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    Sweet Pee reacted to Kami63 in starting bad habits   
    I can eat more tan the two ounces but I try not to because I can feel overly full. I feel like I am stretching my poor little pouch so I'm going back to measuring. Also I drink a full 8 oz of Water 30 min before I eat. That helps with my Portion Control. Good luck Hun!
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    Sweet Pee reacted to danbo21 in 5 Confessions (Join In)   
    Ok confession time...
    I have gotten completely obsessed with the gym and weighing mySelf. (I've lost 130 btw)
    I eat whatever I want in moderation. I'm in the gym so much that it burns off right Away
    I love the attention I get. Reminds me of when I played football in college.
    I hated throwing out all my old jeans. It's like burning money. I'm so upset
    I feel constipated a lot. I started taking Metamucil to regulate myself, but Jesus. I go to th washroom like 3 times a week.
    At my heaviest April 2013. 320
    November 2nd 2013 195

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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from gamergirl in Olive/darker skinned men/women and scarring from surgery   
    I think PS really take special care as to how they sew, tape, or glue us up. My LBL flat scar has almost blended into my natural light brown skin color. It is just a little darker. It looks much better than my VS scars. My VS scars look exactly like Laura's too. I did not treat my VS scars with silicon wraps, and now they are raised and dark. They will still be there even after a TT or LBL just a little lower. My advice - treat them now while they are still fairly new, then later when you have plastics, they will not be as noticeable. I plan on asking my PS for scar treatment on my VS scars when I see him again because nothing I do is helping. Of course my VS was back in 2011. :-). :-) :-)
    Also when you are ready for plastic surgery, be sure to choose a doctor that understands and frequently work with those of us with tan pigmentation. They understand any mistakes will show up!
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from gamergirl in Adventures in shapers   
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    Sweet Pee reacted to AmandaRaeLeo in Just putting it out there, so 'dirty' little secrets may see the light of day!   
    Sometimes I actually want to cry when I get full after 4 - 5 bites. I don't even get to get warmed up b4 I burn out.
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from homersmomma in Adventures in shapers   
    I usually wrap one of those ab sweat exercise wraps around my waist, before I put on my shaper. It helps! I can't breath, or eat, or talk, but I'm looking sexy. Then I put on my high heels, and my toes hurt, my feet hurt and I can't walk, but hey, I'm looking sexy!
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    Sweet Pee reacted to gmanbat in don't screw up or else?   
    I have folks on here that hate my guts and folks that love me to pieces. What a surprise, just like the world I live in! I have had run ins with people on here that later became friends. People fight, even "adults".
    I have been on here for over a year and a half being helped and trying to help. I am quite a wise guy but try to be kind in my humor. I have been tolerated for the most part. I have been attacked at times. Big whoopy. I am not harmed by black and white two dimensional letters on a screen. Now if you come to my house and attempt kick my butt that would be a problem.
    Stay and see how things develop. Be as nice as possible and see if folks won't warm up to you. You don't have to sacrifice your pride just put your retaliation on pause. Sometimes you find no need of it.
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    Sweet Pee reacted to hopingtolose2013 in don't screw up or else?   
    Once you apologized it should of been over. Everyone needs to watch the way they treat others...it defines who you are. We all mess up...as long as you fix the behavior. There is no need to keep jumping on someone for a mistake...even a bad one. I would leave this alone. It is obvious you and some others will never be friends...and that's ok. What is also obvious is that you are suffering and you do need help...just like everyone else. We all handle stress differently. I may not like the way you were snappy with that post to the college kid...but I didn't see hate drom you I saw inexperience, stress, and a need to vent...you just took it out on someone else. Stay with the forum and learn from your mistakes and learn that other people may always be ugly...they may never let it go...u can't change that. You need to work on yourself...as we all do...not each other.
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    Sweet Pee reacted to teamskinny_keea in starting bad habits   
    I still be hungry after my 3 meals and two Snacks i eat either 4 ounces of chicken or some kind of meat and vegetables... so you only eat two ounces of vegetables with meat
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    Sweet Pee reacted to Kami63 in starting bad habits   
    I'm glad I found this thread. I realized that I am an addict. Not drugs or cigarettes but food, something that one cannot abstain from. My work environment is hell for a food addict. They bring Cookies and candies and cakes and that's not including the pot lucks. I am stalling and realized I started eating things I wasn't before. I'm going to make a choice now to beat this demon. I am going to the grocery store and only going to buy meat and vegetables and a little fruit, nuts and low fat dairy for Snacks. I can and WILL do this. So you are not alone....
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from Butterthebean in Two weeks from Plastics - progress so far   
    Tape: I cried too. Loud! My skin came off! I have very very thin skin too. I thought the husband was going to rush me to the hospital.
    My PCP worked a hour on my sutures. There were some he and the nurse could not get out, so they sent me to a surgeon. It took the surgeon less than 5 seconds to remove the rest of my sutures. Good thing my body was still numb. I did not feel a thing :-)
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from unbesleevable1 in Pretty sure I f***ed up the sleeve. No leak, but I might as well have never gotten it.   
    Encouragement works better than criticism. At least he is reaching out for help. I want to say, "hang in there." You can do this. Take one day at a time. Make positive affirmations to yourself often; "I LOVE ME; I AM GREAT; I WILL SUCCEED!" I know you are a wonderful person, and have been doing great so far. I have gone through bumpy times after this surgery, and that includes eating too many things I know I should not eat, or maybe just having literally one sip of a drink, and could not drive home. Thank God we have this community for "support and encouragement."
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    Sweet Pee reacted to Butterthebean in Two weeks from Plastics - progress so far   
    So glad I had the dissolvable stitches...not so glad about that tape I had though. Removing that was torture....especially since hair had grown underneath it by the time it was ready to come off. So about 34" of tape pulling hair on an extremely sensitive area......I cried a few tears.
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    Sweet Pee reacted to gamergirl in Two weeks from Plastics - progress so far   
    So now you know what a bikini wax feels like?
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from Laura V in Bad dog! And ... good dog!   
    I agree! HA HA
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from gamergirl in Adventures in shapers   
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    Sweet Pee reacted to Laura V in Bad dog! And ... good dog!   
    Lol she looks guilty!!
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    Sweet Pee reacted to jdmama911 in Thunder thigh exercises   
    Try swimming! It is a great workout cardio wise, helps build lean muscles, and will definitely tone thighs and butt. I wear a swim dress and have no issues with confidence that way.
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    Sweet Pee reacted to Fiddleman in Fitness and sleeping   
    Still working.
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from TheRealMeIsHere! in Getting my first flat tummy in......EVER!   
    Your results are going it look great!!!
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    Sweet Pee reacted to CowgirlJane in Two weeks from Plastics - progress so far   
    Edited to say: 1 month photos on page 5 of replies
    Well, i went to Mexico to Dr Sauceda and had fairly extensive work done. I started with 7 drains and am now down to 1. I still have stitches in. So far, my results look great and I am very pleased, but it takes 2 months to see your final due to swelling etc. I still have a bit of a poochy tummy but I think it will be flat once the swelling goes down.

    I was very pleased with the surgeon and his care team. I loved the 3 nights and 4 days of clinic supervised recovery - excellent pain management and nursing care. Then, I was released to a hotel were I was bandaged and checked daily by a nurse and the doctor visited each day as well. For me, this was the only way to do it as the level of care I needed post op was fairly high in the early days.

    His way of doing anesthesia and working with a partner means he could do alot in one surgery safely... however, no joke - this was alot of surgery at once. I had the lower body lift, breast lift and augmentation, arms and "small" thigh lift. That means no incision down the inner thigh, just along the groin. My recovery has so far been textbook. I saw my PCP and she was overwhelmed with happiness at how good things look, the incisions look good, all signs so far are of excellent healing.
    I am far from out of the woods though; complications can still happen so I am diligent about taking it easy (this is killing me as I am normally so active), getting in even extra Protein and wearing the compression garments from hades.

    The surgery was NOT painful and the incisions have never really been worse then kind of sore. The very worst part is dealing with the tight garments, the forced inactivity and of course the drains. There are certainly discomforts.... of the 6 drains pulled so far, two of them hurt.

    Taken today, two weeks out, I am sorta hiding the two drains still in the mons area:

    These photos were recent, pre surgery. As you can see, I had worked out and had some "toning" under all that skin.

    I will get better pics when that last drain comes out... it is quite literally a drag on my style!

    To round this out, i decided to add a pre VSG photo so you get the gist of how much I have transformed!

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    Sweet Pee reacted to TheRealMeIsHere! in Getting my first flat tummy in......EVER!   
    pics before TT/panni and 5 days post-op. Will post more as bruising and swelling go down

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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from Cbluewinds in Tummy tuck today!   
    plastics sure has given my ego a lift, yeah, that and the rest if my body. I like being perky.
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    Sweet Pee got a reaction from Fiddleman in Fitness and sleeping   
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    Sweet Pee reacted to bigsleeve56 in Here's a crazy question...   
    I do not think they removed mine through the vagina.