a stained glass class. Anything that did not have good triggers Good luck
  9. Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014

    Nothing is perfect... it just isn’t. I’m so happy to have many long termers.... some with fills; some not. I’m thrilled that many of us seem to sticking with it... and ya. I want to lose 10 more pounds But I’m ok and can navigate this world And not worry out getting up in a room ...not feeling fat. Ok. 11 years here I come
  10. Need advice on getting enough food.

    My “trick” is to cook the ends of the broccoli until done. Drain and cool This I can put in a 1/2 of a new potato (russets are dry) Or mix with scrambled eggs and a touch of cheese. I have made crustless quiche .... sweet potato .... Soup etc I find it hard to get fiber and greens in without this. I love artichokes but it is the mayo I work on. Some times just the heart!!! Good luck. I hope you find one or two options
  11. My NSV

    Size 12 is a wonderful feeling....
  12. Food Stuck No Discomfort How Do I Move It

    Hot tea? Silly, but walking around with my hands up. And lying on my left side with a heating Pad Just my secrets after 11 years Good luck!
  13. HELP . Refill after 5 months no restrictions

    Oh.... yogurt, refried beans with melted cheese,eggs, perhaps a softened string cheese, cottage cheese. Protein drinks. those worked for me. I happen to like BAKED tofu not white or jiggly later maybe deviled eggs and shredded chicken thighs. Whoopee. You got a fill... I had a difficult time after 11 years when I was unfilled!!! Fills truly helped. Good luck
  14. Hopefully your bladder issue may change. I’m dry most times but during sneezing attack’s or coughing from a cold, I play it safe with thinnest pad. (Being over 60 didnt help either)
  15. Don't pray for me

    Glad all is well... and cars are much improved and reinforced... due to research...you know ... scientific evidence. NOT a fictional superior being. Keep being you!!!
  16. Recommendations for sugar free treats please

    Enlightened “ ice cream” has saved me from other naughty choices. Everyone needs to find something for themselves. For awhile I had Dairy Queen ( walk in only) popsicles from the inside freezer .. I’m thinking they were around 65 calories. Happy searching .
  17. Travel on soft foods. . . .?

    Please eat lighter than usual on your flight. Some have issues feeling “tighter” in the air/ pressure. Trust me ... you DO NOT want issues on a flight. String cheese, gogurt ( in a tube) perhaps a protein drink before... a small container of chicken salad you can bring. Those items and a lot of water helped me 2 weeks ago with 2 very long flights taking almost 24 hours with layover and time change etc. Good luck. Wishing you no issues on your flight✈️
  18. Don't pray for me

    Ps. Don’t leave
  19. Don't pray for me

    Thank you elforman... I actually have been in other support sites (not wls) and was overwhelmed by so many requests for prayers..... not just for themselves .....not just for family. also: other relatives neighbors, friends , victims, and plenty more. . I mentioned it was not meant to be a prayer circle and got some feedback similar to yours!! Over and over I eventually left.
  20. Finally a fill!!

    Ps. Thankfully the hunger that came back during an unfill has gotten better with the new fills it shocked me... you know 11 years in.. I got this right? I DO NOT.... hard lesson for me
  21. Finally a fill!!

    Glad you got a fill. Carafate from the dr helped so much with acid... I mostly forgo spicy... everyone is so different for what works. Certainly after my unfil, and being deflated for8 months ....then filled !! My interest in food dropped considerably . The 20 lbs that visited me during my unfill have finally come off ...months later... Hope your fill is working. Appts scheduled with the dr seem to be a helpful tool Please keep posting!
  22. Banders #7

    You are a great inspiration to this long term bander. Congratulations... hope the flights were ok with the band. (I noticed I had to eat very light on those long flights .). Time goes on. But I am determined, as you are, to never slip too far back!!
  23. Cruising, Week 9

    Good for you! Taking the stairs each time was helpful. And yes walking helps me. Hopefully you too. Have a fun time. A few liquid meals at home will help. LATER.... FUN. NOW!
  24. Ghent, Belgium

    From the album Untitled Album

    Belgium 5/18

    © Jules

  25. Untitled Album