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    Texasbandit got a reaction from forwardlooking in How many carbs are you eating per day?   
    HI, im new here and havent been banded yet. However, I have been low carb for 4 years now. I went from a size 24 to the size 18 I am now. I lost 62 pounds before i got preggers and gained 20 lbs post pregnancy. I do about 20-30 grams a day. I cook like crazy and limit sodium. There is a site called netrition that I use to buy low carb goodies. They have these things called mashers that I love when I'm craving mash potatoes!!
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from CynthiaMTR in Ok!! Is Anyone 100% Happy W/ The Lap Band?? And Successful   
    i am very happy with my band, but it depends on what your goals are and what you are willing to do. If you dont want to work out or eat right or in other words, lifestyle change then I know the band isnt for you. I dont know much about the sleeve. I dieted and worked out all the time before my band so this was just a tool to cut my eating and enforce my already low carb diet. If I fall off the waggon I know I'm not falling far cause I dont eat a lot.
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from Sharilo in Sept 2011 bandsters   
    Maybe it's cause it's the holidays? I've been trying to work out but ive been so tired, but I've been losing consistantly. I've been working hard though. I log in everything I eat and work out at least 5 days a week. I've lost almost 50lbs but I've got another 50 to go.
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from shakey88 in Finally Made It To Onderland   
    I haven't seen onderland since I was 12!! I dunno how I could even wrap my mind around that. I have 60lbs to go to onderland and I hope I get there one day.
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from Sharilo in Sept 2011 bandsters   
    Happy holidays everyone!!! I've lost 3!!! I dunno how. However I cooked everything for thanksgiving. It was low carb, low sodium and sugar free. I took a break from working out for 3 days. I also had a horrible slime episode from eating too fast. My 4th fill is on 12/08. I'm also winning the biggest loser contest at work. That's an extra 250 for me!!!
    My kidneys are doing ok. I worked out today. I want insanity for Xmas. It's a work out DVD program that I heard is great.
    Do you guys do Christmas dinner too? We just do a Christmas Breakfast.< /p>
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    Texasbandit reacted to LB4Me in Should this bother me? Cause it does   
    First, congratulations on losing 70lbs. :clap:
    You have a right to be hurt. Her response was catty. My read on it is that she has things, perhaps her own weight, that she has issues with. That said, I have learned when it comes to FB and family and friends, it is often best to ignore comments like that. She obviously has no clue how hard it really is to lose the weight, even with the band. My suggestion is, the next time you post a weight loss victory on FB, preface it by including "all this hard work - calorie counting and 6 days a week at the gym are really paying off - I've lost ##lbs!
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from kristallynn13 in Waking up THIN!!!   
    Well, well, well....I have to reply to this cause oh yeah I'm on of the complainers. I dieted and excersized before the band. I wasnt an emotional eater or overeater. I researched and the positive people on this site and others have tended to sugar coat things about the band cause maybe it worked for them well, but anytime someone tries to offer a different opinion or perspective then the "band is a tool" robots come out here and post and call us whiners
    I say tell the truth. the band wont and does not work for everyone. It may or may not speed up your weight loss or help you maintain it. I'm a little over a month and no I didnt expect a miracle or weight loss overnight, but I DO expect the band to do...SOMETHING! If I wanted to eat 700 calories a day and work out 4-5 days a week and not lose a thing then I could have done that without the band. I'm advocating some real talk around hear. Not all the everything is roses. So yea, I'm cranky.
    There is serious inconsistancies between surgeons regarding diets and the so called "healing period" which my doctor is telling me is basically BS. It is frustrating. I've lost about 12-15lbs post surgery. Thats not counting the pre-op diet and stuff. Most of the weight you lose in the beginning is Water weight. My dr is low carb, under 1000 cal kinda guy. I've had my first fill. Lost a few pounds then now I've gained. No change in my diet.
    I have to carb refeed. Look it up. It's not nice. I did that before I got the band. I didnt want to do it after, but well well well here I am again. Oh yeah i'm mad. 1-2 lbs a week is what i've been told by everyone and now I've been told i'm in starvation mode. Before I asked about this and heard that it didnt exist for band patients. Well, now I dont know what to believe. Force myself to eat more and get PB's and vomit or keep on? So since everyone is tired of some of us whining then help! Answer our questions. If you have the solution then let me know. I've posted many topics and get nada. So if you are not part of the solution then I say you are part of the problem.
    I know we have to be patient, but for how long? why is it when I carb refeed I lose weight? How long do I have to do this? How many calories are too low? See what I mean? Why do I go on liquids and lose weight after a fill then back to nothing? We need answers not just criticisims.
    And be happy cause I lost weight? yeah I am, but i'm still fat! I got a long way to go. I can be patient, but I need just anything to show this is working. Not stalling for weeks! Not feeling like i'm tired and weak every other day. Not being made to feel like crap by people on here who want to get in a tiff cause of what I'm going thru doesnt fit in their mold of how a bandster should act. We all cant be positive, why should we?
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from Tired of being Tired in Yeah Healing, blah, blah, blah but I'm still pissed!   
    Ok I'm trying to be tactful but yeah I don't need to be told to be thankful I have a job. Yeah without my job I would probably be in hell and homeless. I don't know what I said that could be taken that I wasn't thankful. I didn't realize this was a competition on whose life sucks the most.
    The purpose of my thread is to see what was going on and if others were in the same boat. I'm 2 weeks post op and a newbie. So like my fellow newbies we are making our way thru bandster hell. I don't think chastising and belittling someone or flippant remarks is helpful to anyone.
    I know you old timers apparently have it all figured out. Well Us newbies do not. Especially when real life constraints get in the way. Within the past month I have been through hell. I don't like to get into my personal life on a message board but jeez when someone assumes I'm just make excuses or just being lazy without asking then that's where I have to speak up.
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    Texasbandit got a reaction from Tired of being Tired in Yeah Healing, blah, blah, blah but I'm still pissed!   
    I like the oatmeal. I'm full all the time and have to force myself to eat regularly. I'm gonna give up the oatmeal after it's all gone. I feel too guilty. It's too many carbs for me. I will look up the 9 months post op thingie.
    I admit I am too hard on myself at times but that's in everything. It keeps me motivated and working hard. I'm naturally lazy! Lol!!
    I'll say no to the scale. My husband needs it so I can't throw it out. I'm try to be happy about the 22lbs I've lost in 15 days.
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    Texasbandit reacted to Cpt. Ahab in Paleo Diet for Bandsters   
    Hi...one cool thing about being banded and then adjusted is that your food intake will be very very low and way below your daily caloric needs so you won't have to worry about counting calories. After that it's important to eat only the good things. There's a reason bandsters aren't supposed to be eating rice, Pasta, bread - not only these things have the propensity to get lodged, but they are super bad for you. That one switch of completely saying goodbye to grain-based carbs (you still get enough through veggies and fruit) was the turning point.
    Good Luck!!
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    Texasbandit reacted to Phranp in treated bad.....   
    Muffin, I am so sorry you were treated so badly. I understand that many of us have a hard time standing up for ourselves after being psychologically battered by socieity for years because of our weight. But I have a news flash for you, we are both 55 years old and let me tell you that even though menopause has a lot of negative side effects, it also has a few good ones. For me, "the pause" as I like to call it, has made me a take-no-prisoners kind of person. I don't take crap off of ANYONE. Not my doctors, not my bosses, not my friends, not my children, or the men I date. I suggest you take advantage of your age ... there's more to being 55 than AARP eligibility! LOL If you are not a confrontational person I would write a letter to the doctor about the NP -- and don't mince words!
    I have a 10 cc band and I am at least at 7.5. It is different for each person. This NP does not have a clue! I agree with the person that says you should refuse to see this particular NP ever again. Also, the band is not in place to NOT serve a purpose. If you do not have restriction (there are those that do not believe in "restriction" but I KNOW I have it, BIG TIME) OR a decrease in appetite then what on earth is the point of having the band? YOU ARE NOT FAILING YOUR BAND. Plzzzzz do not listen to anyone that tells you that, it will only serve to depress you and continue a downward spiral. Getting more Fluid in your 10 cc band WILL NOT IN AND OF ITSELF cause slippage. Seriously?? That's absurd. Read more posts and you will find people with 8+ in their 10cc bands.
    Muffin, you are going to have to be the advocate for your health. No one is going to take care of you, but you! Take charge of your life, your eating habits and your exercise. Better eating habits will improve your blood pressure AND your diabetes. I was off diabetes meds within months of getting my band and went from taking 3 BP meds to only taking one (which I don't want to give up because it has a diurectic which helps with any Water retention I may have). Do your own research on diabetes and how to lower your BG levels. There is a great forum: "diabetesforum.com", the people there are very knowlegeable and helpful. When you return for your next lapband appointment be armed with knowledge. And, if anyone yells at you ... wait until they are done and then calmly (if possible) LET THEM HAVE IT!
    You have support here on this forum. Keep reading, we are here for you.
    Ultimately, you may need to look into changing docs, but that should be a last resort because I hear it is a difficult task.
    All the best to you on your journey.
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    Texasbandit reacted to 54Shirley in Yeah Healing, blah, blah, blah but I'm still pissed!   
    You need to read your First Posting "again". I will overdo it, I know I will. Thats just me. Now your complaining on the time Frame ???
    I spend at least 2 hrs. every other morning in the Gym, and Pool. Then a massage, and machinery on a shoulder. So it's between 2-3 hrs..
    That's a long Haul from 10:00- 1:00 but I am doing it ! I would gladley get up and get in there at your time, just so I have the day for whatever.
    In your case work !
    Are you Happy at all with this surgery, and follow up work that you must do ? If not get use to it...
    I understand the Newbie Confusion, but it's up to you to try to make this work.
    I try to understand those who vent ! It happens to all of us.. But we try to get it together... I hope you do...
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    Texasbandit reacted to kauai bound in Yeah Healing, blah, blah, blah but I'm still pissed!   
    you guys made me feel better too! I had banded plication surgery on the 6th. Ive just lost 6 pounds since then. I thought w the plication I was suppose to lose fast. But i guess i gotta heal. Its just silly to eat so little and not see the scales drop. Please keep posting to us newbies. I dont know anyone personally to ask questions!!
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    Texasbandit reacted to reverie in NO RESTRICTION AND COMPULSIVELY GORGING MYSELF   
    While I agree that getting more fills will help make your journey a bit easier, the band isn't going to stop you from 'compulsively gorging' yourself. You have to practice some will power and self control to not eat just because you can.
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    Texasbandit reacted to reverie in Starvation Mode questions   
    Starvation mode doesn't really exist. Sure you can starve, but that takes generally 72 hours of no Water and food for your body to kick into such a situation.
    But what many people who attempt to lose weight eating extremely low calories experience is a metabolic downgrade, which means that your body adapts tot he low calories you are feeding it and when you exceed that number, you eventually gain weight, even though it seems silly to gain weight eating 1200 calories, but consider this.
    A woman eats 700 calories a day and loses weight perfectly. However, she hits a plateau and wonders why. Well, instinct tells her to drop her calories even more, which may result in SOME weight-loss but at such low calories you're hardly able to eat enough food to fuel yourself, so then you generally opt to eat more, but adding to your calories causes weight gain because your metabolism has downgraded.
    And the only way to really fix such a situation is to lose the insane calorie deficits and eat higher calories. I went through this personally, still am. When I was first starting out I was eating 600-800 calories a day for almost a good 5-6 months, but it worked, but it also ruined my metabolism. So yes I've packed on 10lbs, but my metabolism is re-regulating itself, so nowadays I CAN eat 1800 and lose.
    Just something to consider.
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    Texasbandit reacted to Rachel412 in Is your band not working or is it you?   
    It's working. It's controlling your appetite and hunger. But it can't control what you put in your mouth, and it can't make your body burn more calories. I don't think you can really blame the band.
    I think the band thing is like being in love. In the beginning it's fun and "easy" and the weight come off and we feel rewarded and motivated. Then real life comes back into play and the day to day business of eating correctly and following band rules stops being fun. It becomes hard work and it's not like many of us have a track record of working hard when it comes to controlling what we eat
    The band is hard. It really is. I just don't think enough people fully realize it when they get the surgery done.
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    Texasbandit reacted to SlimbandSexy in Is your band not working or is it you?   
    First let me say I am so proud of you for how far you have come and the success that you have - and you should be too!! It is hard work to lose weight and you have done it!!
    Someone else made mention of giving up just one thing until you don't crave it anymore. I think that is a great idea and maybe something you could try? Just give up the coffee Creamers for now.
    Maybe give one thing up and add one thing in? The thing you add in could be a healthier food (say a hard-boiled egg for a snack to get more protein) or taking the stairs at work - or parking at the far end of the parking lot.
    Or maybe having an appointment with a personal trainer would make the gym time happen.
    Or maybe a 15 minute walk after dinner?
    I have also recently discovered myfitnesspal.com and am tracking my calories and Protein intake through that. It is the easiest program I have used and it is very helpful to see how I am doing. It also motivates me to be mindful of everything I put in my mouth.
    Good luck to you! I hope someone here can help you find the answers you are looking for to continue on your weight loss journey!!
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    Texasbandit reacted to YngGram in Is your band not working or is it you?   
    This is not to slam anyone, but I really would like some input. I read here so many that say the band doesn't work, or that 20,30,or 40lbs have come off and now nothing. I realize that many of you have had problems with slippage or some other medial issue, so I'm not thinking of you,
    I have been reflecting and I'm finding some greal gray areas for myself. I started to make my food changes the day of my seminar, I cut out sweet tea, sodas, starting taking smaller portions , no drink with food and soon started to feel bertter. And I was working hard to drink my Water. I choose the band because the bypass scared me, and I didn't like the look of those who had it.
    I followed my own changes from Nov. until my 2 week pre op diet.in Feb. I was down 18lbs on that day. I was good about following the instructions and the weight keep coming off. I didn't exercise much, just watched what I ate. When I finally lost 63 lbs. and was in a size 12....I lost my mind. I got lazy and stopped following the rules. I lost my commitment to the program. I stopped loosing . Even knowing this I can't get on track.
    I say these things because I don't think we are all as commited as we once were, we are not as honest with ourselves as we need to be. For me candy keeps wandering into my home, coffee creams are the devils inventtion and sugar has rentered through a back door. Still knowing this, I can't seem to shake things back in the right places.
    I started this journey because I didn't want to be on a diet for life, and I don't feel I am. One of my problems is that even though I don't have ture restriction, I don't have a problem with hunger, I thought if I wasn't hungry I shouldn't eat...very wrong. I am stumped about how to fix where I am, I need to loose anthore 30-35lbs to be in the guidelines. I would like to loose about 15 to feel like I had a true result for my effor. I don't think doc will do a fill since I'm not hungry. I try to eat meat & veggies but it is usually only once a day. Yogurt and Protein Drinks to try to get the Protein in. My life schedule is strange and gym time never seems to come.
    So, is it not working or am I doning something wrong.
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    Texasbandit reacted to NJGirl32 in Sad and Depressed   
    Bobbie-you haven't failed until you stop trying and it looks like you are ready to roll up your sleeves and conquer the hunger monster head on!
    This time you may want to think seriously about setting up some sessions with a therapist to really gain some insights to the root of your addiction.
    Set up an appointment for a fill too! I know for me that when I am filled properly I simply can't eat a lot of food. Keep all of your fill appointments. Take small steps and before you know it you'll be losing and gaining confidence and feeling good about yourself! Read the quotes below my ticker. Keep positive!!
    Wishing you strength and a healthy journey!
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    Texasbandit reacted to Jennifer16005 in I'm about to toss that #*@!*^ scale in the trash!   
    GIRL screw the scale for now! WORK YOUR BOOTY off!!!! have fun doing it don't even give that scale the time of day! DONT GIVE UP! you might be loosing in inches! just have fun BREATH and being out the enter goddess you know is in there somewhere!! Have faith in yourself!! You are the only one that can do this! get you some up beat music to get your mood together and just kick @ss!
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    Texasbandit reacted to 54Shirley in question??   
    That's Great BaileyRose, that you listen to your body. More people need to.
    Mine is a hiccup. If I do it twice, I'm pushing it so stop. I usually am full on one hiccup though.
    If they keep coming,,, then I have the hiccups...... LOL
    Burping is fine, your still swollen, so you feel this pressure. It will go away.
    But burping is important. It means your Band is clear. That's not all coming from your stomach !
    Imagine your Bathroom Drain ! You run Water until you hear it's clear by the gurgling sounds it makes.
    If you hear nothing,,,, you know it's plugged.
    The same is true with the band. It's making all these noises to make sure your new plumbing is open.
    If anything is hung up in there or even stuck, it will try to burp over and over until it's clear.
    So it's actually a good thing.
    You will learn in time to tell the difference in Burps, which ones tell you your open, and clean
    verses not to clean.
    For now enjoy healing, and welcome to the Band.
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    Texasbandit reacted to Cindy C in Would you get the band if you had a chance have a "do over"   
    If I could do it over I would do it years earlier!
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    Texasbandit reacted to bromo in September Bandsters   
    Congratulations, Texas Bandit. I have been following your posts and it is good to see you are out of bandster hell. 6 days and counting. I have done fairly well on the preop diet losing 8 pounds so far. It can be hard and the head hunger rears its ugly head at the strangest times. Sept 14th cannot get here soon enough for me to get on with it. Please keep us posted on your successes, Texas.
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    Texasbandit reacted to DETERMINED*DG in One week post op   
    So I've survived ONE entire week banded!!! After 7 long days of GAS and recovery, I'm feeling GREAT!!! Thank the stars above!!! I'm still adapting to the shakes/broths/fluid thing. Didn't know that a Multivitamin right away! Duh! I read a bit ago that someone was taking calcium! Am I supposed to be taking that too? With the gas gone, I am able to feel a. Lil hungry here and there. I've added bananas to my shakes and have been eating some Soup. (so far so good, when eaten at a moderate pace!) I've failed to pay attention recently to the lifting of my child and I'm paying for it! OUCH!! (the largest of the incisions s feeling kinda achy) I have to admit I've purchased my first SCALE!!! lol and amazingly I'm down 15 lbs from my surgery date!!! This is picking up and becoming so much more positive!! Maybe even fun!! Lol thank you to all of the support and shared information!!
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    Texasbandit reacted to sheaross99 in Lap Band after care   
    RUN, don't walk to Dr. Richard Benevides in Richardson TX - in 3 years he never let a MA touch my port. Only himself or PA's (Nurse Practitioners) He's at Richardson Surgery Center. Call him right away!!!!

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