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  1. Lisa-Lisa

    Little Green Band

    I went home with no pain meds! Only pain I had was if I moved too fast or the wrong way. I walked alot right after surgery like the Dr. advised me to do.
  2. I go for my first pre-op appt. tomorrow and I am going to beg for a fill! I am two weeks post op and the whole diet progression thing....liquid, pureed, soft food, regular food......was out the window earlier this week. I can only eat small amounts but I can eat whatever I want and I am not having any issues or restrictions. I sort of feel the same way as you Shelley.....why am I not having any issues? I thought if I didn't follow the diet progression my band would slip and I would vomit and all this horrible stuff....not that I want any of that to happen, I'm just saying. I'm making good choices in the food I am eating....baked fish, salad, veggies, etc......but, I want to feel some restriction! I have lost 16 pounds total which started to come off when I was on the two week pre-op diet so I am losing but......ya'll know what I'm saying! I have exercised almost everyday, even the day I came home from the hospital...been taking hour long walks...walking to and from the gym and walking on the treadmill. I honestly feel like I never had surgery! For the first time in my life I don't want to be able to eat. I NEED RESTRICTION IN MY LIFE!!! ME TOO!!! I had a 2cc fill on my 2nd post op visit, and still no restriction. I don't want to be sick or throw up either, just wonder what the restriction feels like. I stop eating because I know I don't want to over eat. The doctor said the band would tell me when I am full, but so far it hasn't.
  3. Lisa-Lisa

    To tell or not to tell

    I tell! my coworkers all know. some have questions, and i try to help them understand. others tease me in a loving way. they know i dont eat the snacks they bring in, and it doesnt bother me that they bring in snacks. I dont expect anyone to change their ways because i did. I do encourage the ones who want to have the surgery to come to support meetings with me. They often ask how much weight have i lost. i just answer them that i dont get on the scale everyday. (which i dont) for the most part, everyone is supportive. it is your individual choice whether or not to tell. do what is most comfortable for you. good luck.
  4. Lisa-Lisa

    !st Fill

    Today I had my 2nd doctor's appointment post op. I have over come one fear. That fear was getting a fill. Well, it was nothing to it. I did it like a champ. I got 2cc put in. The downside was I gained 3 pounds from the previous visit two weeks ago. I haven't been in the gym, but I will be tomorrow. Overall I still feel good about my decision, and have no regrets. Pushing on to reach my goals.
  5. Lisa-Lisa

    From: Calling all A11s!!

    I'm Lisa and I was banded on Aug 23, 2011. No kids. Not married. Loving Life!!
  6. Lisa-Lisa


  7. Lisa-Lisa

    Tomorrow Is My Lap Band Surgery Day!!

    Congratulations Anthony!
  8. Lisa-Lisa

    Just Chatter

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for the kind words. I am going to keep on pushing!
  9. Lisa-Lisa

    Just Chatter

    Are you going out and walking yet. Thats what got me going and my Dr wanted me taking walks asvp I was at first, but have slowed down. I need to go to the gym more than once a week.
  10. Lisa-Lisa

    Just Chatter

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to blogging! Just wanted to share a little bit. I had my LapBand surgery on Aug 23, 2011. Pre Op I was 324 pounds. I was on the protein diet for 4 weeks prior to surgery. I lost 10 pounds then. After surgery, the pounds dropped off down to 308 at my 1st 2 week doctor's appointent. I have been at 308 pounds every since. So, I went from a fast weight drop to no weight drop. Is this normal? I got to the doctor on Monday, September 19, 2011. Don't know if I will get a fill or not. Did not get one on my first visit. I feel great. No post op problems. I have one concern though. I hear people saying they have restriction. I don't. I think I don't. I do take my time eating. My nickname should be chew chew. LOL I sometimes wonder if my band is in. However, I got my first restriction feel the other day. I was at work and rushing while eating pudding. OMG it did not go down. My mouth starting watering as if.... (you know). It only lasted for a few minutes. I had to bend over, and then it seemed like it slid on through. So, I guess that's the way restriction feels. It wouldn't move. This forum really helps me to understand things. I enjoy conversing with people in the chat room and learning and sharing. You guys are great!!!
  11. Lisa-Lisa


    My pain was from the incision sites. So far I have not had trouble with the band placement. Twenty days post op, and I am bending with no pain now. [Hi Lisa Congrats on your Surgery! I have a question for you... do you have pain because of your incision sites or because of the placement of the band? I ask because I am pretty flexible even at my weight. Do you think you will always have pain when you do bend or move that certain way? Thanks for feeding my curiosity Welcome
  12. Lisa-Lisa

    Surgery day is here!

    Congratulations Allison! Hope all went well for you.
  13. Lisa-Lisa


    Thank you!
  14. Hi, I am 12 days post op, and feeling great. I have been banded, and I love it. My first doctor visit will be this coming Wednesday. I haven't had any problems. I went back to work three days after surgery. If I move a certain way, or bend over too far, I have a little pain, Other than that, everything is great.

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