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  1. Glad to see some oldies...( ok. Veterans) on the board I just want to go on and live my life in my own comfortable weight zone. I used to say. Good weeks. So so weeks. Good months ok months... I do believe I'm onto Good years... some better than others... they are all good. Just maybe not "lean" as I would Like in a perfect life. Ha!
  2. I found that I gained time and energy when I no longer gave that energy to food. You know: cookbooks. Cooking channel. Shopping. Preparing .Serving. Clean up. Even now I mute commercials. I just limit my exposure to food and stick to my favorites: chili, soup, stews, beans, chicken etc. Guess I'm boring but I cook anytime company or grown kids are around🥓[emoji505][emoji893]
  3. Happy to still be here and reading about cyber friends... yes ... I'm still trying to wrestle with 10 lbs+. But it is a fact that I'm not arguing with 90 lbs. still... it is NOT easy... I'm realizing that it probably will not be....frustrating, but healthier!!
  4. Glad to see veterans Yes we struggle at times, but I personally will never give up. You all truly know the ups and downs of this life.
  5. Nice to see some friendly veterans around. I cannot answer more questions about stalls or constipation and you guys never ask those!! Life goes on. I'm a bit on the higher side than where I like to be. But very healthy and exercising and trying[emoji736]
  6. I just would not push myself as hard, do as many reps , or always work super hard if I did not have my trainer safely showing and pushing me!!! I soak my shirt and am happy after... always... It is the only consistent exercise for 10 years that I have done. Worth the $$ And health benefits. I wish I would do it on my own, but I belonged to a gym for years. And I just did not push myself. Or go 1/2 the time
  7. Same here. No rhyme or reason. Just get thru it and normalcy returns
  8. I have to peel a hot dog. 10 years out. I guess we all just learn our way
  9. Yes unfortunately it is common . I think your body is telling you what it wants??? Or doesn't want. Kinda gotta go with it. Good luck
  10. In desperation, I have had the opportunity for the dr to prescribe Valium once a year If the muscles won't stop rejecting everything, I take 1/2 of one and wait. Antacids and carafate too Best of luck for today. Heating pad? Laying on one side? Hot tea? Lots of rest. Good luck and let us know. I care
  11. Still trying for a new dr for a fill. I have been empty about 3 months and my clothes are tight!! I will pursue
  12. Wow. I used dr Felix in Fresno also. My wls was in 2006 and I have been thankful ever since. I think he has moved his practice to Santa Maria now. He did a good job for me. The follow up was a little lacking, but in 2006, the info wasn't as clear [emoji93]
  13. Blocking dreaming small for her awful negativity. Sent me awful messages Nice to see cheerful posters today. [emoji93]
  14. Thanks I'm trying too with a fill soon. It is very hard! Please keep posting
  15. Best of luck We are in a small club of wls patients who are also widowed.... and not young things. Makes our journey a bit different I think
  16. Nothing is perfect. Perhaps aim for 5 great on -point days a week.... whatever it takes to get on track most of the time!!
  17. Glad to read some upbeat posts.... (though a small part of me was entertained) DSmall had been rude to me in the past and I ignored her.... she has some troubles Fall is in the air and soup is in the crockpot....I love warm days and cool nights
  18. Love to see your progress/ update. You lose so fast!!
  19. Wellll... 10 years post wls. Would have liked to stick to size 10, (size 8 for about 2 weeks)but my body apparently had other ideas So 12 it is ...and shall remain....and I'm still trying almost everday I am hopeful
  20. Seems so sluggish in this forum. Would those of you with bands please just let readers know you are still around? (Hoping) Thank you. Ps I do understand sleeves far outnumber us on this board .
  21. Outside knows what long term is. I always like her truthful posts. It is so personal what foods work for one. And may not work for another. Time also can change tastes and compatibility. After a decade, I find only a few off limits-never work food for me and my ancient band. Soda.... won't try again.... I think it is addicting and has no nutritional value and doesn't sit well ..I just won't try. Very occasionally I'll let a seltzer water fizz out by shaking and releasing several times to have a sip Pastas... boy my Italian family has a hard time with this one. It just won't work for me or my stomach. Comes right back up. Sorry tmi Steaks. Never worked for me. No problem as I don't care for them Fried rice. A tiny white rice works. But never fried rice or noodles so I'm no fun at Chinese restaurants. ( chicken and snow peas works) Those are the main categories... everyone has to find their own dos and donts Refried beans saved me by working all the time! Good luck to all finding their new list of good foods for their body! ( and a single cocktail now and then is fabulous ....)
  22. I'm just an old ten plus year veteran. I have a kind of different take on final number I had to keep myself where I could comfortably stay at that weight. It is higher than I would like. But leaving behind 90 lbs works for me and no more yo yo dieting Just sensible protein and exercise and the hardest for me. Water I encourage everyone to have a great goal. But ease up on yourself once you get close. It is a true marathon. Not a one time deal we hope Be happy if you are comfortable and healthy!!!!
  23. Nice to see you on the forum b-52. Glad all is well. We are pariahs with our veteran bands. I had mine emptied but did struggle. All is good with a small fill now
  24. Four years later and I do not see anyone from back then still Here now.... Where did they go? Hope someone from the "old days" checks in and revives this old thread[emoji486] some people are still maintaining or close
  25. I have seen others suggest 3 days of protein drinks 3x a day to reset your band... Please tell me if this works if you do decide to try it. Best of luck. You've done it twice. You can do it again and get back to where you are comfortable.