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  1. Often, wls people have an on/ off record of eliminating. I think that means occasionally, ahem, things get very firm. And unusually larger. At the risk of tmi... some of us need a tool to “break up” these eliminations to flush. I have exchanged info and learned: some use chopsticks (easier to toss), tongs, skewers, plastic utensils..... you get the idea ... use your resources and happy flushing! ( what a strange post!)
  2. Disappearing lapbanders

    For me. Liquids , protein drinks and yogurt till it is better. Hope you have relief.... you can call and usually talk to staff at your Drs... they schedule an appt for you usually... but maybe ask questions. Best of luck
  3. Disappearing lapbanders

    Seems so sluggish in this forum. Would those of you with bands please just let readers know you are still around? (Hoping) Thank you. Ps I do understand sleeves far outnumber us on this board .
  4. Band refill after long unfilled lapse

    Best of luck... yes yes yes Bands are adjustable and that is why they can work well.. even after an unfill takes place It is hard to get the right point of not rejecting food..... and to just stopping eating sooner. It is a difficult dance with your band ....and I’m still on the dance floor 11 years later. Yes ....with too tight or too loose fills For me. I just keep trying. And it is reversible in the long run, which no other wls is ( not counting balloon) Try try try again... I’m behind you.
  5. Happy lapbanders only!

    Much more talk and info sharing on the lapbanders site....
  6. Happy lapbanders only!

    Please... I just want one thread that has good things to say about lapbands... There are many horror stories on other posts. Just not here please. I’m happy 11 years later.... lost about 90 lbs. kept off 70... I need my tool. Emptied, I put on 25 and didn’t change too many habits. I’m back with fills and life goes merrily along!!
  7. Any success stories?

    Some of us old bandsters are here... Just more in the minority obviously. I’m like many on here, THANKFUL for my band. Yes up and downs....yes. Fills and unfills....yes food sometimes not cooperative ... mostly ok I’m over 11 years (this year will make 12). Kept off 80 lbs. going for those elusive last 10 .... again. I must mention I’m sad that my “Mentor” Alex, starter of lap band chat. ..has converted after 15 years... I’m always listening to others stories as nothing is guaranteed, except change. Well, many of us are here and fairly successful.... just fewer... best to all that try!!!
  8. Glad you are here again May After 11 years banded, I did have most fluid removed... just as you said, with mindfulness and work outs... eating well....25 lbs came marching on....!! 7 mos later got a couple of small fills and much poundage did drop again... I now know I CANNOT maintain without help.... Still working on the same habits today Just closer to where I want to be ...10 stubborn pounds to work on. Following you.....the future is never guaranteed I guess.. sigh ( I thought I “got it”... sadly no without assistance) Please keep posting. It truly helps us veterans. And I want you to fit into your gear to ride!!
  9. Happy lapbanders only!

    Well. Not too many happy banders here. (After 11 years I was Unfilled and have recently had 2 small fills). It is still working!! Which means I am trying.. And why does food taste better at 10 at night? This underfill works for me most often. Best to all that try.
  10. Disappearing lapbanders

    JWM. There was no explanation with Alex’s statement and picture of a perfectly intact band that was out of his body. I kinda looked up to him at 15 years banded as a great example. I continue to try to stay underfilled, yet effective. Balancing act, huh?
  11. Disappearing lapbanders

    Lovely to see other banders! And one from 06..... makes me hopeful Some of you may know our founder of this site, Alex, who has had a band for 15 years, just had his removed. Sigh. He was the leader of the band pack!! I’m another happy bander going on 12 years. Yikes. I have hope.
  12. Disappearing lapbanders

  13. Hi! Banded in 06 and enjoying it. Central California coast
  14. Do you still identify as a wls patient?

    I don’t think of myself as obese anymore.... just a tiny fluffy. I do shop religiously... work out 2x. Hard per week. Cook home 90% try to drink all my water. Good gig for 11 years, yet fat head entered an her I am with 15 extra unwelcome lbs. oh well Nothing in life is perfect
  15. Thank you Kathy Life just goes on and we all try our best It is so nice to see a cheerful note. Yes I poke my head up to say lap band works for some ..... so many long term WLS people move on. Not us. Still hangin around...
  16. New fill Dr./many prerequisites

    Happy I found a BariatricPal surgeon to fill me within a week. It is a small fill. I really try to not overfill as it is too hard on my 60+ body .... I’ll go back in 4 weeks
  17. Sadly, my Dr retired. It took time, but found a new band Dr...... maybe. Has anyone else had to go through another seminar for wt loss after YEARS with your band? I went. Finally appt scheduled. Months later. (After 11 years with my band, I'm comfortable with small adjustments ... ). At last,today I see him for a fill... I thought....He handed me a paper with high Protein food list, and scheduled Labs and radiology tests. Sadly. At least another month .... Not wonderful with an emptied band.... I have never had to jump through so many hoops to get a fill...( and not yet). ... wondered how other banders fare with fills at a new Dr? Is this long scheduled waiting a familiar new technique with band Drs? Please let me know. Thank you
  18. Panniculectomy?

    ??? August 2018??
  19. Swelling after deflation

    My take is that scheduling dr appts helps me to stay on track. Wishing you well
  20. Oops. Premier protein. Many flavors. Gotta search til you are sorta content
  21. My take is you need to keep trying both protein options (shakes and bars) it is a personal treasure hunt! My 2 cents: Quest is good. “One”brand are good. Oh yeah are more calories but fill you up Pure protein, Candy like to me as are other bars BariatricPal powders vary Pure protein drinks help me As they are 30 grams each Try health food stores or vitamin stores or online ordering til you find what you do best with Wishing you great luck!
  22. Wow. Quite a vent section! Amusing that the two continuous, massive posters (in many sections) Are the ones that joined 2 1/2 MONTHS AGO! Not so much time spent adjusting to different posts and diets! Just my rant today.... a comment is fun 1000 +Literally ! isn’t so amusing or informative
  23. I still have to peel hot dogs and sausage. 11 years out. Just got used to it I guess
  24. Well. Counterpoint: I lOVE my band. . 11 years later and tho we argue at times... it does work for many. Some. Not at all
  25. Swelling after deflation

    I have read in this forum that many people gain when their band is deflated. Although my unfill was for 7 months, (and I thought foolishly that in my 11th year post band that I surely “got it”). I gained about 2 + Pounds per month. Tiny additions/no restrictions add up fast! Not enough water... still good protein and work outs ... Thankfully I finally got a small fill and am better. Best of luck on your Water issue... Jules